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How can you communicate with spirits using tarot cards

One question that comes up a lot when people know that you read tarot is whether or not someone can contact spirits with the cards. This is even one of the reasons while some of my friends are very anti-tarot – they are afraid of what will happen when communicating with outside entities and energies. For some, this seems like a dangerous undertaking that only professionals (if anyone) should attempt. Traditionally, those who can speak with spirits or spirit guides are known as mediums, but there is no reason that someone could learn to do this without having this particular ability by using their deck of cards and their intuitive abilities. For the purposes of this article, let’s talk about how to connect with your spirit or angel guide.

First and foremost, as with anything relating to tarot, I feel the best way to embark on this type of exercise is by using a tarot deck that you feel a strong connection with. While it certainly would be possible with a friend’s deck, it is always easiest to gain a clearer picture when you yourself have the emotional and spiritual connection to your cards. You already have your own energy in the deck and receive impressions and feelings based off that connection which will make it easier for you to trust the reading or explain it to another person, should you be reading for someone else. This is especially true if you are new to this type of reading.

Before you start the reading, you must know what spread you want to use to communicate with them. The three card spread is direct and clear, making it ideal for a beginner or someone who has doubts or concerns about this type of reading. Even for a more advanced practitioner, a three card spread can provide a lot of insight and nuance so don’t be afraid to keep it simple. This takes the standard three card spread and takes it one step further, allowing for comfortable communication.

The first card will be the issues that your guide can help with. Much as in a traditional layout, this card speaks to past concerns, things that will still impact you at the moment. What does this card signify, both in a traditional sense and directly to you? Look at the suite, the colors, the image. What feeling do you get when you look at this card? What resonates with you? As with any reading, you will feel a pull towards something when you see your card, but even more so than with a regular reading you must trust that shiver of intuition.

The second card in the spread, traditionally about the present, is a message from the spirit guides themselves. What is it that they want you to know right now? At times, this card may push you to search for a positive meaning because sometimes the cards may be scary or look negative. As we all know, however, even the most frightening of cards have a positive lining to them when you take a beat, breathe, and truly explore the meaning of what is being said to you. How many times has someone been upset to see Death appear in their spread only to be relieved to know it is a rebirth and a change, rather than a full stop? This is the kind of energy you want to read with. Here you must ask yourself how this message is meant to help you.

The final card will be a way to feel this type of connection more in the future. Maybe this card calls you to be more creative as a way to feel connected to your guides. Perhaps it suggests that you will find more a spiritual connection by communicating more with others or by allowing yourself to surrender a little bit of control and trusting yourself or others. Take the energy that this card gives you and go a step further, see what actions you are inspired to take from it.

The Contact Ritual

You will want to feel calm and relaxed. Take a moment and hold the cards in your hands, breathe deeply, and set your intention. This type of exercise requires that you trust in the connection, that you have faith that what is happening is what you intended. You will want to have it firmly set in your mind who you want to communicate with and why – focus yourself on that purpose.

For many, a grounding ritual or protective call is important before beginning. This can be as simple as a prayer to a higher power or you can use crystals, such as the protective obsidian or tiger’s eye. You may even feel more comfortable with candles or a circle of protection. Once you have prepared your space and yourself, you can invite your spirit guide to join you. Explain what the cards will mean in the spread and do your reading as you normally would. Once you are finished, thank the spirit for joining you. You will want to close your circle, bring back your protective energy, or thank the protector that you called upon earlier.

Remember that these types of readings involve a great deal of trust in your own abilities. You want to welcome the opening of that connection between you and your guides, ancestors, or the particular spirit that you are speaking with – believe in your own skills. It might not feel like anything concrete, perhaps just a feeling that you can’t quite explain, but that doesn’t make it any less possible. Look at your cards and feel the messages that you are receiving. You know yourself, you know your deck, and you are able to do great things just with that faith alone.

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