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Is reading Tarot a Gift

No, it isn’t. Anyone can read the tarot. There are books out there that can teach you. You can undertake an apprenticeship under a skilled reader. You can just buy a deck and stare at the cards until you feel something. But like any other skill there, there are some that are inherently better than others at it. This doesn’t mean that reading tarot isn’t for you. You can always make up for talent with hard work.

What makes someone good at tarot?

There are some traits that go well with reading the tarot.

A good memory for the cards and what they stand for never goes amiss. If you absorb and learn knowledge fast, learning the meanings behind tarot cards probably wouldn’t be hard for you.

Observant people make good readers. Do you have a knack for knowing who someone is before they even open their mouths? Can you judge body language really well? Sometimes physical reactions let you know more about what a person is thinking than their words.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to their words. It’s important to listen closely to whatever they tell you. You shouldn’t be lost in what you’re going to say, or purely what the cards are telling you. A single card can have multiple meanings. The one, correct meaning can only be ascertained from your client’s connection to it, which can only be gauged through their words and the conversation you have together.

If you don’t know what to say next, or draw a blank, you need to have strategies in place for what to do next. You need to be able to think quickly on your feet and have a certain degree of confidence to be able to take whatever the client asks you, you cannot be taken aback, or if you are, it cannot show on your face. Poker face, always.

You also have to be good at understanding the real question they have. Sometimes the focal point is hidden behind many layers and you have to needle it out with questions of your own.

Do you make people feel at ease? Is it easy for them to talk to you and get their feelings out? Is the energy of the people more upbeat when they are around you, are you good at letting their energy levels rise? You also have to be good at conversation, keeping it going and making it easy for people to follow along with what you’re saying. That means not using cryptic words or technical jargon they won’t be able to follow.

All of these traits make a good tarot reader. Of course, the most important element is a sense of humor and geniality to bring a note of light-hearted delight into your reading. You’re an entertainer as well as a counselor, remember. You need to make your client feel better leaving the reading than they were before.

How to learn more about tarot?

If you’re missing some of the traits mentioned above, that doesn’t mean the cards will shrink away from you. You can make up for it by learning more. There are hundreds of books and websites there to support you on your journey. Research is important and so are lifestyle changes. You need to keep an open mind and a warm heart. These are the two most necessary components to becoming a successful tarot reader. Empathy is important and cannot be duplicated. Sit with each card one by one until you feel their energy and they get acquainted to yours. It’s paramount to have a good relationship with your cards. Make sure to get a fresh pair, so that their energy hasn’t been tampered with.

Kali of Calcutta tip: Splurge a little, hardier cards that are difficult to fray and are laminated are always good. Water damage can be such a hassle.

Psychics and tarot

The biggest misconception is that you need to be a psychic to be a tarot reader. You absolutely do not! Psychics do perform tarot readings, but you do not need any psychic abilities to be able to read tarot cards. I have already told you what you do need.

Tarot might be good practice for psychics to hone their skills though. Like Ankit Sahay says, “Without sharpening your weapon; standing on the battlefield would not increase your chance of winning.” Learning good people skills and being more observant never goes to waste. Tarot has the chance to expand a psychic’s critical thinking abilities and making them more likeable and credible to their clients.

How tarot can be a gift

Reading tarot cards can be a present to yourself, a chance for your soul to breathe. It allows you take a moment to self reflect. It lets you know exactly where you are in the journey of your life. It lets you imagine the consequences that can happen if you take one step above the other.

For me, personally, the tarot cards pulled me out of my self wallowing. When I began practicing, and listened to people’s problems, spent an hour in their shoes, I learned a sense of community that is otherwise difficult to find in today’s fast-paced world. I was able to forget my own issues for a certain period of time and focus on someone else’s. It’s a heady feeling of power, being in a situation to influence someone and one should take it with confidence and care. I don’t want to quote Spiderman here, you know what’s coming next.


Nothing should stop you from doing what you love. If you truly feel drawn to tarot cards and have an interest in them (I suppose you do, or else why would you be reading this article?), nothing can stand in your way to realizing your dreams. Don’t think too hard and remember to practice on strangers (with their permission) a lot before you start to charge.

Kali of Calcutta tip: Let them know you’re a beginner, offer your time for either cheap or free. Remember that they are doing you a favour.

Most importantly, remember to not take it too seriously and have fun while doing so.

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Kali of Calcutta

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I am a Moh-karna from a spiritual land with a past I struggle to forget. Reading the tarot helps calm the lust for the blood of my enemies inside me.

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