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Are Tarot readers Genuine

One of the things that probably concern most people when looking for a tarot reading is the authenticity of the card reader. The horror stories about tarot scammers are something that most people fear when they ask for a reading, so how can you know if your tarot card reader is genuine? How to identify someone that is truly genuine and can provide you with an accurate reading?

Are tarot readers genuine?

Yes, there are plenty of genuine and highly trusted card readers out there. You can find them near you or even online. Still, there are also, unfortunately, some that might not be as genuine as well as some who aren’t adequately trained or have enough experience. Tarot reading is an art that takes a lot of learning in order to perfect your knowledge on the cards and it also involves your powerful ability of intuition. There are things that you can look for in order to identify if your tarot reader is genuine, such as their story and background, but one of the main things that can help you to find the right reader is using your own intuition. Sometimes even the most experienced reader is genuine, but you may not feel comfortable, or you might get a weird vibe from them. The best thing is to trust your own gut when looking for a genuine tarot reader.

Are tarot readers genuine if they ask too many questions?

If your tarot reader asks questions, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not genuine or even highly experienced. Asking questions might just be a way to connect with you, or if you are receiving a reading from someone who has recently started, they may just want to confirm if they are on the right path. How can you get experience without doing the job? So there are legitimate reasons for a genuine reader to ask questions. Now, if your tarot reader keeps second-guessing and trying to have a multi-choice kind of reading, then it can mean that you are receiving a reading from someone who is very inexperienced or someone who is not authentic at reading tarot.

Are tarot readers genuine if they keep checking the meaning of the cards?

A tarot reader should know the meaning of the cards by heart, so checking the cards meaning while doing a tarot reading might mean that they are very new to tarot, or perhaps they don’t trust their intuition, which can lead to a less accurate reading. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your tarot reader isn’t genuine, but in all cases, your reading might be affected negatively by the insecurity of the reader. Tarot reading is mostly about the tarot reader’s knowledge of the cards. Still, again their natural intuition really plays a significant factor in the reading, so if someone who is reading your cards isn’t trusting their own instincts, there is a high chance that you won’t have a genuine answer.

Are tarot readers genuine if they don’t answer your question?

When you have a tarot reading, it’s more than usual that the reading is focused on the bigger picture and not only on the question itself. If you are incredibly vulnerable or emotional, it’s also common that your reading will focus on the root of the problem. If you have a tarot reading with a genuine card reader, then they can navigate the card’s message towards the question that you made. Still, they can’t make out the answer that you think you want. If they offer a direct question without much of a thought, that usually means that they are not reading the cards correctly. Tarot cards are not a straightforward answer. Instead, they allow you to have a better view of your problem and life choices. So a full answer sometimes is a better answer in tarot.

Are tarot readers genuine if they can’t predict the future?

A genuine tarot can’t predict a specific date in your future, they can guide you and explore a situation that is developing in your future as well as people coming in or out of your life, but the outcome of any of those situations happening will always depend on your choices. No one can predict the date that you will meet your soulmate or when you will die. That’s not what tarot is for, tarot guides you, it doesn’t give you a specific date, because the ultimate factor that will lead to that situation is your own actions. Tarot is a tool that helps your reader to guide through life and get better outcomes; tarot isn’t fortune telling, so don’t expect any dates to be appearing in your reading, if your tarot reader claims to know the day that you will die, then you should probably run.

Are tarot readers genuine if they offer free readings?

Definitely yes. A lot of new tarot readers offer free readings to get experience and test their own intuition abilities as well as their reading accuracy. When you are starting in any job, it’s normal that you go through some sort of training, so tarot reading is the same exact thing. Offering free readings can help to develop a tarot reader’s skills and allow them to feel more confident and boost their experience. Most readers who aren’t genuine might not be very keen on offering a free reading.

Are tarot readers genuine if they can break curses or spells?

If you are having a reading and you are offered a more prolonged reading for extra money or if your tarot reader claims that you have been cursed or that your energy is negative. If they claim that they can help with some extra woo woo techniques for an additional payment, then you are not dealing with a genuine tarot reader. Tarot readers don’t break spells, curses, or even cleanse your soul. A session is usually enough, and if you feel like you need more sessions after that, then it might be up for discussion. Still, a genuine tarot reader will not ask you for extra payments or promises to cleanse your energy or soul, That is not what tarot is about, and you should stay away from people who claim to be able to do that.

Tarot reading is a beautiful way to help someone else by offering them some insight into their future and helping them to overcome some bad experiences that might be stopping them from moving on and experience happiness. It should be a real self-discovery experience and extremely positive, even if there are some warnings or signs that there are hardships around you. Life comes without instructions, and having a genuine tarot reader guiding you with the help of the cards can make your life a whole lot happier and positive.

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