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how to ask yes or no questions with tarot

The way you phrase your questions on tarot is one of the most critical aspects of your reading. The way you ask your questions will directly impact your answer, so when you don’t ask a question correctly, then most likely, you will get a confusing answer. But how to formulate your questions when you want a yes or no answer?

How to ask yes or no questions with tarot cards

When it comes to a tarot reading, asking open questions gives you a better reading, mainly because tarot is supposed to guide you and make you aware of your surroundings. However, sometimes you just need a precise answer such as yes or no, but there is a way to formulate your questions?

Yes, it would be best if you definitely phrased your questions in a completely different way, as you usually would do in a tarot reading.

Although it is not only the phrasing of the questions that you need to focus on when asking a yes or no question, there are a few things that you can do to prepare for a yes or no reading.

It would help if you kept an open mind.

As you know, your energy will influence the answers that the tarot will give you. So it would be best if you were surrounded by good energy when asking formulating your question. When your questions are made with the right mindset and positive energy, then you will most likely receive an accurate answer. When you ask your questions with negative or fearful energy, then you will be blocking the energy of the universe and get inaccurate answers.

Enlighten your intuition

Your intuition is not only important when reading the cards, but also when deciding what questions to ask the cards. You must allow yourself to listen to your heart that can guide you towards the questions that you need an answer to, follow its guidance, and you will know exactly what questions will help you.

Envision the answer that you would like to receive

This is not going to make the answer that you want necessarily true, but it’s more for the universe to know what you want. When you visualize the things, you want it becomes clear to the universe what you wish for, which will make a more accurate answer.

How to rephrase yes or no tarot questions

While being in the right spiritual place is essential before asking the question, now we need to talk about how to formulate the question correctly, so you get the most accurate answer possible.

As we know, tarot doesn’t usually give precise answers, and that’s why more extensive questions are ideal for getting the most out of reading. There is no doubt that the way we ask the questions really does matter on how the accuracy of a reading.

So how to rephrase questions for a yes or no tarot answers?

Be extremely direct

Direct questions tend to have straightforward answers. So avoiding at all costs starting a question with a “Can i…”. This should be avoided entirely because it will pass the wrong idea to the universal energy.

Yes, you can do anything you want, that will be the way that the tarot cards will see it, so you might get a positive answer when it is not, only because you formulate the question wrong.

So instead, start your question with a “Will I…” which will be more directed and create a more accurate answer as well.

Leave no reason for doubt.

Sometimes we are not afraid of the question itself, but we are terrified of the answer, so we may phrase the question with hesitation, which of course, will get mixed responses.

For example, when you ask a question a give an alternate option, such as “Will I get that promotion, or will Ella get it instead?” this is two different outcomes, so you should never give an alternate outcome to your question.

Another example is comparing your feelings to another person; for example, if you ask, “Does John loves me as much as I love him?” the reality that John might love you but the perception of love that John has is different from yours.

That will give the cards a mixed source of information, and your answer might not be clear at all.

It is always better to divide those types of questions into two separate questions; instead, that way, your answers will be more accurate.

Focus on yourself

Tarot is very personal, so it’s always better to keep the focus on you when you can, of course. There are situations that you can’t do that, such as in the romantic field. Still, you should be aware that tarot cant always is entirely accurate when it involves other people’s feelings due to the many different outcomes.

There are ways that you can shift the attention towards you even when it comes to relationships. For example, instead of asking, ” Is, John is going to reveal his feelings for me?”, you can ask, “Will I be in a romantic relationship with john?” instead.

Slight changes in your words will make a massive difference in the outcomes of the answers that you might get.

Set the right tone

You might be surprised, but the way you say or think your questions also impact the energy surrounding your answer.

This usually happens when you are asking a question that brings you much pain, such as a health concern in even betrayal. However, it is crucial to keep yourself calm and focused while you formulate your question.

No matter how fearful you are, make sure that you are confident when you ask the question. Don’t exaggerate the wording or add extra emotion to the problem itself. Tarot is here to guide you, but you also need to allow it to be able to do that in the best way possible.

How to accept the yes or no tarot answers

The process of accepting the tarot answer is also equally important. It would be best if you were prepared for answers that you might not like or were not hoping to get. Remember that all tarot answers are subjective to changes because we make different choices that after our outcomes always.

So instead of being disappointed or angry at the answers, try to see things for another perspective and try to understand if there is something that you can do to change the current situation.

You can also turn for extra guidance in the tarot cards afterward if you need some more reassurance.

Accept the answers and keep looking forward to a better life ahead of you, remember that you can’t change the past but you can make changes towards the future ahead.

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