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The Queen of Cups in reverse represents a weaker female soul. There is much insecurity in her heart, inflicted by bad events or trauma of the past. This has led to an air of immaturity within, as the struggle to cope in adult situations is born from little support or encouragement. Much learning is to be done at this stage of your life journey. Do you hold on, or do you find the courage to let go of the pain and grow?

Reversed Queen of Cups Description

The Queen of Cups in reverse is firmly in charge of her emotions as she sits atop her throne in a sea of feelings. She is the ruler of her own land, allowing the knowledge from the cup she holds to feed her soul and grow intently. Alone she sits, she is wise enough to separate herself from outside sources. This shows a strong woman, in charge of her mind and how it operates and not allowing minor things to sidestep her. As the Queen is reversed, we see a much more immature soul, unable to cope with feelings on a deep level and being sucked into weak or needy behaviour.

Reversed Queen of Cups main Meaning

Reversed Queen of cups main section

The Queen of Cups in reverse appears stricken with her own demons. These are conveyed in your current life and although you may be hesitant in admitting these things about yourself, you do have to start looking and wondering where things are going wrong. After all – it is only you who can fix them. We all need to pay close attention to ourselves from time to time, and figure out ways to become the best versions of ourselves.

The most important factor here is going to most likely cause you great pain even just mentioning it but, dear soul, whatever is causing you pain and sadness, you have to let go of it. Trapped trauma rots inside the body and is exposed as unhealthy symptoms. Relieve that by spending time on yourself and ensuring communication you have with others is both sincere and clear.

What Does Queen of Cups Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Queen of Cups – Meaning For Love Relationships

You are allowing the past to manifest as a present situation. Do you ever feel constantly reminded of bad things that happened to you? Do you use any excuse to be offended by the actions of others because it slightly resembles an unfortunate past encounter? In doing this, you are killing all chance and hope of future love. Nobody should be reminded of what has been and gone because there is nothing you can do about it. Make it your priority to overcome these otherwise you will forever be alone.

Reversed Queen of Cups – Love Reconciliation

I would like to think there is always hope for a reconciliation because where love lives, hope lives. The only problem you have, is the relentless and unruly emotions that you cannot grasp and contain. One moment you are happy and the next you have found something to be angry about. This isn’t how life or love should be and as you approach each other with pending hope that you can reconnect, there needs to be a serious adjustment within you in order to be able to make it work.

Reversed Queen of Cups – Marriage?

I don’t see the possibility of a successful marriage here at this time. Marriage, as you know, is not some pipe dream. It isn’t something we do until we are bored then break from because it doesn’t suit, it is for a life. Ensure your values are strong and your insecurities swiftly dealt with before you can even think of entering into a committed union. Until you can do this, I see little hope for you ever gaining a life partner this way.

Reversed Queen of Cups as Feelings

Feelings For You

As you focus on your own shortcomings, there are souls out there who care deeply for you. It may come as shock, as you sit swirling in your own supposed misfortunes and recklessly sabotage key areas of your world, but people do still care, and one in particular cares a great amount. In return, this soul is getting very little from you, namely the inability to stand up and join them in this wonderful opportunity.

In extending a little understanding as to how others cope and deal with positive emotions, it would be extremely wise to learn from them in how they act accordingly. Be inspired by the gestures of others, knowing it will lead to much light and happiness, and don’t allow your weaknesses to define you.

Feelings for Someone

Are you sure they are there? I’m surprised you’ve even acknowledged them, because in doing so, you are admitting you have a weakness, rather than forever trying to use them negatively in your life such as pushing people away or interfering with fate and timing. These shallow actions won’t draw people towards you, whether in love or friendship.

When you radiate positivity, others notice. Light moths to a flame, they come to you, wanting to be in your light and walk with you. Self contained feelings are of no use to anybody and instead simply waste away. That isn’t what you want to happen here, I know it. So instead, think about how you want to attract this soul to you. As you are now, it will not happen.

Reversed Queen of Cups as Advice

Does He Think About Me?

It is more wondering than thinking. His thoughts are on you, yes, but he spends his time wondering how to connect. Is there somebody else under that veil of insecurity that is worth getting to know? Can he know that time spent approaching you will not be time wasted? In my mind, the two of you would make a great team, but not as you are. Realise that anger does not solve anything and working on letting go of grudges you have carried for too long are promising first steps to a flourishing union.

Is He Cheating?

Sometimes, we all need someone to lean on. In times of stress or discomfort, we need another to carry the burden. This does not need to be a full blown affair, but it can be a friend who offers something you don’t and that is the ability to remain calm in a crisis, listen and support. These traits are priceless when it comes to forging trust and reliability. The trouble is, you want these things but you don’t know how to go about expressing them. Maybe what is happening, is the need to be heard, rather than your casual, physical cheating scenario that breaks hearts and boundaries.

Is He Right For Me?

Does it matter? If you are just going to write him off anyway and use him as another example that nothing goes right for you, does it truly matter if he is right for you or not? If it was never your intention to see a true heart, a true love and a true soul coming your way and offering security only to be let down, what good is this answer for you? The only way you will know, is if you commit to hard work on improving yourself.

Reversed Queen of Cups Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

There are lots of things you love to do, but nothing is really tapped into. You may like to dabble in a little writing, or a bit of holistic therapy. You may also love the idea of gardening or working in a school, but without exploring anything, you won’t fully know what to invest your time into. I say this because I know that you are actually great at several things and to be able to pick up something and learn it with ease is incredibly admirable. But what is it that really gets you going. I know you are leaning towards a creative aspect of the work place.

Should I Change Careers?

It is so easy for you to drop something, walk away and start again somewhere totally different. You adapt well but when things don’t go your way, you up and leave. Equally if a chance to learn comes along, you back off, stating it is too much and you break free from this responsibility. Why is that? Self believe is one of the foundational qualities of life. Without it, we merely float along not really being seen or heard. Change careers if it gives you the knowledge and devotion you deserve to work up the ladder, not as avoidance.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

You circle money with an immature head on your shoulders. You want to pounce on it, grab it all with both hands and feel proud of your achievements, You do this because you feel weak, or less of a person without it. Why is that? Money isn’t the be all and end all, but you act as if you need lots of it to be happy. What are you trying to cover up? Again – insecurities cannot be hidden, no matter how big the pile of cash is.

Reversed Queen of Cups Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

Everything in my soul is telling me NOT to allow you to freely go and borrow money. You most likely will stamp and stomp until you get your own way, but will that make people suddenly feel confident about lending you anything? If it does one thing, it will deter people from reaching into their pockets. If you want money, you are going to have to learn to earn and save by yourself. This may be a good chance to show people how adult you can be.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

By ensuring you write down all the things you need for your home, before you start dreaming about corner bars for the lounge or fairy lights for the garden. Home restorations are serious business and as you tackle each room with a real budget and head for sold plans, you will soon then be able to treat yourself to the sweet things that make a house a home.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

You seem to be taken advantage of, and I don’t like that. Lending money comes with a huge deal of responsibility and I don’t think you are the master of asking for that back. Often in your life, you dish out loans and things turn quite toxic and hurtful when you need it back. So why loan it in the first place? Nobody likes drama, and you should be feeling that too. Take a step back and hold on to your purse rather than using money offers to become grudges against people.

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