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Witches use tarot cards to both receive and give advice. They can use tarot cards provide guidance on romance, finance and career paths. Some witches use tarot cards to get messages from guardian spirits. Tarot cards are not designed to be used for evil and they are used by witches and non-witches alike.

Do witches use tarot cards to predict the future?

One of the most common things that I am asked when talking about tarot cards is if they can predict the future. The simple answer is no. These cards are used to provide ideas and guidance for future events to come, but they do not predict specific events. Tarot cards will not be able to predict what a certain co-worker is going to tell you in two days’ time, but they are able to predict a possible change in your career circumstances and thus prepare you for that events. Witches do not use tarot cards to predict the future as we do not want to influence people’s decisions and subsequent events when giving a tarot reading.

Do witches use tarot cards for guidance?

Yes, this is the primary use for giving tarot card readings. Whether it is advice on how to deal with something you are currently going through or instead guidance for your future, tarot cards are meant to provide help. Personally, I like to give myself daily readings quite a lot of the time, using a daily three card spread that gives you the themes, feelings and advice of the day. I find that it helps me identify anything that the world might be trying to tell me, as well as giving me that little boost I need to get through the day. The type of tarot reading and spread that you will use will depend on the kind of guidance that you want. There are a lot of different spreads designed to get guidance on love, finance, your career and just general advice.

Can witches use tarot cards to read your mind?

In my opinion, this is a surprisingly frequent question that gets asked by people who are interested in getting a tarot reading. Tarot cards work by energy, not clairvoyance. In fact you will be providing a question to get an answer to, the cards may have deeper insights that mean more to you, but the witch or tarot card reader will not be able to see into the depths of your mind. I think that this question may be brought up so often because of how tarot cards are portrayed in the media. In movies it makes it much creepier if the reader can give a tarot reading without needing to know anything about the client. It’s very different in reality as the more you know about the person, the more accurate your readings will be. So no, tarot cards do not enable witches to read your mind and they cannot control your mind in any way.

Do witches use tarot cards for evil?

This question is one that is asked far too often and is simply because of misunderstandings. Much like the myth that tarot cards are used to read minds, the theory that they are evil is played into by the media. There are no evil cards in the deck and despite people’s fear of it, the Death card from the major arcana is not evil or a bad omen. Whilst this fear is played upon by the media, this idea of evil has been around for as long as tarot cards have been. A lot of religions, particularly Christianity, see tarot and most pagan practices and evil and Satan worshipping. This is not true, early Christians used this propaganda to convert people from old religions into their new ones. So, to summarise, no, tarot cards are not used by witches for evil deeds. They are used to give advice and hopefully help people and they have no direct influence on future events or any energies surrounding you.

Can witches use tarot cards to speak to spirits?

A lot of tarot card readers get clients who want them to try and communicate to spirits, such as angels or lost loved ones. Tarot cards are not used to have a direct conversation with spirits; however, you can use tarot cards to get messages of guidance from spirits. They act as a type of assistant when trying to communicate. If you are trying to speak to your angels or guardian spirits, then tarot cards are a great way to do so. In fact, with the wide abundance of decks that are available, there are plenty of tarot card decks that are aimed specifically at communicating with spirits and angels. You can also look into oracle cards; they are different to tarot cards and are often more focused on receiving messages from the world energies and your guardian spirits.

Can tarot cards be used to influence energies?

As I briefly mentioned before, tarot cards cannot directly influence energies. In fact, they are more influenced by energy themselves. This is why a lot of witches take cleansing their cards very seriously. So, whilst tarot cards do not influence energy, they are designed to give you advice and guidance which will hopefully have a positive impact on you and the energies surrounding you.


In conclusion, the main use of tarot cards is to give you advice and guidance and they can do so for a variety of different topics. A lot of media portrayal may paint tarot cards in an evil light, but they are not actually used as tools for evil-doing or mind reading. Tarot cards are a safe and fun practice that are designed to only help you and witches hold them very dear to their hearts.

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