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Four of Diamonds meaning​

4 of diamondsFour of diamonds signifies important revelations. It is like a map of hidden treasures. You could have tried and failed for years and years, and then you realize that you just have to dig in one precise spot and you will find the chest of gold. Four of diamonds means that you will get an important hint.

Quick check:  is 4 of diamonds in your cards today? Will you find a treasure?

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Detailed meanings for the Four of Diamonds​

Four of diamonds English Cartomancy meaning

As Master – Card, Four of Diamonds means an Honor or Favour or Compliment or bit of Luck.

Influenced by like suit, in society, or art.

By a Heart, long desired ; and perhaps more pleasing than wise or useful.

By a Club, due to one’s own judgment and persistency.

By a high spade, entailing trouble or cost. By a low spade, at the cost of another’s misfortune ; or not wholly our desert rather than another’s ; or brief.

Sibylle des Salons cartomancie meaning 4 of diamonds

4 of diamonds Card title – Important revelations

Interesting political news. New strategy in commerce.

If reversed – Prosperity and good luck in all regards.

Four of Pentacles meaning tarot


A crowned figure, having a pentacle over his crown, clasps another with hands and arms; two pentacles are under his feet. He holds to that which he has.

Divinatory Meanings: The surety of possessions, cleaving to that which one has, gift, legacy, inheritance.

Reversed: Suspense, delay, opposition.

04 of diamonds

Four of diamonds meaning

A short journey.

Note: It is quite unusual to include the Four of diamonds is the classic American card reading, because it was done with a Piquet deck, which only has 32 cards. The meaning for pip cards 2 through 6 was only added later. If you’d like to get a true Classic American card reading, we advice to discard the 4 of diamonds and ignore its meaning. 

04 of diamonds meaning french deck

Four of Diamonds is a Silent card. It is usually omitted from the Traditional French cartomancy  deck. However, if the Fortune teller includes this card in the reading, it means that the cards do not want to tell you the truth. It also reduces the divinatory meaning of the nearby cards.

4 of diamonds birth card

Four of Diamonds: The Luckiest Path Card

15 FEB to 21 FEB

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right.”- Henry Ford

If the Four of Diamonds were a person, then he/she would be extremely fortunate. However, this wouldn’t mean that the world would be presented to them at no cost. But things would be much easier for them when compared to others.

People with the Four of Diamonds tend to achieve what they want with a little work. Things just seem to always go on their way, and life does seem slightly better from their end.

They attract many people into their circle, making them very social and with a vast connection circle. Relationships are not a problem for them.

This might be why they tend to be attracted to younger or older people than them. The difference of ages brings a different challenge into their lives. Even though relationships involving two people at different stages of their lives can be harder, this is definitely a learning experience for the Four of Diamonds birth card.

They thrive in situations that many of us would crumble. While holding the luckiest birth card can boost their successful life outcome, they are also driven by putting in the work. Success might come easier to them, but their strong mindset is undoubtedly what sets them apart from the crowd.

Personal Message: You have the luckiest birth card, but you have always need to work hard to achieve anything you wanted. This empowered you to accomplish your own goals and only grew your strength in chasing what you want. Relationships are easy to you, yet deep down, you are afraid that because of it. The fear of being trapped and lose your freedom is usually what holds you back.

Because of that, you tend to look for relationships with people with a difference of age gap from you. Mainly because you can really relate with people from your own age group. Being romantic involved with someone older or younger than you can be a different challenge but, as always, one that you are ready to work through. Think about adding some self-care time to your schedule.

Famous People Who Share the Four of Diamonds Birth Card

Whitney Houston, Bruce Wills, and Jennifer Garner

Which playing card is My birth card? 

Look it up in the full list of cards sorted by birth date

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Four of Diamonds meaning in a card spread. Try the original Cardarium readings.

4 of diamonds meaning

Cartomancy is never based on the interpretation of a single card. It is the interplay of the cards that creates the most interesting insights.

Go ahead and try the card reading below.

If you get the 4 of diamonds on the first go – that’s a sign of good luck. The Fortune  will smile gently and generously upon You.

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Today’s card reading is the Three Free Fortunes. It is based on the traditional French cartomancy. It is good for people who would like to get a quick, but serious reading of the day. 

A day without love is a year of emptiness… Check out your current standing with a Free Tarot Love Reading. It is good for people who appreciate the classic Rider Tarot presented in an accessible way. 

If you know what you are doing,  try the Free Card Spirits oracle. The unstable arcana spirits dwell in the beliefs of the consultant. If your belief is strong enough, they might help you in many ways – for example – conceive a baby, seduce a lover or curse an enemy. It is a dangerous kind of cartomancy, so it is not for the beginners. 

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