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Anything that is centuries old and practised amongst those foretelling events, is bound to be perceived as unlucky to some, right? ‘Should I dump him?’ Signs say yes. ‘Will I fail this interview?’ ‘Looks likely.’ Answers you may not want to hear in a tarot card reading can take you on a one way trip to Unluckyville. If we dig deeper though, we discover that it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

Let’s rewind. The tarot cards original invention was a deck of fun cards to play simple games amongst family and friends. They were only given deeper meanings centuries later as they started to be used in more occult ways. Many believed, and still believe, in the divine way tarot cards can guide us in life. But as you and I know, life isn’t roses every day. So do the cards foretell everything and are they deemed unlucky to some, or does life happen regardless of the deal you get?

If you have ever had a negative tarot reading, then you may think the answer is a resounding ‘It’s the cards!.’ Certain cards can invoke fear in the eyes of those looking for answers. Different images depicted can arouse a heightened sense of negativity, or the feeling that they are unlucky. Truth be told, there are ways around this ‘fear.’ I’ll give you four examples of ‘terribly unlucky’ tarot cards that contain overlooked hidden hopes.

4 ‘Unlucky’ Tarot Cards

The Tower

Gasp! Two people falling frantically from a burning building. There is rain, there is lightning and dark clouds loom. This is the end of the world as we know it! Actually no, the tower is designed to arouse immediate change. The chaos drawn into the Tower card signifies a large energy force that is going to shake you and wake you when you least expect it. What is that in the corner? A tiny tree of life, signalling that life still bears fruits, even in times of upheaval. And what do we always forget in our busy lives? We forget that change and chaos can be good! The Tower card is actually one of my favourites.

Ten of Swords

Man down. Swords in man’s back. Abort life now to prevent such catastrophe. The Ten of Swords is a powerful image of a person hurt, betrayed and in a real crisis. Do you see how disturbing that can look when you are sat wanting to know whether to go on that date or not? The ten of swords, amongst its dark sky, has the uplifting image of a sun rising. The dan of a new day brings hope and possibility. After all, nothing is lower than rock bottom.


Big clue in the name here. Death is never a hopeful word. The end is here and whatever you think is ‘lucky’ about this card, is lost to loss itself. Well.. in a word… no. Do you assume death means a loved one? That is enough to make us want to leave the reading quickly and call everyone we know to make sure they are alright but this card is supposed to mean the end of something that no longer serves you. You will see beyond the picture of the knight on his steed, a beautiful clear sky and yes, that sunshine again. Hope and new beginnings await!

Five of Pentacles

Looks like a scene from A Christmas Carol, doesn’t it? A snowy night, with two people (one injured and one barely covered in the cold), walking desolately through the elements. The card of worry and isolation and as pentacles can link with money; financial loss. Easy to assume your home is about to be swapped for a tent and that you will break your leg but conversely, the church in the background warms the image. Its meaning exudes a form of support and hope, but is being ignored by the two cowering figures who see nothing but darkness and poverty.

Cards are not designed to be unlucky – and anybody who gives you a terrible reading involving heartbreaking tragedies are irresponsible. The real luck is in how much fun you have and the huge pinch of salt you take when either in practise mode or as a paying customer.

Keep That Mind Open

Right before or after a tarot reading, your senses will be peaking. You may be looking for hopeful signs or cosmic interventions but in reality, your life decisions are down to you, and to believe otherwise is taking away the control you have over your own destiny.

Believing the tarot cards control your future will only lead to heartache. Cards are designed to help and guide you through situations. They are a fun way to look at your options, or think outside the box about a tricky situation, giving clarity through foggy moments. Shuffle away and enjoy the fun they bring!

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