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Can you use Tarot Cards to Talk to Angels

Tarot cards can be used to communicate with and receive messages from angels. There are tarot card decks specifically designed for talking with angels but almost all decks will work. Talking to your angels through tarot cards is very effective for getting advice and also helping with anxiety.

Can Tarot Cards Find me my Guardian Angel?

You can use tarot cards to communicate with your guardian angel, however, you cannot use tarot cards to pair you with an angel. Communicating with and finding your guardian angel is very subjective, it is a unique experience for each individual. Personally, I meditate to try and see any images or energies from my angel before using tarot cards to receive messages from them. You can also use angel oracle cards, after shuffling these you draw one card which is your guardian angel for the day. After finding your guardian you can then use tarot cards to ask them a question. It is also okay if you don’t know who your guardian angel is, some angels are made purely of energy and have no name. You can still use tarot cards to talk to them just as effectively, they will still answer your call.

How do I use Tarot Cards to Talk to Angels?

There is very little difference in how you use tarot cards normally and how you use them to talk to angels. The basic principles are still the same. Ask your angels a clear question, shuffle your cards and then reveal them to get your answers. However, I do have some pieces of advice that makes communicating with them easier. First of all, it is difficult to receive direct yes or no answers from your angels so try to avoid these types of questions. Instead you should try to ask for advice regarding the situation as you will get a deeper insight than simply asking, “should I do this with regards to the situation?”. Another thing you can do to help is use a specific angel card spread. When using tarot cards, there are different spreads on which to place your cards. Using an angel spread when trying to talk to your guardian greatly helps when it comes to interpreting the messages given to you. For example, I like to use a simple three card spread when talking to angels. These three cards are in a horizontal line, the first card represents positive energy you should tap into, the second card represents negative energy you should avoid, and the third card represents general advice. I find this spread can be used when dealing with specifics or just as a guide to start off the day.

What Tarot Deck Should I use to Talk to Angels?

Almost any tarot card deck can be used to talk to angels. Using the deck that you feel the strongest connection with will help you to get the clearest message from your angels. However, if you like to keep your tarot for separate issues or you are looking for your first deck, there are some great angel tarot cards that you can use. Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue is one of the most popular angel decks as Virtue has done a lot of work with angels. Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine is also a very popular deck for people to work with. My personal favourite however is Angel Tarot by Travis McHenry. There is no right or wrong when it comes to picking a tarot deck, it is simply whichever one you feel the most connection to.

Is it Safe to use Tarot Cards to Talk to Angels?

Using tarot cards to talk to angels is a perfectly safe practice that you shouldn’t be worried about. Angels are, at their core, made up of vibrations and positive energies and these energies are here to help us, not to hinder us. Receiving messages from your guardian angels will not alter any events nor set anything in stone. These messages are simply to guide you to a happier future. I will say however, that misinterpretation when reading tarot is a common thing that can happen to even the most experience of readers. So, try not to make any major life decisions based on what the tarot cards say. Using the tarot cards to talk with angels may open up a stronger connection, causing your angels to be close to you and sometimes that energy can influence you. But it is all to try and help, if there is negativity then it is for a reason. Make sure that you are open to having a deeper connection with your angels before trying to talk to them using tarot cards.

Can Talking with Angels Help my Anxiety?

My first experience with angels was when I was very young, a teacher of mine gave me a box of worry angels to help me deal with the anxiety and depression I was feeling at school. Some people claim that the help they provided was a placebo, but whether it was or not, there is no denying that it helped me. Having my worry angels made meditating easier and doing tarot readings to receive messages from them helped keep me calm. The readings that I gave myself truly made me feel as if someone was watching over me and providing me with the help I needed. It gave me simple encouragement where I could find one. Angels and tarot cards are something that not everyone believes in and I would not try to push it on you, but opening myself to the experience of having a guide helped me more than I ever thought it would. It has not been a cure for my anxiety, but my tarot messages have given me simple boosts that I’ve needed to actually get up and try to help myself. I like to think now that my angels, whether they be energy, a divine being or the spirit of one of my beloved pets, will always talk to me through tarot and try to give me the best advice that they can.

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