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The reversed Six of Wands mainly represents a lack of internal conviction and self-belief. it’s a card that shows a person’s inner doubt in his abilities even if the world keeps proving to them they are worth the effort. It can also represent a losing battle or upcoming disappointments when it comes to your personal goals.

Reversed Six of Wands Description

The Six of Wands shows a man riding a horse, he’s victorious and stands tall and proud as he continues his march. The man is carrying a wand in his hand which comes with a victory wreath, while he wears a laurel crown. In the background five other figures with wands accompany him, going at his pace and walking alongside him in celebration.

The card showcases an individual that is succeeding on his journey and isn’t afraid to show it nor share it with the world. The man believes in his abilities and he is celebrated because of them. In fact, the crowd itself is as joyous as he is over his accomplishments.

Reversed Six of Wands main Meaning

Reversed 6 of wands main section

There are two main reversed Six of Wands tarot card meanings you can read from this unique card. The first one refers to self-esteem and self-confidence. Where the upright Six of Wands shows deep confidence in your achievements and skills its reversed counterpart is the complete opposite. People who get this card might be feeling lacking in one or various aspects of their life. They might feel their achievements or gifts aren’t worth mentioning or making a big show about. And this can be the case even if they have achieved success recently, as in this reading the card mainly talks about inner feelings and not outside results.

Of course, since this is the reverse of a card about victory a reversed Six of Wands can also be a warning about an upcoming defeat or disappointment. Regardless this personal defeat will nonetheless come from that rooted insecurity. The reversed Six of Wands is a card that tells you that your sense of worth and recognition needs some tuning. It’s a card that first and foremost invites you to recognize that you have many skills and abilities that are unique to yourself and have already helped you reach countless goals. With some more confidence and trust in yourself you’ll be able to succeed once again and celebrate it with others this time.

What does Six of Wands Reversed Mean for Love?

For people in a relationship, the reversed Six of Wands tends to be a bad omen and one that advises you to pay more attention to each other moving forward. When you get this reading in regards to a relationship it’s usually a sign that one or both of you might feel certain aspects are coming short. It could be that your dreams aren’t being properly supported in the relationship. Or maybe previously existing insecurities are taking hold and affecting the mood between you. On its own the card doesn’t have to be a red flag, but it’s important to listen to it and think deeply about any possible issues that might arise. Relationships are built on trust and respect so work with each other to iron out any possible issues.

For those of you that are single, the card is telling you that it’s your insecurity that is keeping you single. It’s important to remember that the reversed Six of Wands doesn’t mean that you lack any traits that might make you a good match. The card is telling you that you do have valuable things to offer to the world, but can’t see them yourself due to doubt and insecurity. Start working on how you see yourself, and this way you’ll be able to meet potential suitors.

Reversed Six of Wands as Feelings

When asking for someone’s feelings in regards to you the reversed Six of Wands is a card that has multiple connotations. If the reading is about someone that you are just recently meeting they may not value you as highly as you would wish. While this doesn’t mean any inherent ill-will, the card does tend to imply a lack of perceived importance or relevance. However, the meaning can change considerably if you are asking for someone closer to your life. In this context, the card can mean a temporary distance, due to their circumstances. There might be something they are in conflict about, even if you aren’t directly tied to it and they’ll need to come to terms with their feelings before letting people in.

When using this card to read about your feelings you need to be very introspective. The card can easily mean that there’s a real connection but something inside you is still doubting or ashamed of it. There are various reasons that this can happen, ranging from the circumstances you met each other or your doubts. The card can also mean that you aren’0t sure how to progress with this person, while getting closer to them is positive in your books that doesn’t mean you are sure just how far you want this to go.

Reversed Six of Wands as Advice

The reversed Six of Wands is by default a card that is advising you to trust yourself more and live more brightly, so getting it when asking for advice should be no reason to worry. At its core its main message never changes, you have the skills and gifts the world needs, but you need to trust in them. Getting this card means that you have the tools needed to keep going and succeed in your goals but your attitude still needs some tuning.

A good idea when you get this card is to go talk over your issues with someone else. After all, you are physically ready for the task, but someone’s support might be that push your self-confidence needs to conquer everything in front of you.

This card can also mean that there are issues with the way you are approaching a problem. Whatever is in front of you has a solution and it’s achievable, but you need to reconsider how you are dealing with it. Don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board, there are always new perspectives that can simplify any problem. The reversed Six of Wands reminds you that you are talented, but you need to focus your feelings and energy the right way to finally succeed.

Reversed Six of Wands Meaning for Job and Career

When it comes to your job and career the reversed Six of Wands usually talks about underachievement. Of course, this underachievement doesn’t have to be intentional, but the card is not the best omen in this context nonetheless. Your co-workers are getting promoted over you? Do you find that your projects tend to fall short of the mark? You find work to be too competitive? The reversed Six of Wands can be a warning of these issues by themselves, as isolated incidents. But it can also show an underlying problem. Lack of drive or anxiety can cause you to underperform regardless of your real skills.

A good message to get from this card when it comes to your work ethic is to be a leader and not a follower. Not every day at work will be great, sometimes things won’t go as you want, but the right attitude can go a long way. Recover that drive that made you start on this line of work. Trust in your skills and instinct and start working once again with passion. If you work confidently you’ll work better, and this means you’ll see better results soon enough. Just trust yourself and don’t allow opportunities to simply pass by you.

Reversed Six of Wands Meaning for Money and Finance

The reversed Six of Wands traditionally represents an economic downturn, but one that isn’t unexpected. This card usually shows up after something has already started to affect your finances, and as such it’s often an easy card to interpret. Have any investments gone south recently? Did you have any large expenses lately? Has your salary been compromised? More often than not it’s easy to find the key culprit for this downturn, and since the card talks about specific events it’s not an omen of things to come, rather it’s a reminder of what’s currently going on.

If there isn’t an obvious cause for this downturn then it’s time to take a closer look at your finances. Maybe various responsibilities are causing a small dwindling that is beginning to escalate. Various small expenses can snowball into larger numbers, and it’s important to identify them. This card invites you to pay closer attention to where your money is going and take better control of it. The reversed Six of Wands does not have to mean a crisis, nor does it mean things will get worse. But drawing this card is a reminder that some things demand immediate attention to ensure nothing gets out of control.

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