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The reversed Queen of Swords stands for people whose judgment and clarity have been clouded by emotion and past events. This means that emotions are controlling your rationality and leading you astray. This card is usually associated with harsh and bitter individuals as a result of the emotional unbalance it brings.

Reversed Queen of Swords Description

The Queen of Swords shows us a strong image from the very first moment. We see the Queen firmly seated on her stone throne; her expression stern while she holds her sword and a storm lurks in the background. However, behind her intimidating figure various elements show a more compassionate and wise side. Her throne features an angel hinting at a softer side, while the butterflies on it and her crown show that she’s adaptable and willing to change. The raging winds represent the inevitability of change, but it’s not a bad omen on its own. Lastly, the extended hand represents a receiving nature, while her sword pointing to the sky shows she’s always chasing after the truth.

Reversed Queen of Swords main Meaning

Reversed Queen of swords main section

The upright Queen of Swords is a card that represents mental sharpness and clarity, as such its reversed counterpart tends to stand for clouded minds. The reversed Queen of Swords is a card that shows up when someone’s feelings are overtaking their rationality. In short, this Queen is thinking with her heart, which can be dangerous for her down the line.

Emotion plays a large role in our lives, and it’s important to be in touch with our feelings. However, when we let emotions completely dictate our actions we lose our sense of responsibility. When we led instinct take control over our common sense we can be led astray, and these choices pile up again and again causing further strife. To be the wise ruler the card shows we need to add facts and logic to our choices.

The card has often been associated with cold or mean-spirited individuals. As a result of the emotional imbalance the card represents it’s easy for people to isolate themselves from others or react harshly around those they care about. While the reversed Queen of Swords represents a phase more than a natural state of being, it’s still an issue. We shouldn’t make others pay for our mood, so make sure to take some time to think about those around you and not just your ordeals.

What does Queen of Swords Reversed Mean for Love?

In love readings, the reversed Queen of Swords is a warning that someone in your love life is embodying the traits the card represents. In other words, there’s someone emotional who’s prone to violent backlashes, dismissive responses, or manipulation. These are dangerous traits in any relationship, romantic or not. As such, the most important factor here is being able to identify the right person.

For single people, the card tends to represent an ex or themselves. If someone broke your heart or treated you like a reversed Queen would it’s important to let go. Don’t allow that person to keep hurting you especially if they already are gone, they took too much of your life already. It’s also important to let go because that pain can turn you into a reversed Queen. When we are hurt it’s all too easy to hurt other people, and the last thing you want to do is to spread the pain as that person did for you.

For people in a relationship, it’s important to be very rational, especially if conflicts have been common recently. Think back on past events and try to be as neutral as possible. What caused those fights to start? Were you being unfair? Was your partner being petty? Does it feel like something that escalated from nowhere? The thing with this card is that it doesn’t specify how many people are behaving like this, and sometimes the reversed Queen is someone outside the relationship who is causing both of you stress. So be careful and be thorough in your introspection, this isn’t the time to jump to conclusions.

Reversed Queen of Swords as Feelings

If you see the reversed Queen of Swords while doing a reading on feelings then it’s time to temper your expectations. As we’ve seen above this is a card that appears when someone’s feelings are not in order, and as a result, they often isolate themselves from others. Even if they are physically around it’s not rare for them to be emotionally unavailable. The main feeling that the card represents is “isolation” and this isn’t a good omen when reading on feelings.

It’s important to note that the reversed Queen of Swords is all about emotions even when they are being concealed, so the person in question might have strong feelings towards you. However right now what dominates their mind is an emotional conflict meaning that there’s no place for clear-cut answers in their life. This means that they need to conquer their ordeals before anything becomes clear in the cards. Being supportive can be a great start, however, take into account their current emotional state. Don’t let them hurt you in their confusion, keep in mind that their current issues are by nature very personal.

Reversed Queen of Swords as Advice

The best way to summarize the advice the reversed Queen of Swords offer is: “Think before you act”

The reversed Queen of Swords is a card that can take many forms and symptoms. Some people turn callous, others distant, while some are downright aggressive. And these attitudes can go beyond how we treat others. It’s possible to be rash while making a purchase, or isolating ourselves from business partners that offer us a great deal. At its core, all these attitudes derive from the way we are feeling and more importantly are a result of our emotions taking control of our acts.

At the end of the day, we can’t grant our emotions control over all of our acts. Emotions tend to be powerful and brief, they exist at the moment and dissipate fast, and they don’t plan for consequences. We can lose a wonderful opportunity if we allow fear to control us, hurt someone dear if our anger is speaking for us, or even lose our job if pessimism becomes our driving force.

If you were asking the cards for advice on a major choice it’s time to look back at your reasons and goals. Find if what you are about to do is based on rationality or emotion, and adjust your plans accordingly. If you were asking for advice on a more general level then the cards are likely saying that you’ve been hotheaded or impulsive and it’s time to think more about your actions.

Reversed Queen of Swords Meaning for Job and Career

The interpretation for the reversed Queen of Swords for your career is rather similar to the one it has for love. There’s an influence in your work that is acting like a reversed Queen and to handle the situation you need to be able to identify who it is.

It’s not rare to come across an overly critical or downright harsh co-worker, this is often unavoidable in our lives. When this happens don’t lower yourself to their level, this isn’t a time to be petty, but rather to prove your worth through your actions. Do your best at work and ignore the petty words. If you are efficient, smart, and kind then you’ll easily win over the people in your workplace. You might even change the mind of that reversed Queen in your life, and even if that’s not the case everybody will be on your side by this point.

However, you could very well be the reversed Queen in your office or for someone in particular. Make sure to keep in mind how you are expressing yourself, words have power and they can be hurting even when it’s not our intent. Separate your life from your work and don’t make other people pay for any possible issues you have back at home.

Reversed Queen of Swords Meaning for Money and Finance

In financial readings, the reversed Queen of Swords represents issues communicating your financial situation. You might not be in a crisis per se, but you might find yourself in an awkward place due to confusion between you and other parties. For example, someone might have asked for a loan believing that you are in a better financial position than you really are. Or maybe someone you are courting is asking for expenses that are honestly above your paygrade.

This is an interesting card because it doesn’t represent an inherent crisis or low funds. But it does show how easy it is for our finances to be affected when we overextend ourselves. You are the only person who knows how much you can spend or invest, and you shouldn’t allow yourself t go out of line. Miscommunication happens all the time and it is normal, but don’t allow these confusions to go on until they become their own kind of tax. Be honest with yourself and don’t spend any more than you can or need to.

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