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Two of Diamonds meaning​

2 of diamondsTwo of diamonds means royal entertainment. The cards are ruled by kings, who are men of power and demand pompous festivities. But the queens would rather enjoy the company of jacks, their younger and more attractive boyfriends. Two of diamonds is a sign, that things are not as joyful as they look.

Quick check:  is 2 of diamonds in your cards today? Will you have to endure some unpleasant niceties and formalities today?

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Detailed meanings for the Two of Diamonds​

Two of diamonds English Cartomancy meaning

Two of diamonds

 As a Master-Card it means a gift or fortunate Purchase.

Influenced by the like suit, an Engagement or Burden happily broken or dismissed; a Good Riddance, a Disgrace or Plague ended.

By a Heart, an Offer in love, friendship, trade, travel, profession, or pleasure.

By a Club, a Letter or Interview of consequence.

By a Spade, a Service that one is glad of, or a Gift ; but bringing obligation with it, sooner or later.

Sibylle des Salons cartomancie meaning 2 of diamonds

2 of diamonds Card title – Pleasures. Entertainment.

Love hurts. Jealousy without reason.

If reversed – Pleasant surprise.

Two of Pentacles meaning tarot


A young man, in the act of dancing, has a pentacle in either hand, and they are joined by that endless cord which is like the number 8 reversed.

Divinatory Meanings: On the one hand it is represented as a card of gaiety, recreation and its connections, which is the subject of the design; but it is read also as news and messages in writing, as obstacles, agitation, trouble, embroilment.

Reversed: Enforced gaiety, simulated enjoyment, literal sense, handwriting, composition, letters of exchange.

02 of diamonds

Two of diamonds meaning

A secret or something unexpected.

Note: It is quite unusual to include the Two of diamonds is the classic American card reading, because it was done with a Piquet deck, which only has 32 cards. The meaning for pip cards 2 through 6 was only added later. If you’d like to get a true Classic American card reading, we advice to discard the 2 of diamonds and ignore its meaning. 

02 of diamonds meaning french deck

Two of Diamonds is a Silent card. It is usually omitted from the Traditional French cartomancy  deck. However, if the Fortune teller includes this card in the reading, it means that the cards do not want to tell you the truth. It also reduces the divinatory meaning of the nearby cards.

2 of diamonds birth card

Two of Diamonds: The Intuitive Leader Card

26 JUL to 1 AUG

“Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.” Roy T. Bennett.

People that share the Two of Diamonds birth card are extremely good with words. They can uniquely express themselves and have no problem sharing their views or beliefs. They are usually very likable and are constantly surrounded by many people.

Their intuition is just as high, and when they follow it, they can find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They are aware of what people are looking for and can adjust to any situation successfully. They make great leaders in any situation and are also extremely fun to be around in social gatherings.

They can be remarkably successful in their career choice. And even though they can be incredibly good at expressing themselves through artistic careers, they can also succeed as sellers or traders. They also make great leaders as they hold exceptional skills to delegate, so a position where they can be in charge will enable them to develop their potential.

Personal Message: By now, you must have realized that your intuition is the one thing that you can rely on the most. It has guided you through every step, and it will always be there to guide you. Taking care of the ones you love is especially important to you. Still, at times it would be better if you could understand if you are overcompensating them with material values instead of giving them your time and love. Your intentions are admirable, and it’s evident that all you want is to ensure that they are well looked after, yet sometimes quality time is the more generous gift you hold.

Your ability to manage people and being someone that many will always look upon is a huge responsibility. Yet you are gifted enough to accomplish your role perfectly. Believe that you can, and you are already halfway there. You are extraordinary. Your drive to consistently achieve better results is impressive, and nothing will ever stop you from reaching every goal. You are destined to be successful, and you know how to achieve it; by believing in yourself.

Famous People Who Share the Two of Diamonds Birth Card

Sandra Bullock, Lisa Kudrow, and J.K Rowling

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Two of Diamonds meaning in a card spread. Try the original Cardarium readings.

2 of diamonds meaning

Cartomancy is never based on the interpretation of a single card. It is the interplay of the cards that creates the most interesting insights.

Go ahead and try one the card readings below.

If you get the 2 of diamonds on the first go – that’s a sign of good luck. The Fortune  will smile gently and generously upon You.

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Today’s card reading is the Three Free Fortunes. It is based on the traditional French cartomancy. It is good for people who would like to get a quick, but serious reading of the day. 

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If you know what you are doing,  try the Free Card Spirits oracle. The unstable arcana spirits dwell in the beliefs of the consultant. If your belief is strong enough, they might help you in many ways – for example – conceive a baby, seduce a lover or curse an enemy. It is a dangerous kind of cartomancy, so it is not for the beginners. 

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