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When you hold your tarot cards and get prepared for a reading, your energy will drive you through the process of channeling your intuition as you begin to read the cards and look for the answers within each meaning. Is it possible that the art of reading the cards can drain your energy? How do you know if reading the cards is affecting your energy?

Can tarot cards drain your energy?

This can be debatable because it’s different for every tarot card reader, but if you have ever read the cards, then you probably know how important your energy is during a reading. It’s what drives you into your search for the answers that are presented in the cards, it’s what helps you to keep your concentration and focus on, allowing your intuition to flow naturally. Our energy keeps us balanced, which is essential when trying to have a clear vision during a reading. So the question prevails, can tarot cards drain your energy? The answer to this question is yes. However, it’s important to clarify that the cards themselves can’t drain your energy, but a lot of other different factors can cause a feeling of drainage during or after reading.

Just like when you are performing any other job or activity, your body’s response is to get tired, your legs might start hurting, and your body might begin to ache while reading the cards. It’s usually your mind and energy that gets drained first, and just like any other type of activity that implicates you feeling tired, generally taking a break is the best way to refill your energy levels and allow you to be at your best again.

What can drain your energy as a tarot card reader?

Many factors will play a part in this, but when you are focusing on the cards for some time, it’s normal that your body will require a break to recharge. It’s more than usual to happen often, especially if you are still a beginner, with time you will learn how to recognize your body’s response and do readings for a more extended period. Your concentration levels are more heightened during a reading, particularly when you are still getting familiar with the meaning of the cards. Yet, as you get more familiar with a card reading, you will be able to keep your energy flowing for longer. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your energy is fully charged before a reading, being well-rested and avoiding stress is some of the things that can help you to get better energy levels just before a card reading.

Can negative energy drain your energy?

Yes, negative energy can drain your energy. That’s one of the main reasons why you should ensure that you are surrounded by good energy before attempting to read the cards. Negative energy can affect your ability to get clear answers from the cards. There are many ways on how you can get affected by negative energy. If something is bothering you, then you should deal with that before reading the cards. Still, there’s also a chance that a client with negative energy will perhaps affect you, or even when you are reading the cards to yourself, if there is a negative experience, then you can also get affected by that. One of the ways to release that energy is to meditate and allow your energy to rejuvenate, which will enable you to find yourself in a good place again.

How do you know if a card reading is affecting your energy?

You may be experiencing some blockage while attempting to read the cards; this is usually a sign that you should clear your mind and relax before trying again; otherwise, you might be forcing yourself, and you won’t get good readings. The physical signs that you are experiencing drainage from your energy during a card reading are usually the feeling of slight dizziness or light-headed. You may even experience a headache or blurry vision; those are the main signs that you need to take a little break. If you force yourself to keep reading tarot cards while those symptoms predominate, your accuracy on reading the cards will likely be significantly affected, so listen to your body and take a break if you are feeling drained.

What happens if you keep reading tarot cards while feeling drained?

You might be able to read tarot cards even if you feel drained and with little energy, but should you? Naturally, we push ourselves to do all the things that we think we need to do, and if you are following tarot reading as a career, then it’s normal that you will have bad days just like anyone else. We are all human, and it’s normal to feel less than okay every now and again, but what happens if you decide to read the cards when you are not at your best? Your reading will be unclear and perhaps confusing or not very accurate. That’s because your intuition is at its highest when your energy is pure and restored fully. When attempting to read the tarot cards while feeling tired or spiritually blocked, the results of that reading will be affected tremendously. You are likely to be unable to find the answers that you are trying to seek. You might misinterpret the messages of the cards, and the reading will feel uncertain and covered with false hope. Half-truths are no better than lies, so you should make sure to help yourself before attempting to help anyone else.

What can you do to prevent feeling drained while reading tarot cards?

Before beginning to read the tarot cards, you should make sure that you had enough sleep and are feeling well-rested. Tiredness can affect your intuition and block your energy. You can also follow some ritual that works for you; this can involve a warm bath, meditation, a walk, or to merely listening to the sound of your favorite song. Taking breaks between readings can also help you to gather your energy and be ready for the next reading. It would be best if you found what works for you. Pay attention to your body and follow your intuition as you would in any other situation.

Tarot reading is a gift that you give to others. You are the light among the darkness, but if you are blinded in the dark as well, then how can you help anyone else? Ensure that you are well aware of the path in front of you before attempting to help guide anyone else.

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