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A guide to deepening your practice and strengthening your intuition

A lot of people ask about reading their tarot cards every day and I am here to tell you that yes, you absolutely can do a daily reading. In fact, I recommend it, especially for beginners! You aren’t bothering the universal energy or annoying the spirits, you are developing a connection to your deck and your own psychic intuition.

Why do a daily reading?

The more you practice using your intuitive abilities, the more meaningful your readings will be – for yourself and others – but perhaps even more important is the way you will trust yourself. I believe that more than anything else that tarot cards are a way to become more connected with yourself and the energy of the world around you. With that in mind, today we are going to look at ways that you can do a daily card pull and connect with your deck and yourself.

First, get rid of the idea that reading your own cards is bad luck. You can hardly be expected to have a connection with things that you haven’t interacted with. Without a connection, your readings will be muddled and confusing, maybe even clumsy. Reading tarot cards, much like any mystical skill, is exactly that – a skill. You need to practice it, to stretch your psychic muscles, and build on the connection that you have with your deck and each card. While reading books and learning about each card is important, it is just as important to consider your own personal relationship and response to the cards when you pull them.

What you want to be doing with a daily practice is building on your knowledge of tarot and focusing yourself on the energies of the world around you. One great way to do this is simply by pulling a single card each day from your deck.

Pick a time of day.

This can be done in the morning to help you gain awareness on the day ahead or maybe set an intention, in the evening as a reflective exercise, or even during a particular part of the day to help focus your thoughts on a particular situation. While there are as many ways to incorporate this ritual into your day as you can imagine, let me take you through one simple one.

Center yourself.

As with any reading, you want to take a moment to just breathe and focus yourself inward. Some people like to light a candle or even say a few words to help center themselves, but the important thing is that you are comfortable. As you shuffle your cards, you want to focus on the act itself and keep your intention held securely in your mind. I find that this works best for me when I repeat a word or phrase to myself. Keep it short– if your mind strays to something else while you are shuffling the cards, it can impact the energy that you are giving the cards.

Pay attention to your body.

Trust yourself to know when you are finished shuffling the cards. I always find that the cards feel more difficult to shuffle, but others might feel a tingling sensation in their hands or arms. This is something you will learn as you continue your daily practice. You want to cut the deck with your left hand and flip over the top card. This is your card of the day or the suggestion of focus.

Take a look at the card – not just if it is Major or Minor Arcana and the suite, but also the colors and the figures. You likely will have an immediate visceral reaction and this is not to be ignored, that is your intuition telling you something. Let your own feelings and connection to the card help guide you from the base knowledge of the card that comes from the booklets. For me, this is much more about guidance and and consideration than it is about predicting future events. While you may not always know why a particular card has made you feel a certain way, you can consider this a gentle (or not, depending on the card and your response) nudge to look at a situation from a new angle. Maybe as a reminder to stay flexible during the day or to take your time considering a new offer.

Like many people, I prefer to do a daily card pull in the morning. While I do not keep a journal with my observations from any particular reading, plenty of others do and this can help you reflect back on the day when you are preparing for bed. Either way you may want to ask yourself a few questions at the end of the day – what situations, experiences, or emotions from the day remind you of the card you pulled that morning? Does anything seem to have a new clarity? There’s no one answer and you don’t even need to know anything with certainty right away. I’ve done readings that didn’t fully make sense for days and it was only when looking backwards that everything seemed to gel properly.

This sense of reflection is why some people prefer to do a daily card pull at the end of their day, to look back over the events and gain insights into things that might have stuck out more to them or perhaps subconsciously bothered them. This might even give you a leg up for the next day as a way to let go of something that isn’t serving you or as a way to keep a specific type of energy or mentality in the forefront of your mind moving forward with a plan or a relationship.

The most important thing to keep in mind while doing a daily tarot reading is that this is something that makes you better at your practice. This is little different than practicing a foreign language daily or having a regular yoga class; you are working on your inner self and your connection to the world. This can be as helpful as any other type of meditation ritual and as your intuition and your relationship with the cards grow, you will find your readings for both yourself and others are deeper and more powerful, more aligned with the energies around you.

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