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Jack of Spades meaning​

Jack of spades

Jack of Spades card indicates a young man of dark complexion, cunning and devious. Don’t trust him. He is intelligent, he thinks very well of himself and he will use any opportunity to take advantage of you. In a broader sense the Jack of spades is a sign that you might face adversity from a ruthless person.

Quick check:  is Jack of spades in your cards today? Are you going to have to deal with a fraud and a cheater today?

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Detailed meanings for the Jack of Spades​

Jack of spades meaning french deck


Young dark man, fake, mean and  treacherous.

While declaring his friendship, he meditates inwardly on betraying you; his morals are light, his associates deplorable.

Very talkative, he easily discloses to anyone what you have entrusted to him in good faith; even the most serious things he has sworn not to say. He does not hinder himself in any way to perjure himself, as long as it can attract him a profit, however small it may be.

This Jack having on the right a

Spade: Bad acquaintance. – False friend to oust.

Heart: Somebody will want to date you and get into a relationship with you; just say “no” to him. – Bad words from a young brown man.

Diamond: Slander in the city.

Club: Abuse of trust. – Flatterer to be feared.

Having on the left a

Spade: Unscrupulous. – A young dark man will try to seduce you. He is not as powerful as the King of spades. If you recognise him, you should have no trouble of resisting him.

Heart: A joyful meeting that will go wrong towards the end of the evening.

Club: Jealousy. – Discomforts.


Between two cards of the same value: Bad intentions in a business of family meeting.

Between Aces: Your enemy will go to jail.

With the Queen of Spades: Criminal attempt; the other card touching the Jack of Spades is void; it does not speak.

Near the Eight of Spades: Violent death of a friend; the other card touching the Jack of Spades is null; it does not speak.

Jack of spades

Jack of SpadesUpright.  

As the representative of an individual, this card, coming out upright, designates a dark complexioned unmarried man, an obliging fellow, who does not hesitate to accommodate his friends at serious disadvantage to himself, if occasion require.

The primary signification of the card is, however, messenger, an envoy, or person, charged with bearing of intelligence, most generally employed as a go-between in intrigues, or in a capacity of trust.

Sometimes this card is used to designate a critic, or a critical position; a moment of impending danger; an awkward predicament; a decisive instant; an unfortunate situation; a delicate circumstance; a threatened calamity; a crisis; or a perplexing misstep.

Jack of SpadesReversed.  

This card is one of evil omen to lovers, as it forewarns a betrayal of their secrets, or the exposure of their plans by a corrupt messenger, orthrough the intervention of some intermeddler.

Its primary signification, when the card is reversed, is that of a Paul Pry, or spy, whence we have the secondary ones of inquirer, spectator, watcher, overseer, as well as the result of such a man’s investigations. Hence applied more generally, the card signifies scrutiny; examination; reports; remarks; notations, and commentaries.

Another secondary signification of this card is traitor, from which we readily obtain the following synonyms:

Deception; duplicity; stratagem; disguise; prevarication; disloyalty; breach of trust; conspiracy; tale bearing; imposture; black heartedness; perfidy; falsehood; dissimulation and breach of confidence.

The card is, moreover, used to forewarn lovers that there is danger of their being pursued in event of elopement.

test Jack of spades

As Master-Card, The Knave of Spades means a Man having no love for you and inclined to wrong and hurt you; but happily limited in Opportunity.

Influenced by like suit, often seen of you.

By a Heart, abusing your Trust, smaller or greater.

By a Diamond, adroit rather than bold.

By a Club, cruel and slanderous.

Sibylle des Salons cartomancie meaning Jack of spades

Card title – A dark-haired young man

A young man of dark complexion, cunning and devious. Don’t trust him.

If reversed – Betrayal. An event that will shatter your faith in someone.

Page of Swords meaning tarot


A lithe, active figure holds a sword upright in both hands, while in the act of swift walking. He is passing over rugged land, and about his way the clouds are collocated wildly. He is alert and lithe, looking this way and that, as if an expected enemy might appear at any moment.

Divinatory Meanings: Authority, overseeing, secret service, vigilance, spying, examination, and the qualities thereto belonging.

Reversed: More evil side of these qualities; what is unforeseen, unprepared state; sickness is also intimated.

Jack of spades birth card

Jack of Spades: The Visionary Card

26 APR to 2 MAY

“Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future.” Catherine Pulsifer

For the ones with the Jack of Spades birth card, life is full of lucky turns and unexpected gifts. This person is very prone to inherit money. Yet, they are more than capable of building a successful life for themselves.

Despite the lucky charm that comes with their life. People with the Jack of Aces usually choose to make between two paths. They are capable of great things and can achieve greatness as well as a life full of happiness. Yet their destiny is separate with two different sides of a coin. And it’s up to them to pick which kind of life they want to live.

Two paths, two different outcomes yet the same great potential. For some, the choice is easy, and they become successful in their career life and romance. Those tend to pick careers that enable them to practice their comprehensive knowledge and help others. They tend to choose jobs as a doctor or around the field of assisting others in hardships situations.

For those who pick a different path. They can become empty due to the lack of accomplishments, sadness, and unhappiness. Friends leave, and their life can feel like a complete disgrace. They can even drift for a life of crime. Thye becomes selfish and unable to open their mind to life with different outcomes.

Personal message: With immense power comes big responsibilities. And you have known this from an early age. Even though luck comes to you easily. This doesnt mean that your life has always been that way. The path you took definitely took a toll on how your life is now developing. Yet you have everything that you need to achieve success already in you. So it’s also up to you to decide which life you want to have.

What you have been through doesn’t define where you will be tomorrow. It only makes you stronger. You are capable of tremendous spiritual power. You just need to accept your worth and your ability to thrive in life. Believe that you can achieve it, and you will.

Famous people with the Jack of Spades birth card:

Jet Li, Jessica Alba, and Dwayne Johnson.

Which playing card is My birth card? 

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Jack of Spades meaning in a card spread. Try the original Cardarium readings.

Jack of spades meaning

Cartomancy is never based on the interpretation of a single card. It is the interplay of the cards that creates the most interesting insights.

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If you get the Jack of spades on the first go – that’s a sign of good luck. The Fortune  will smile gently and generously upon You.

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