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The Ace of Pentacles pertains to meanings of finance, a large hand looms out of the clouds to bring you an offer. Reversed, the hand points down and symbolizes your hesitation with taking the offer in front of you, whether you realize it or not.

Reversed Ace of Pentacles Description

When it is reversed, the ace of pentacles depicts a hand that is upside down that emerges from the clouds. A beautiful coin sits a place in the centre of the palm, ready for the taking, though in reverse it may appear as though the coin is about to drop down to the floor. In the background of this card there is a garden, flipped but no less beautiful and no less abundant. It is still rife with flowers. Every image on this card is related to its meaning in a reading.

Reversed Ace of Pentacles main Meaning

Reversed Ace of pentacles main section

When this card appears in a reading, it often relates to financial matters. It usually means that there has been an offer placed in front of you that you are not sure if you should take. This card is not here to tell you to make your decision, it is instead reminding you that it is okay to take your time and think about it. It is possible that this offer has not been handed to you just yet, or maybe it is subtle, and you haven’t even realised that it is there. But the ace of pentacles says to you that you will not be fulfilled unless you are sure in your decision making and rushing that decision is not something that you should do.

Another common meaning of this card is actually a warning. When reversed, that single coin is about to fall out of the palm of the hand. This is telling you that you need to be careful with your spending as your money may soon fall out of your grasp and out of your control. Usually this card will appear if you have been fighting stressful feelings such as anxiety and you need to take a step back and evaluate the situations that are in front of you.

What Does Reversed Ace of Pentacles Mean for Love?

Doing a romantic reading can sometimes be scary, often times there is a particular answer that you are hoping will appear in your reading. This is a card that will not often appear in a romantic reading, whether that is good or bad depends on your situation. You will only be likely to see this card in a romantic reading if there is an issue regarding money between you and your partner. Perhaps this situation makes you feel vulnerable and anxious. That is understandable, thinking of money and finances can be rather stressful particularly in a relationship. This card is here to give you some clarity and a simple solution. Talk. An honest and open discussion with your partner about money is sometimes the easiest way to figure out your situation and deal with it, together.

If you are not in a relationship and this card still appears in a romantic reading, head its warning. Be careful of who you come to trust in the near future. If you are generous with your money, maybe it is time to start tightening the purse strings before someone is able to take advantage of you. It is possible that you may have even met this person and that they are already taking advantage of you. Be sure to keep your money grasped in your palm and be sure of any decisions you make pertaining to it, especially if it involves loaning it.

Reversed Ace of Pentacles as Feelings

Every tarot card will bring a sense of feeling into you. Sadly, when reversed the Ace of Pentacles often alludes to the idea that you have been feeling anxious or unsure about what path lies ahead of you. However, you should not fret. With these feelings of anxiety, this card offers a sense of clear-headedness and will often give you the same type of advice no matter what kind of reading it appears in. Talk to people. Whether you have already made a decision or whether you are waiting to make one, you should consult with those close in your life. Major decisions should not be rushed and often hearing the opinion of someone who has a fresh pair of eyes can bring the calm to wash away the anxiety this card talks about.

Reversed Ace of Pentacles as Advice

The hand in this card is friendly and if you come to it and listen, the ace of pentacles has some simple and effective advice for you. Take your time. It may not be what you want to hear, but this card isn’t going to tell you what decision you should make or what choice you should choose. That is something that you need to decide for yourself and sometimes the best way to learn what that is, simply wait out the storm in your mind. The sun will shine through and illuminate the best path for you to take. It is a good idea to listen to the advice of your peers but at the end of the day, this card is here to say that every final decision is yours. Do not rush it. You may make a mistake and soon come to regret it.

Ace of Pentacles Reversed Meaning for Job and Career

Do you need to make a decision in your career? If this card has appeared, then it is likely that you do. Or that you soon will. Perhaps you have been offered a promotion or a completely new job and you are unsure whether or not you should take it. This is your chance to do what is right for you and, if you need to, make a change.

Have you been investing your time, and possibly your money, in a career that has now just left you feeling somewhat empty and hollow? You aren’t alone. Many people have experienced this, and this card is a reminder that you don’t need to keep feeling like this. If you simply keep working and working in this same unfulfilling career then no, nothing will change. There are a lot of concerns that can lead you to question your career choices. These may be concerns over finance or whether you are able to perform the job to the best of your abilities. Like with other situations, this card will advise you to take your time. Just take a moment, step back and reflect. Look at the situation as a whole and the decision that has been placed in front of you. Is it what is best for your happiness and your finances?

As scary as it seems, whilst this card does offer you a hand in your thinking, it doesn’t mean it will all work out. You may come through some tough times no matter what decision you make so you need to make sure you have taken your time, that you understand the risks and are still willing to go through with it.

Reversed Ace of Pentacles Meaning for Money and Finance

This card is most like to appear in a reading that concerns money or financial matters. And that is not surprising, considering that pentacles are the suit that most strongly represents finance. This card may appear if you have been struggling with your finances or if you are about to go through a rough patch where money is a little tight. There is a small chance that this card may be trying to prepare you for an upcoming financial emergency which you cannot be ready for.

However, this card is not here to make you panic and go into a sense of despair. No, instead it is here to warn you and give you a chance to ready yourself. Whether you have been struggling with finances or not, it is a good idea to evaluate your whole situation in preparation for whatever tough times may befall you. How is your budgeting going, have you even got a properly structured budget? These are things that you need to consider in response to the presence of this card in a financial reading.

If you are currently going through a tough patch financially, I am sorry to say that this card does indicate that there will be a drastic change any time soon. Instead, it reminds you to be cautious and says that you may need to be budgeting carefully to continue to survive through the tough times that are ahead of you. You may have been led to this point because of some bad decisions that you have previously made so, much like its message in other types of readings, the ace of pentacles emphasises the importance of being sure about your decision. Make sure it is what you want, not what anyone else is telling you that you want. You don’t have to make a decision immediately, just stop for that brief moment and take a breath.

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