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The king sits upon his throne adorned with vines. You may see him as regal, but when he is reversed, he falls from his throne. He only understands what things cost, not their value and he may have led himself to ruin. You need to change your attitude to the material world to find happiness.

Reversed King of Pentacles Description

The king is sat on a large throne that is decorated with vines. His robes match as they are also embroidered with a variety of grape vines. He holds the coin in his hand with pride and you can see his success. This is not only because of the beauty of his throne and robes, but because of the flourishing castle that stands strong and tall in the background. This sophisticated man is clearly proud of the effort that he has put in and also, the rewards that he now reaps. However, once he is reversed, the castle is turned on its head and so is the king, who will now proceed to topple from his throne.

King of Pentacles Reversed main Meaning

Reversed King of pentacles main section

If the king is reversed, then he has fallen from his throne. It is likely the case that the king represents you rather than someone else in your life. There have been negative feelings that have likely caused bad decisions to be made. Some of these decisions may include gambling and overindulgence in luxuries. It is also likely that you are decided the value of something purely based on its cost. Whilst higher costs tend to equal higher values in the capitalist mindset, it means that you are not valuing things that are important to life that are without cost. Time spent with your loved ones does not have a price and has a much higher value than anything that you can buy.

It is quite possible that you may not be feeling happy because you are focusing on how others view you. You may be thinking that if people see you as rich and powerful, that you will find happiness in their views, but this is not the case. Your happiness is not authentic, and it will not be until you look at your materialism in a holistic light. Also, you should be careful not to repeat the mistakes of the king and cause yourself financial loss. Spending money to improve how others view you will only cause you problems in the future and it will not get you closer to happiness.

What does the Reversed King of Pentacles Mean for Love?

Whilst the king often reflects you, in a reading concerning romance he may well be representing someone else. Perhaps your current partner or maybe a future partner that you are soon to meet. And as well as being a representation, he is also a warning. The king is someone who will do anything to get material resources and wealth so that he can be seen as successful by his peers. You need to careful that someone is not trying to do this to you. A partner may try to use you for your wealth or possessions. If this is a case, there is a chance that they may not even realise that they are doing this. You may wish to have a talk with them to discuss what they have been going through and how they can get back on their feet.

If you are single, be careful who you meet. This card is saying that it is likely someone is going to try and take advantage of you. Make sure that the people you meet are genuine before getting into a serious relationship or commitment with them. And also, do not become the king yourself. Meeting someone purely to gain more wealth and possessions is not a good idea, it will likely backfire, and it is also not something that will bring you closer to genuine happiness.

Reversed King of Pentacles as Feelings

This card often represents the negative feelings that may be taking over you and causing you to get into some bad habits. In your search for happiness, you may be becoming greedy and selfish but neither of these things will actually help you in your search for joy. Being materialistic is not something that will help you to be happy in the long run and you need to try and not focus on your desires for luxuries. People may see you as powerful and successful, but you will not feel these things yourself and until you focus on genuine happiness, you will feel unfulfilled and continue to long for more materialistic possessions.

Reversed King of Pentacles as Advice

The advice from this card is relatively simple and it can be applied to many different aspects of your life. Re-evaluate. You need to look at your goals, both your short term and your long-term goals. It is likely that your actions of the present are not actually helping you to get closer to your long-term goals. You also need to look at why these are your goals and whether they are what you truly want. Are these goals here to make you happy or to make the people who see you think that you are happy? It is important to make sure that you are working towards the right things otherwise your effort will be wasted and any rewards that you gain will not actually make you happy.

Reversed King of Pentacles as a Meaning for Job and Career

It is possible that you have been going through a rough time with your work, it is possible that you may have even lost a job. However, if you are feeling un-motivated then there is no surprise that the quality of your work may be declining. There may be a few kings in the midst of your colleagues, and you need to try to avoid engaging with them. Involving yourself in their greedy and selfish schemes will only come back to bite you. Rather than engaging with them, you should instead focus on your work and do it to the best of your abilities. Letting these people drag you down may cost you a promotion that you have been looking for or make your job more difficult.

No matter what difficult situation you are in at work, this card gives similar advice. Keep your head down and focus on your own job. If you do this then the hardship of your work will soon pass, and it will get back to the way it used to be.

Reversed King of Pentacles as a Meaning for Money and Finance

This card indicates that you may have been making some bad decisions with your finances and these decisions are now starting to take effect. Have you been gambling or spending your money on luxuries that you don’t need? You may be doing this so that people view you in a better light, but this will not be the case. People who care about you do not care about your possessions, but they are concerned with how you may be falling into a bad financial situation.

Alternatively, have you been hoarding? People do not view you as powerful for hoarding your wealth and sometimes flaunting it. They actually begin to view you in a negative light because these actions have begun to show your greed and selfishness. This is not to say that you should just give away all of your money to the people around you. Instead, you just need to be a little less high strung about your money. Becoming a bit more relaxed and focusing on the genuine value of something, rather than just its cost will get you much closer to happiness than hoarding your wealth did. If you show your willingness to change and not focus so much on your greed then people will start to view you in a more positive light, as you wanted them to in the first place.

Reversed King of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Will I be rich?’

If this card has appeared as an answer to this question, then the first thing to note is that you are very clearly set on being rich. The likelihood, however, is that you will not become rich. Gambling and flaunting your wealth through material goods are not things that will help you to become rich. If you spend your time hoarding your wealth, then it is possible that you will manage to become rich. But you won’t become rich in the truest sense. You may be rich in coin and have overflowing finances, but this does not equal happiness. The people you care about will not respect you for your wealth, but they will instead view you as greedy and in a more negative light. You can therefore be rich in your money, but you will not be rich in your heart.

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