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what tarot cards mean black magic

When it comes to the question of tarot and black magic, there is actually something of a difference of opinion on the topic. As we all know, no one card is actually evil and those that come across as frightening and dark are more layered than someone might immediately think. Using tarot cards doesn’t directly correlate to use of or involvement with black magic anymore than it does to white magic. Just the same, it is possible that you have somehow attracted some negative energy or that someone has placed an evil eye upon you. Have you noticed something off about yourself? Are you experiencing a truly unbelievable string of black luck? A long series of nightmares? Then you may have noticed some of these cards popping up in your readings more than usual.

Major Arcana

The Devil

This might seem like an obvious marker of negative energy. Are you feeling stuck? Out of control? The Devil often symbolizes being stuck at the mercy of negative influences so you may want to consider if any of your vices have seemed more intense lately or be cautious of any new people in your life that give you pause.

A shadow card like this means that you need to examine yourself carefully. What dark fears are bothering you and how are you dealing (or not dealing) with them? Maybe you are afraid of something that will actually make you stronger and your fears are keeping you trapped in a situation that is not serving you.

The Tower

This points directly – and clearly – to upheaval and change. Finding this in your readings can throw you off because it is an indicator of destructive energy outside of your control. The Tower often brings an unexpected development that will throw you for a loop. Sometimes this is something to do with work or family, but also it warns you to be cautious about people entering your life. Brace yourself – something is coming.

Are you repeating self-defeating patterns of behavior that keep you from being at peace with yourself? Maybe you are putting yourself in dangerous situations or trusting the wrong people. This is a card that warns you to be cautious with both the known and the unknown.

The Moon

The Moon in a reading can point to an illusion in your life, either by your own creation or perhaps someone else’s. This suggests that everything is not as it seems. This card represents intuition and the subconscious so if you are reading with an aim to see if someone has bad intentions towards you, this would suggest that you already know the answer.

The duality of this card suggests indecision and confusion, so you will need to embrace both your analytical and your free-spirited sides in order to deal with the situation. If you are struggling with negative thoughts, you need to try and trust yourself and the choices you make. Look carefully at the people and things around you, believe in your own intuitive understanding of things.

The High Priestess

This is another intuition based card that points out that you need to trust your own feelings and suspicions. This can point to feeling blocked and isolated from others and even from your own connection to the world around you. When people feel isolated, they often misjudge situations. This might mean that you are trusting the wrong people or ignoring your own problems or even health concerns.

This card directs you to your own inner voice and instincts. No one knows you better than you, so if you feel that something is wrong or off, you need to be an advocate for yourself. Be careful with yourself and trust yourself and those who you truly know to be trustworthy.

Minor Arcana

Five of Swords

This card represents conflict and fighting, so if you see this in this spread then you have most likely been at odds with people. This card points to a lack of communication and a lot of conflict, which means you may have even had a falling out with friends over topics that perhaps could have been dealt with in a different way.

At it’s most negative, this card suggests that you aren’t paying attention to warning signs and need to take better precautions in order to stay safe. It points to reckless behavior and risky choices. Check in with yourself about your recent actions – are they keeping with your character? Are you putting yourself at risk in some way?

Seven of Swords

When you see this card, it’s a good guess that there has been a betrayal of some sort in your life. The seven of swords signifies deception and secrets. It can be a sign that you have a false friend or of being undermined at work. This can point at manipulation as well, which means that if you are seeing this card in a reading then you need to exam people in your life carefully.

Nine of Swords

Often called this card ‘The Nightmare Card’ for somewhat obvious reasons, this card represents anxiety, depression, mental distress, and, yes, nightmares. When this card appears in a reading, it suggests that you have been struggling with feeling overwhelmed and overstressed. Sometimes these intense feelings have an obvious source, but this isn’t necessary – especially if it is possibly coming from outside energies.

In fact, you may be so caught up in these negative feelings that the actual scope of the source of your stress may be blown out of proportion. When you are tangled in this sort of anxiety/fear loop, it is difficult to focus on anything else. It’s hard, but you will need to try and get out of your head for a moment to fully take in everything that is happening.

What To Do?

Trust yourself. If you are getting combinations of these cards very often during readings and have been feeling out of sorts, consider asking the cards specifically about it. Once you know about something, it is much easier to combat it and solve the problem. Remember: the cards are complex and offer as many solutions as they do warnings, so don’t worry! You will find the answers you need.

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