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can tarot cards be used for evil

Tarot cards are not designed to be used for evil. The reader has no control over the tarot cards. Tarot card readers cannot summon any demons or ill-will from these cards. However, there is the possibility that someone may use tarot card readings to emotionally manipulate you.

Are Tarot Cards Designed to be Evil?

Tarot cards are not designed to be evil, in fact, they were first designed as a card game. Once people noticed their mystical properties, their use was changed. Now, in modern day society, tarot cards are used to give people readings of advice and guidance for both general and specific situations. The idea that tarot cards are evil has been used by media and other religions to scare people away from witchcraft and magickal practices. The cards are used to help people through life and to hopefully give them some positive energy and reassurance. Several people, including myself, have used these readings to help with nightmares and anxiety issues.

Is the Death card evil?

In the whole tarot deck, the Death card is easily the most misunderstood. People who see this card and don’t know its meaning will often assume that it means an omen of death for either themselves or someone close to them. Because it is number thirteen in the Major Arcana, it is also likely that this card has to do with the unlucky associations with the number thirteen. However, Death is actually quite a positive card. It signifies the end of something and the beginning of something new. Perhaps it may elude to the end of a bad relationship and the beginning of a new one. It is not the evil calling of physical death as it is so often made out to be. You do not need to worry if the Death card appears in your reading but be sure to look at all the possible things it could be representing.

Does the Devil card summon demons or evil spirits?

Much like the Death card, The Devil is a card that is also often misunderstood. Whilst it is not exactly a positive card to have in a reading, it does not bring any ill-will nor does it summon any demons. This card represents seduction, domination and being caged. None of these things sound positive, but the card encourages the reader to look at the negative aspects of themselves so that they can see what is holding them back. It is possible that this card may make you think of negative things and therefore surround yourself with a negative aura. However, the card itself is not an evil item and seeing it in a reading does not mean a demon or devil will be summoned.

Can witches manipulate tarot cards?

When reading tarot cards, the reader cannot actually manipulate the cards as the cards have more control. However, this may not be true if the reader is being dishonest with you. I would love to tell you that all tarot readers are honest people with only good intentions, and the vast majority are, but there are some people that will be dishonest when giving you a reading. It is possible that they may have a fake deck to give you a purposefully negative reading and try to use that to give you some bad advice. Why they may be doing this, I couldn’t tell you. But I can tell you that tarot cards themselves are not evil and almost all readers are honest and have kind intentions. You should not be scared of either getting a reading or picking up a deck for yourself so that you can learn to do your own readings. Even negative readings in tarot cards are not filled with bad or evil energies. Any negative reading is there to help guide you away from the negativity and bring more positivity into your life.

Is the ‘Evil Eye’ tarot spread bad?

It is no surprise that with a name like the ‘Evil Eye’ people will associate this tarot spread with evil and negativity. This tarot spread is an Italian tradition and whilst the phrase came from someone ‘giving you the eye’ as a way of wishing you bad luck, this spread does not bring about curses. In fact, it is all about healing energies. This tarot spread has been designed and redesigned as times have changed, it helps people see what negative things, people or energies are surrounding them and what they can do to remove or deal with these negative aspects of their life. This spread is made up of four different cards that are arranged into a diamond shape. The first card is, is there any negative energy affecting me? The second is, who is giving me the evil eye? The third is, why are people giving me the evil eye? And the final card is, guidance to clear your energy. As you can see from what the cards mean, there are no evil intentions with this card spread and its aim is to help clear away any evil that may be clinging onto your soul.


To summarise, tarot cards are not designed nor used for evil means. However, there is the very small chance that a tarot reader may try and lie to you and manipulate your behaviours with their readings. There are no evil cards in a tarot deck, even the Death and The Devil card are designed to try and help you rid yourself of negativity and surround you with positive energy. You should not fear tarot cards as these mystical artifacts cannot summon any evil energies or spirits. Just make sure that the person you are getting a tarot card reading from is someone that you can trust.

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