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King of Diamonds meaning​

King of diamondsThe King of Diamonds represents a blond man, self-important, haughty, fearsome, deceitful; in a word, a bad man. He is quick to anger, determined and revengeful. This card often signifies a man in a dangerous occupation. In spite of his flaws, many women find the King of diamonds very attractive.

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Detailed meanings for the King of Diamonds​



King of diamonds meaning french deck


The King of Diamonds sometimes symbolizes a soldier, or more generally – a man in a dangerous occupation, exposed to risks of injury or violent death (policeman, firefighter, roof-tiler, aircraft pilot and similar professions with elevated risks). For a young woman or a divorced woman, the isolated card means a proposal for marriage from a man in a dangerous occupation.

It also represents a blond man, self-important, haughty, fearsome, deceitful; in a word, a bad man.

It is one of the cards whose meaning depends mostly on the cards surrounding it.

So the number of its exceptions, i.e. special cards that give it a different meaning, is quite varied, as you will see below.

This card announces, having on the right a

Spade: Naughty, quarrelsome man, whom you should be wary of.

Heart: A beginning of a relationship with someone, who is not good for you. If the consultant is married: new acquaintance not to be frequented.

Diamond: Flatterer of which we have everything to fear.

Club: Somebody will try to steal from you.

Having on the left a

Spade: Obstacle in your projects by a blond man.

Heart: Serious suitor. If the consultant is old or married: loving and honest man.

Diamond: Quarrel.

Club: Advantageous offer by a blond man.


The King of diamonds placed between two face cards, whatever they may be, means: Disunity, confusion.

With the Jack of Diamonds: News from a young man in a dangerous profession.

Between two spades: Rivalry.

With the Queen of hearts: Love of a soldier. For married or elderly people: Upcoming acquaintance of an honest man, military.

Having an ace on the right, the usual meaning of the card on the left is nil. Instead, this announces, regardless of the colour of the card on the left –  upcoming trip away related to some danger or a man in dangerous business.

The King of Diamonds, between two diamonds, announces the visit of a man from out of town.

King of diamonds

King of DiamondsUpright.  

This card, when used as a representative, denotes a very fair man, one with auburn hair, light blue eyes, and florid complexion, who, notwithstanding his hasty temper, will treasure his anger, long awaiting opportunities for revenge, or he is obstinate in his resolutions.

It moreover designates a military officer, and frequently one of fidelity to his country and its honor.

Still, it is most generally employed as the marriage card, for if it does not come out in an oracle wherein matrimony is the wish, the nuptials will be delayed or broken off.

Its synonymical signification would then be:

Alliance; reunion; attachment; vow; oath; intimacy; assemblage; junction; union; chain; peace; accord; harmony; good understanding; reconciliation.

King of DiamondsReversed.  

This card signifies a country gentleman, in which capacity its synonyms are:

Country man; rustic; villager; peasant; farm laborer; cultivator; rural; agriculture.

Again, this card reversed, bears a further signification of a good and severe man, when its synonyms would be:

Indulgent severity; indulgence; compliance; condescension; complacency; tolerance; low descension.

When used as the marriage card, and coming out reversed, the king of diamonds signifies primarily difficulties and obstacles imposed in the way of entering upon or consummating the nuptial contract, and through inference vitiation of the married state, when its synonyms are:

Slavery; captivity; servitude; matrimonial ruptures; conjugal infidelity.

King of diamonds English Cartomancy meaning

King of Diamonds

As Master-Card, is figured a brilliant, honorable and successful Man, of standing ; and perhaps of marked taste in art, belles-lettres and the like; and gifted in them.

Influenced by its Like suit, a Man with much original in him, shrewd in money or gift.

By a Heart, a Male Character of kindly and humane traits ; or one sensitive and easily moved in his mood.

By a Club, a Man in professional life, and of good mental balance.

By a Spade such a life is threatened or broken, or not free from Self-seeking at others’ expense.

Sibylle des Salons cartomancie meaning King of diamonds

King of diamonds Card title – Soldier

A man of business or professional career. Relationship with benefits. Casual friend.

If reversed – Difficulties in career or business.

King of Pentacles meaning tarot


The face of this figure is dark, suggesting courage, and the bull’s head should be noted as a recurrent symbol on the throne. The sign of this suit is represented throughout as engraved with the pentigram, typifying the correspondence of the four elements in human nature and that by which they may be governed. In old Tarot packs this suit represented money. The consensus of divinatory meanings is on the side of change, as the cards do not deal especially with questions of money.

Divinatory Meanings: Valor, intelligence, business, mathematical gifts, and success in these paths.

Reversed: Vice, weakness, perversity, peril.

King of diamonds birth card

King of Diamonds: The Understanding Royal Card

2 AUG to 8 AUG

“It’s important to make sure that we’re talking with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds.” Barack Obama.

This person is the image of a wisdom leader-usually phenomenally successful in business. Even though people with the King of Diamonds birth card are natural-born leaders, their heart is their true ruler. They are very caring and always portray fairness in everything they decide to do, especially at work. They are one of those leaders who see people before numbers, and anyone who works with them holds tremendous respect.

They are always eager to learn new things and expand their development. They are incredibly passionate about self-improvement, and they keep embarking on self-growth journeys that can help them become even more proficient individuals. They also have a passion for traveling and absorb every different culture.

Because of their nature in the hunt for success, they also tend to hang out with mindful people who can motivate them to keep up with their ambition and cheerful personalities. In love, they tend to fall for someone who is also pretentious and independent. One of the ways to win their heart is by supporting them to achieve their goals.

Personal Message: You are exceptionally talented, and success comes to you easily. You are always in control of money, and financial stress is not something that intimidates you. Your drive for success is often an inspiration for others, but it is also on others that you find your motivation, which is why you should surround yourself with people who can bring the best out of you. You are admirable and respected, and if you keep true to yourself, nothing will stand in your way, especially in business.

Your leadership skills are unique, and because of your warm and compassionate side, you can build strong work connections. Your love for exploring new ways of living will lead you to travel and make exciting new connections. Your life is abundant with successful accomplishments and strong relationships. Even though some might persuade you to become more ruthless in business, keeping true to yourself is what will make you succeed.

Famous People Who Share the King of Diamonds

Baraka Obama, Vera Farmiga, and Charlize Theron

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King of diamonds meaning

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