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Can someone else use your tarot cards

Quite simply put, yes, they can. Your cards won’t catch fire and crumble to ashes just because you let someone else take them for a spin. All objects, however, especially spiritual objects, contain a little bit of the owner’s energy. The results of the readings may be a little off because of that. However, there are ways to get rid of this energy when handing over your cards to someone.

Knowing what you’re comfortable with

Your cards are just that. Yours. Like most things in life, you need to set boundaries on what is okay with them. Do you want someone else to use your cards? Like Drishti Bablani says, “Your inner thoughts aren’t truly hidden. Their essence reflects in your energy. Energy speaks what you don’t.” Are you comfortable with the concept of your possession, which carries a little bit of your energy in it to be in someone else’s hands? Remember, your mood affects your energy, so any form of hesitation or misgiving carries through. You need to wholeheartedly want to give your cards over. If any part of your soul feels wary of handing them over, even for the smallest amount of time, don’t.

Kali of Calcutta tip: Buy a newbie their own pack over letting them borrow yours. It makes for the perfect gift for a friend who’s just starting out. Their own deck of cards to form their own special bond with is truly the best present for them. Of course, if you’re giving a child or friend your well-loved deck, it’s a beautiful token of love but should be given carefully, making sure your energies are compatible with each other.

Online tarot decks are also a good alternative. Computer-assisted shuffling is easy and without hassle. They might seem impersonal, but remember that your energy doesn’t have to be tied to tangible objects. It is wherever you decide to direct these energies that matters.

Can your clients touch your cards?

Some tarot readers believe that it is important for the energy of their clients to enter the cards, to provide a more thorough energy. The best way to do this is letting your clients shuffle the cards. Some believe you should shuffle them with your clients, so that both your energies are refreshed and the reading is more reflective. Caution must be taken while doing this though because it might confuse the cards. A reading might show a mix of both of you. This technique is better while doing tarot readings for couples, as when they shuffle the cards together, the outcome shows results they’d have together. I think it makes for the best pre-wedding present, to be honest. It reminds a couple of why they should be together sometimes, warns them of what they need to be careful of.

A lot of tarot readers conduct their readings without letting their clients touch their cards, and that’s totally fine too. There may be concerns, like negative energies from the client passing on to the cards or that they might hold way too much of a sentimental value to let anyone else touch them. You might also be doing readings online, where it is virtually impossible for your client to shuffle your cards. In that case, the energy of the reader suffices as they are able to guide their energies towards you.

Things to remind someone when letting them borrow your cards

You don’t mean to be a nag, but you are letting someone else use what is yours. It’s only right that you put some conditions in place. Tarot cards can be fragile, both literally and metaphorically. Your hands are meant to be clean before using them, to avoid getting oil and dust on them, which might degrade the quality of the card. Food and drinks, should, for obvious reasons, be kept away while reading. All that shuffling, you might end up causing spillage you don’t want. Shuffling reminds me, shuffle in a way that you don’t cause damage to the cards. You might feel a little shy letting someone know about this, but a gentle reminder of how important they are to you usually works. If you know someone won’t be careful with your cards, might as well not give them over. Remember, they have your energy in them and mistreatment of them will be mistreatment of your energy, which might cause mood fluctuations in you. Added caution never goes to waste.

Can someone else’s energies be removed from your cards?

One of the biggest concerns behind this question is that when your cards come back from someone else, they might not recognize or react to your energy anymore. It’s a valid one. Using cards that have someone else’s energy tied to them can be dangerous, because they might prove to deliver false or confused readings. Removing prior energies from the cards is important even when handing them over, because you don’t want someone else getting hurt just because they were unaware of the implications.

The best and easiest way to get rid of energy from your tarot cards, or anything really, is wafting burning sage over it. Leaving it overnight on a full moon night on the windowsill works too. Of course, some of us may not have sage at their disposal or a full moon night may not be on the agenda for some time. In that case, shuffling the cards thoroughly works, but I’d suggest the first two options over this. Sage is your best and safest bet.

To conclude

Tarot cards can be everything from a fun pastime to your entire livelihood. Nevertheless, your deck is important to you and because you spend time poring over your past, present and future through it, it becomes essential to your soul. Over time, it may even start to feel like an extension of your body. And like the rest of your body, you need to take care of your tarot cards. If someone asks for them, to try them out or you want to give a loved one your own deck, make sure you give them with the utmost care. A nice box with a ribbon wouldn’t go amiss. Whatever you do, remember the most important piece of advice to hand over with the cards: be truthful to yourself and your cards when reading. Remember to enjoy the experience for what it is.

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