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Nine of Clubs meaning​

9 of clubs

Nine of clubs means independent success. Whatever is your problem at the moment, you have to stop listening to others. Nine of clubs gives you a sign that you have to think for yourself. If you follow the crowd, you will get average results. For extraordinary success, you have to act on your own.

Quick check:  is 9 of clubs in your cards today? Should you do it YOUR WAY and be a master of your own success?

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Detailed meanings for the Nine of Clubs​

09 of clubs meaning french deck


Isolated, the Nine of Clubs means: Money, success.

This card, as well as the Ten of Clubs, is a perfect omen.

Having on the right a

Spade: Trial won. Dispute won.

Heart: successful relationship and well to do marriage, – Gain in business.

Diamond: News about birth.

Club: Very big profits from a business decision that you were very uncertain.

Having on the left a

Spade: Small inheritance.

Heart: 1° For a young man: He will marry a young brunette, rich and spiritual.

2° For a young girl: Marriage during the year.

3° For any other person: Advantageous relationship. Offer to move in.

Diamond: Lucrative trip. – Delayed marriage.

Club: Inflow of money. – Success in everything.


Between two cards of the same value, the Nine of clubs announces that you will learn of the promotion of a family member or friend who is dear to you.

Between two hearts: Practical plans for a life together.  – Association.

09 of clubs

Nine of ClubsUpright.  

The general primary signification of this card, when employed as a measure of time, is the present, whence we have as synonyms:

At the instant; actually; now; presently; suddenly; unexpectedly; upon the spot; momentarily; at hand.

The second primary signification of this card is an effect, whence are derived the secondary ones of this nature:

For sure; with certainty; in consequence; result; evidence; conviction; conclusion; will happen; event; to finish; to execute; household goods; furniture; bonds; personal estate; jewelry; movable goods.

This card has another primary signification, indiscretion, from which are derived the secondary meanings, as follows:

Want of foresight; imprudent; rash; headlong; with precipitation; thoughtlessly; impulsively; suddenly; disorder; confusion; misconduct; want of reflection; chaos; disgrace; without restraint; dissipation; libertinage; discordance; inharmonious; moral ruin.

Nine of ClubsReversed.  

This card, reversed, is most usually employed to denote that the consultant, in whose oracle it appears, will be the recipient of a present, but as to its value and its nature the surrounding cards must determine. The card consequently may represent:

Gift; presentation; memorial; offering; testimonial; a gratification; service; offer of money; thanksgiving.

Another signification of this card when coming out reversed, is gambling, but as this is a serious moral offense, great care should be exercised to study its application.

From gambling are derived these secondary meanings:

Games of chance; lottery; luck; card playing; any fortuitous circumstance; by accident; destiny; human life; cards; dice; money games; disreputable company.

Nine of clubs English Cartomancy meaning

Nine of Clubs
As Master-Card, the need of much Decision in our own judgments in an affair of importance; a need of disregarding counsels of Others.

Influenced by the like suit,several persons or circumstances Oppose, perhaps slyly.

By a Heart, there is a wounding of tenderer feelings or relationship in it.

By a Diamond, the affair is of Estate, Position, Money, Comfort, or Purchase.

By a Spade, beware lest so is assumed no greater Responsibility than can be easily carried ; or acknowledged.

Sibylle des Salons cartomancie meaning 9 of clubs

9 of clubs Card title – Gift

Birth of a child. Inheritance. Gifts.

If reversed – Small present. Small gains in lottery or casino.

Nine of Wands meaning tarot


The figure leans upon his staff and has an expectant look, as if awaiting an enemy. Behind are eight other staves—erect, in orderly disposition, like a palisade.

Divinatory Meanings: The card signifies strength in opposition. If attacked, the person will meet an onslaught boldly; and his build shows that he may prove a formidable antagonist. With this main significance there are all its possible adjuncts—delay, suspension, adjournment.

Reversed: Obstacles, adversity, calamity.

9 of clubs birth cardNine of Clubs: The Stable Philosopher Birth Card

11 OCT to 17 OCT

“The rivalry is with ourselves. I try to be better than is possible. I fight against myself, not against the other.” -Luciano Pavarotti.

People who have gone through a rough patch early in their life tend to be highly understandable of how challenging life can get. And this is perhaps the perfect definition of people under the Nine of Clubs birth card.

They are authentic people with a very realistic perspective of life. They don’t usually tend to dwell in dreamland. However, just because they don’t allow themselves to dream too far off from reality. This shouldn’t be mistaken for lack of goals or ambitions. They do set a remarkably high standard for themselves, and they are willing to work as hard as they need to achieve what they desire.

Although the Nine of Clubs people tend to be well-grounded, they often feel an urge to follow their dreams and jump into new adventures. They are also risk-takers and are not afraid to step into new challenges, no matter how challenging they may seem.

Usually, they can channel self-healing exceptionally well, yet they may not be aware of this. But most of their health issues are caused by stress and their own unsolved emotions, which can be fixed when they change their mindset. Professionally they can be successful in any area that they wish to devote their knowledge and dedication.

Personal Message: Life may not always have been easy for you, but that only made you stronger. It made someone who is reliable and responsible for others. You are not breaking promises or neglect your responsibilities. Even though you are very grounded to the ground, you also like to take risks. Your love for adventure and sports will help you to leave any emotional stress under control, as well as allowing to explore the boldest parts of yourself. You love the stability that a strong relationship can provide you with, yet often, you are in relationships where your heart gets bruised.

Deep inside, you are one of the most sensible people, and you should protect yourself from fake or toxic love. You tend to be highly creative in the professional area, leading you to a profession in entertainment. You are also particularly good with finances, which can help others get their financial situation on the right track. Your true happiness in life relies upon the right balance, so you should avoid overindulging.

Famous People Who Share the Nine of Clubs Birth Card

Hugh Jackman, Luciano Pavarotti, and Eminem

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Nine of Clubs meaning in a card spread. Try the original Cardarium readings.

9 of clubs meaning

Cartomancy is never based on the interpretation of a single card. It is the interplay of the cards that creates the most interesting insights.

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If you get the 9 of clubs on the first go – that’s a sign of good luck. The Fortune  will smile gently and generously upon You.

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