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Ace of Clubs meaning​

Ace of clubsThe Ace of clubs represents a large purse of money. Most people think that it is the luckiest card of the whole deck. The Ace of clubs is not just about purchasing power. It signifies the power of getting anything that you want. Indeed, this card is an omen of better health, happy relationships and longer life.

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Detailed meanings for the Ace of Clubs​

Ace of clubs meaning french deck


This isolated Ace means: Money, a Present. – Reversed: Project frustrated.

This card is a sight for the sore eyes. It ensures luck, success in its endeavours; it announces a sum of money, an inheritance and good news.

Indeed, this is the card of Fortune.

Reversed it is still favourable, with rare exceptions.

The Ace of Clubs with a

Spade: Patronage, protection of a powerful man.

Heart: Marriage into wealth. – Success in endeavours.

Diamond: Winning at the game. – Profits in your line of business.

Club: Abundant harvests. – Advantageous change.

Having on the left a

Spade: Inheritance or some other large inflow of money.

Heart: Flower basket. – Love letter.

Diamond: Great success in everything you hope for.

Club: Gift.

The Ace of Clubs, reversed, having on the right a

Spade: Clashes with a bad neighbour concerning property.

Heart: Project frustrated; it will be realized later.

Diamond: News from the city about a small amount of money.

Club: Success guaranteed. – Money for sure.

Having on the left a

Spade: Loss of money.

Heart: Joy; but of short duration.

Diamond: Frustrated pleasure.

Club: A good find.


The Ace of Clubs with the King of Diamonds has two meanings:

1° Profit, coming from a man from out of your usual circle;

2° A member of your family will advance in rank or will be awarded a medal or an honorary title.

Between two clubs: Absolute certainty of happiness and success in everything. – There is no need to continue the consultation; it is the most favourable omen.

Ace of clubs

Ace of ClubsUpright.  

This card is universally regarded as a most fortunate one, inasmuch as it betokens vast wealth, personal prosperity, physical health, mental tranquillity, marital happiness and longevity.

The principal significations of this card are a purse of money and riches, whence we have as synonyms:

For a purse of money: Sum of money; a present; capital; principal; treasure; bullion; gold and silver wares; opulence; rare; dear; precious; inestimable; of excessive value.

For riches: Wealth; health; prosperity; worldly goods; happiness; felicity; amelioration; improvement; benefit; advantage; profit; blessing; favor; grace; plenty; destiny; chance; speculation; good luck.

Ace of ClubsReversed.  

When this card emerges to form part of an oracle, in a reversed position, its more popular and current significations are nobility, love and a present, but in a consultation made for a young unmarried lady it signifies that she will unexpectedly unite herself with a man, probably a widower, who will better her fortunes; hence to a female operative this card is a very good omen.

For nobility we employ as appropriate synonyms:

A nobleman; a man of consequence; important; great; the eldest son; extended; vast; sublime; renowned; illustrious; powerful; elevated; of good quality; illustration; reputation; consideration; grandeur of soul.

For love, a correct interpretation of the oracle may require selection from among the following synonyms:

Passion; inclination; sympathy; affection; allurement; attraction; charm; enticement; disposition; taste for; propensity; admiration; gallantry; complacence for the sex; intrigue; affinity; an affair of gallantry; attachment; devotion.

Ace of clubs English Cartomancy meaning

Ace of Clubs
Master-Card, is figured an Event of material weight, involving use of judgment, will, shrewdness, or decision.

Influenced by the like suit, high or low, its effect is the more for our own making.

By a Heart, is seen a Matter in which our Sentiments are specially enlisted.perhaps in contest with judgment or tastes or duty.

By a Diamond, the affair is in society, artistic life, money, or responsibility to others as well.

By a Spade, a Mischance or Disappointment is part of it; often faithfully hid, or to be hid.

Sibylle des Salons cartomancie meaning Ace of clubs

Ace of clubs Card title – A lot of money

Joy. Money. Good news, prosperity.

If reversed – Joy of short duration. Money problems.

Ace of Wands meaning tarot


A hand issuing from a cloud grasps a stout wand or club.

Divinatory Meanings: Creation, invention, enterprise, the powers which result in these; principle, beginning, source; birth, family, origin, and in a sense the virility, which is behind them; the starting point of enterprises; according to another account, money, fortune, inheritance.

Reversed: Fall, decadence, ruin, perdition, to perish; also a certain clouded joy.

Ace of clubs birth cardAce of Clubs: The Crave for Knowledge Card

4 JAN to 10 JAN

“If you’re not learning, you’re not reaching your potential.” Jim Rohn

As a person, the Ace of Clubs card resembles that friend that knows everything about everything. They are always on a roll to learn, and no information is ever good enough. They always crave for more. Knowledge is like air for them. Yet, their craving for new information is not only about their education. They also yearn to explore the world.

They want to see everything that there’s to see-people born under the Ace of Clubs birth card desire a meaningful life full of new experiences.

As for love, they are a human magnet for personal experiences. Curious about love as they are about everything else. They crave a strong connection with someone that can show them what true love means. Because of this, they may seem a little promiscuous. Yet, this is far from who they are.

They want a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And they will look for the right person to share that love with without being willing to compromise.

Very creative and intellectually engaging. They may start showing these two elements as a young child. Their curiosity will only grow over the years. Their path can be strongly associated with the art of psychology. They held a need for understanding so they can help guide others.

The people who get to experience their presence are very carefully chosen. As they need appreciation for the people, they share parts of their life.

Personal Message: Your craving for knowledge is what will set you apart from others. Your ability to keep so many pieces of information about several subjects is inspiring. This will also mean that you won’t settle for regular and monotonous life. You need excitement and fast-paced life. So it’s normal having that urging of traveling all the time. This is your natural environment, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Yet when you start to become older, there will be something missing.

It would be wise to open your heart to spirituality and embrace who you truly are. This is something that you may struggle with later in life. So, keep in mind that you already hold the answers within yourself. It would help if you allowed yourself to explore your spiritual strength. You are meant for great things, and you will touch anyone who crosses paths with you.

Famous People Who Share the Ace of Clubs Birth Card

Jodie Foster, Calving Klein, and Meg Ryan.

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Ace of Clubs meaning in a card spread. Try the original Cardarium readings.

Ace of clubs meaning

Cartomancy is never based on the interpretation of a single card. It is the interplay of the cards that creates the most interesting insights.

Go ahead and try the card reading below.

If you get the Ace of clubs on the first go – that’s a sign of good luck. The Fortune  will smile gently and generously upon You.

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