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Reversed Two of Wands Description

In the two of wands, a man is dressed in a robe along with a matching hat. The man is shown holding a globe. He appears to be at the top of a castle, looking down to the lands beyond the castle. His hands are holding two wands, one in each hand. He’s holding one upright and the other wand is against the castle wall. The land beyond the castle represents all the opportunities and success the man could have if he went outside his comfort zone, proving that if he overcomes the challenges he’s facing, his entire reality might be able to change for the better.

Reversed Two of Wands main Meaning

Reversed 2 of wands main section

Two of Wands in reversed represents the fear of the unknown. Perhaps it’s time to set long-term goals for your future and start planning how you are going to achieve them. Lack of planning could be what’s holding you back and the indecisiveness of “Should I go or should I stay where I’m comfortable?” the card speaks about how staying in your comfort zone is not going to guide you towards your goals, instead, it’ll do the opposite. Two of Wands being reversed means you are probably holding yourself back from reaching your greatest potential as you are scared of what the changes might bring to your life.

You may be choosing the safest option because it’s familiar, but that’s precisely what’s making you go backwards. The card is letting you know that some inner work is necessary before you keep going. It’s an invitation to start from scratch and really think about who you want to become, what your goals and dreams are. Once you’ve done that work, you are ready to follow your path. If you are doubtful about where you will go, ask yourself what do I truly want? Who do I want to be? The path will reveal itself.

What does Reversed Two of Wands Mean for Love?

If you asking about love and the two of wands comes reversed then that’s a sign that you and your partner probably find the relationship boring. You might be feeling unhappy and unfulfilled, the reason behind this is because you see this relationship as a safe bet, comfortable, familiar. However, it doesn’t add any thrill or excitement to your life. You are afraid of leaving the relationship even though you are unhappy because you are scared there are no more possibilities for you out there, but there are. If you are single, this card coming up means that you have the ability to choose whether to stay single or go back with your ex, which may not exactly be the best decision.

Reversed Two of Wands Meaning As Love Advice

Two of cups being reversed means that there is trouble in the relationship. It’s time to step out of this relationship, it’s not serving you and it’s making you unhappy, you have to find the strength to leave. You might be thinking that there are only worse things outside this relationship, but that’s not true, there are endless possibilities. Do not stay just because it feels like the safest thing to do. They won’t change for you, but you can change your life.

Reversed Two of Wands as Feelings

Two of Wands Reversed as Someone’s Feelings for You

This card coming in reversed means that this someone is not very happy about you. This person is discontent and doesn’t feel connected to you in any way. They want something more and sadly, you seem to not be what they are looking for. This person is probably greedy and they want the world in their hands, they don’t care about your feelings. They are probably just using you for the time being until a new opportunity comes up for them. Don’t fall for their fake promises, notice the red flags, and follow your intuition.

Two of Wands Reversed as Your Feelings for Someone

You have a lack of feelings in this relationship, whether if it’s friendship or romantic. You feel you have no other option, you feel you have no power when it comes to this person. You don’t feel interested at all in this someone, in fact, you feel dominated, you feel as if your emotions and thoughts are not valid. You feel ashamed about how the situation turned out. Even though you are feeling this way, you still don’t want to let go of this person because you are afraid there are not more options for you. You deserve to be happy, let go of this toxic cycle and start living your life just like you always wanted.

Reversed Two of Wands as Advice

These are some frequently asked questions regarding advice when the two of wands comes out reversed.

Am I on the Right Path?

You are always on the right path when it comes to your own soul journey. However, life will bring obstacles that you have to overcome to reach your fullest potential. Right now you might be feeling stuck, that is because you are scared of going forward. You know there is success out of your comfort zone, but you are reluctant to go beyond your walls because you prefer to be comfortable. You have to get rid of that mentality if you want to live your life to the fullest. There is success for you out there, you just need to do the work.

Will my Ex and I Get Back Together?

While there is a possibility this could happen, it’s not the wisest move to do at this specific time of your life. It’s better to take a step back and focus on yourself, focus on your healing. Everything shows that your ex is not interested in you, although this might not be the case for everyone. However, it’s important to point out that getting back with your ex is not safe nor healthy for you now.

Should I Break Up With Him?

If you are in a relationship and the two of wands comes out reversed during a reading, it means bad news for you. You probably are in a toxic cycle, it’s possible that you haven’t realized this relationship is unstable and unhealthy because you feel is what you deserve or because you think it’s the safest option. You are hurting and you feel powerless, but the truth is that you have the power to change your reality at any time. Step up and seek a more fulfilling partner that makes you happy.

Reversed Two of Wands for Job and Career

Right now you are choosing to stay in an unfulfilling career that will not make you happy. Human potential is limitless yet you are limiting your options and turning down opportunities because you are scared. At this moment you are wondering if this was the right choice. You chose this job or career because you thought of it as the safe alternative, something not too daring, but now you are paying the price, you wished you had gone with a more risky choice. Additionally, you might be struggling with financial instability, it all comes from the same root.

Are you In your Dream Job?

Have you asked yourself this question before? When was the last time you did something daring? Take a look at your life just as it is, are you happy with your job? are you working in something you are passionate about? If the answer is no, then, what are you waiting for? The only thing that’s holding you back from achieving your dreams is yourself. With the two of wands being reversed, it means that you are playing safe, that you don’t want to go outside your comfort zone. What do you prefer? Staying safe and unhappy, or taking a shot at increasing the possibilities of a powerful change in your life?

Reversed Two of Wands for Money and Finance

This card being reversed points directly towards financial instability. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a big loss in your bank account but you might be struggling with money. The problem here is that you have not planned your future when it comes to finances. Remember that the two of wands being reversed means fear of the future, fear of the unknown, and lack of planning. This lack of planning is exactly what’s making you feel scared. As much as it is scary to imagine how good or bad our future might be, it’s important to at least have some goals in our life so we know where we are headed.

Should I Make Investments Right Now?

Currently is not the best moment to make any investments. It doesn’t matter if you’re not struggling too bad with money, right now you should focus on gaining some clarity and thinking about the numbers you are making. Also, this is the right time to think about your long-term goals about your finances.

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