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Seven of Clubs meaning

7 of clubsSeven of clubs represents a small amount of money. It could mean a relief of financial problems or buying something for a steal price. In general, it signifies trifle economies, but it is also an excellent omen for huge wealth. Why? Keep buying a dollar for fifty cents for a long time, and you will see why.

Quick check:  is 7 of clubs in your cards today? Is there some money coming your way?

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Detailed meanings for the Seven of Clubs​



07 of clubs meaning french deck


The Seven of clubs, isolated, means: Small profit or Pleasure.

Pulled from a deck of cards by a young man, this card announces that he will marry or get into a relationship with a generous brunette girl. Generous doesn’t only mean money – she might be generous in feelings, love and bed pleasures.

For a young girl, unmarried or a divorced woman, it means: Not very dangerous rivalry;

For a professional stuck in a lousy job: Upcoming progress;

For a divorced man: Weakness in love;

For any other person: Gain, profit, pleasure.

This Seven having on the right a

Spade: Rivalry. – Winning at court.

Heart: 1° To a young girl: You are loved by a handsome young man;

2° To a young man: You are loved by a pretty young brunette;

3° To any other person: You are loved by your friends.

Diamond: A rich and generous young woman will care about you; she will save you from embarrassment.

Club: Money success. – Filthy rich couple in the long run.

Having on the left a

Spade: Absolute lack of everything you want; but it won’t last long.

Heart: A marriage of love that is not very fortunate money wise, but very happy. – Pleasures in the city.

Diamond: Pleasant holiday trip. – Small profit.

Club: A small amount of money that is lost and will come back to you.


Between two cards of the same value: Gift.

Between two Red Sevens: Pregnancy. Birth of a healthy child.  – Abundance.

Between two Black Sevens: Calculated and cruel jealousy of women. Be careful, because they will try to destroy either your career or your family or both.

07 of clubs

Seven of ClubsUpright.  

The principal primary signification of this card is a trifle in money, but which, however, has been amplified to designate economy, or the art of spending very little money to the best advantage. Consequently from this source we have the following synonyms:

Good behavior; wise administration of affairs; foresight; discretion; order; regularity; household virtues; good management; wisdom; happiness; prosperity.

This card likewise signifies company or sociability, in which connection it can be taken to denote:

Association; an assembly; a gathering; family party; friendly intercourse; pleasant relations; harmless pastimes; domestic recreations; balls; concerts; theater.

Still, its most important signification is a child. From this physical object the secondary meanings of this card are extended to designate the characteristics of childhood applied to after life. Hence the synonyms of this signification are:

Infancy; childhood; puerility; frivolity; weakness; dependency; abasement; humiliation; depression; humble; abject; minute; small; diminutive; helpless.

Seven of ClubsReversed.  

As a general thing this card reversed has the signification of embarrassment or impediment, and, taken in this light, its meanings, as applied to the exigencies of a correct interpretation of the consultation, will be found in some one of these synonyms:

Hindrance; entanglement; clog; fuss; intricacy; confusion; exigency; disorder; distress; to make work; to come to a stand; to perplex; to puzzle; to obstruct; to delay; to block up; to choke up; to stop up; to stifle; hurry; bustle; in a fix; in perplexity; at a loss.

It must be borne in mind that this card, when signifying a child, may come out either upright or reversed.

Seven of clubs English Cartomancy meaning

As Master- Card, Seven of Clubs means a troublesome Situation dissolved.

Influenced by like suit, a Secret imparted of interest and length.

By a Heart, undo something very newly done.

By a Diamond, beware of an Indiscretion or Error.

By a Spade, a Neglect or piece of forgetfulness will be of cost to mendor replace : perhaps, if a high spade, not to be mended at all.

Sibylle des Salons cartomancie meaning 7 of clubs

7 of clubs Card title – Little money

Recovered small sum of money. Temporary relief of financial problems.

If reversed – Dispute about money with a bank or a salesman. Negotiation that brings a small gain.

Seven of Wands meaning tarot


A young man on a craggy eminence brandishing a staff; six other staves are raised towards him from below.

Divinatory Meanings: It is a card of valor, for, on the surface, six are attacking one, who has, however, the vantage position. On the intellectual plane, it signifies discussion, wordy strife; in business—negotiations, war of trade, barter, competition. It is further a card of success, for the combatant is on the top and his enemies may be unable to reach him.

Reversed: Perplexity, embarrassments, anxiety. It is also a caution against indecision.

7 of clubs birth cardSeven of Clubs: The Spiritual Enlightenment Birth Card

8 MAR to 14 MAR

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can, and no one may. we ourselves must walk the path.” Buddha

Do you know that friend that you can you can’t stop yourself from loving and admiring? They usually are very open-minded and will understand you better than anyone else. They are always ready to cheer you up, and give you the best advice. Yet they rarely follow their own words. This person can be very insecure about themselves.

They lack a little of confidence and self-belief. When at their lowest, they can be hopeless. And even though they come back ten times stronger, they don’t seem to be able to stop sinking in their negative thoughts.Despite this, they are more than capable to achieve any goal they have set for themselves.

People with the seven clubs as their birth cards are incredibly compelling. Their spiritual ability is uncommingly higher. However, they are oblivious to this gift and often struggle to find the right path. It’s easy for them to drift away and get affected by bad energies, which is why channeling their energy is a must.They are so spiritually elevated, and the chances to dwell in a depressive state are equally high.

Still, they are also capable of bouncing back just as fast. But once they can find their spiritual purpose, they will be unstoppable.The number seven means perfection, which only adds strength to their beautiful personality . They are capable of great things. Still, their thoughts will always be their downfall. Meditation can be the source of solving all their problems.

People who share the seven of club’s birth card will be strongly better by controlling their own racing thoughts. This will enable them to overcome anything that is preventing them from thriving. They are also very prone to earn large amounts of money, yet their impulsiveness will make them spend it just as fast.

They are prone to achieve great success. However, to achieve that power, they will need to trust their ability to develop their spiritual side. They are also better when they build their mental knowledge. Education is vital to them. And if not pursued or completed, it’s possible they won’t reach their full potential.

Personal Message: If you are born under this card, watch out for how you manage your money. Expensive things might be pretty, but you should be able to recognize when enough it’s enough. The same should apply to negative thoughts. Learning how to control your thoughts will enable you to see your worth. You have a great gift; you can connect with the energy around you. It would help if you learned how to manifest that energy into your life and attract only positivity in everything you do.

Famous People Who Share the Seven of Clubs Birth Card:

Edward VIII King of England, Bill Clinton & Whoopi Goldberg

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Seven of Clubs meaning in a card spread. Try the original Cardarium readings.

7 of clubs meaning

Cartomancy is never based on the interpretation of a single card. It is the interplay of the cards that creates the most interesting insights.

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If you get the 7 of clubs on the first go – that’s a sign of good luck. The Fortune  will smile gently and generously upon You.

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