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The Reversed Temperance is a card that stands for imbalance and excesses. When this card appears it’s a warning that there’s something off-balance in your life; which can be a conscious or unconscious choice on your part. When reversed Temperance it invites us to practice moderation and find the natural balance once again.

Reversed Temperance Description

Temperance shows us a winged angel with two cups on a creek; this angel looks androgynous making them a balance of both sexes. Their robes have a triangle inscribed on a square a symbolic representation of earth and its natural laws, as well as their importance on the lives of men. If we take a look at their pose we can see that one foot is on the water while the other remains on dry land; this represents they are present both in the material and immaterial world. The cups in the angel’s hand feature flowing water representing change and the need to be able to flow at any time. Lastly, we can see a mountain with a gold crown in the background, which stands for our journey through life towards a higher calling-

Reversed Temperance main Meaning

Reversed Temperance main section

As Temperance is a card that speaks about the importance of keeping things in moderation and balance, it shouldn’t be surprising that reversed it becomes a warning about a current imbalance in your life. The concept of imbalance can apply to many different contexts so it can be hard to pinpoint the root of the imbalance, but an honest look at your life should provide you with an answer.

This is a card that speaks about both conscious and unconscious choices so it’s important to look at both angles. On one hand, Temperance reversed can be warning you about recent voluntary excesses. Maybe you’ve been eating more than usual, going out to drink more often or you are spending more money than you should. Indulging in excess will have consequences sooner than later so it’s time to behave with moderation.

That said you may be not aware of the current imbalance affecting you but do feel the effects. If you feel stress or dread then this card is telling you to look back at the root of these feelings to find what’s the imbalance behind this feeling. The card’s overall message is to live in moderation so being able to control ourselves and our actions is key to heed the advice Temperance reversed offers.

What does Temperance Reversed Mean for Love?

In love readings, Temperance reversed represents an all-or-nothing attitude. While passion is important your attitude might be more overbearing than affectionate at this point, It’s important to be optimistic, but you shouldn’t be fully committed on a single date either. While a relationship does require passion you can’t supply love for both of you alone, and trying to overcompensate will just turn away others.

For single people, this card tends to represent an eternal chaser. Someone full of energy and drive to get in a relationship, however, this drive can ironically be their biggest disadvantage. Relationships should come naturally, and being overly pushy will just make your prospects wary. Sometimes this passion can be transmitted in more negative ways as well. Drastic reactions to one trait or attitude you don’t agree with are just as damaging. it’s important to have firm beliefs, but you’ll never meet anybody just like you in every sense; so overreacting over a simple disagreement just means you’ll be single for a long time.

For couples, this card’s imbalance can lead to fights and discussions. When a relationship is out of balance it’s easy to feel like one of you is putting more effort than the other; leading to insecurity and bitterness. Another option is that one of you feels their opinions have been undervalued which will only lead to that person being more aggressive when expressing themselves later on. All relationships require two people, and as such it’s important to find a balance to all the unique quirks and needs that both of you have.

Reversed Temperance as Feelings

An easy way to interpret Temperance reversed when asking about feelings is as a “Work in Progress”

When reversed Temperance comes up it represents someone’s whose mental landscape still needs more tuning. As Temperance is first and foremost a card about balance, when reversed it represents that there are feelings that still have to be determined and find a place. As such when you see this card you can expect a person in transition, they are starting to grasp their feelings, but it’s too soon to know where they’ll lead them. There’s a seed growing there but it’s not the time to harvest it yet.

If additional cards hint at a more negative reading then their feelings may be the ones causing an imbalance. If for example, you ask how a co-worker feels about you this card can represent that you take them out of balance. This is most common with strict or shy people, but it’s still something that they need to address. A relationship requires stability and comprehension, which can’t be gained from turbulent feelings. If you get this card yourself then it’s time you ask yourself if your current crush doesn’t hold a darker side that can hurt you in the long run.

Reversed Temperance as Advice

Temperance reversed advice yes or no

Since reversed Temperance is consistently a card about advice its message doesn’t change too much in this context. When we draw this card its main advice is simply to find our balance so that we can make the ideal choices in our life.

In a general sense reversed Temperance tells us that all our attitudes and choices in life need a balance. If we are passionate about a hobby we need to enjoy it properly but never allow it to control all of our time and finances. If you are afraid of something you don’t need to turn it into love overnight, but you can’t let it stop you either. Moderation is key in all of life’s choices and Temperance reversed reminds us to ask ourselves how balanced we are acting in reality.

When it comes to specific advice like choosing a career or partner the card doesn’t have an inherently positive or negative tone. It’s mainly telling us that we shouldn’t choose lightly and much less on impulse. Temperance reversed can be best seen as an invitation to take a pause. Rome wasn’t built on a day, and this card is telling you to analyze sincerely why you are making a choice. Provided that both your heart and mind are in agreement you’ll be able to make the right call every time.

Reversed Temperance Meaning for Job and Career

For career readings the reversed Temperance is telling you to find a balance to how you approach your work; failure to do so will affect the quality of your life and work.

Commitment is a large part of this card’s message, as it warns you of the dangers of having too much or having too little. It’s important to be responsible and dedicated to your work, but even this should have its limits. If you find yourself pulling constant all-nighters then your health will deteriorate. If you are always staying overnight then you’ll be missing priceless time with your family. On the other hand, being too lax with your work is a risk too. The most obvious consequence is quite simply getting fired, but it can also lead to you not getting promotions that your skills would allow.

At times this card appears when you have been cramming work non-stop. In these cases, it might be time to consult with your superiors or if you are self-employed to allow yourself a break. Overworking makes it easier to make mistakes, and all of these will affect the way people look at you and your work. Sometimes less work means better work, and that’s what matters in the long run.

Reversed Temperance Meaning for Money and Finance

If you see reversed Temperance in your financial readings then it’s time to reach a middle ground, you are being too frugal or too willing to expend and both are concerning. Being responsible with money is important and it will always be important no matter how much you earn. However, being overly thrifty can be a vice as well. While it’s important to save for the future and to keep a healthy wallet you are still a human being. Sometimes we need and deserve a small treat. Not being able to concede on a single cent will just be stressful and affect your mood and health.

On the flip side, it’s important to be measured when it comes to your expenses. We just said that it’s important to treat yourself every once ina while, but that can’t become a daily occurrence. If you find that every time you go out you spend more than you planned you’ll be in debt soon enough. Instant gratification can’t be more important than your plans for the future, you need to be responsible today to be at peace tomorrow.

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