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This card is of a man, juggling two coins. He is able to balance them until they are turned and become overwhelming. There are many aspects of your life that these coins can represent, not just finance. But it may be time to sort out what you’re juggling.

Reversed Two of Pentacles Description

In the centre of this card is a man with two coins. They balance perfectly in his hands, although when he is upside down, they might just fall. The sea is in the background, with boats bobbing along in the waves. Everything is calm and balanced but when the boats get flipped some of them might just lose their way. The reversal of this card does not mean there is pure chaos, but it means the balancing act becomes that little bit more difficult.

Reversed Two of Pentacles main Meaning

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Whilst this card usually relates to being able to balance different aspects of your life, in reverse it shows that this balancing is not as easy as you may think and that you may have put too much in your hands. Much like this man is about to drop the coins in his hands, the stress of having too many commitments may cause you to drop the ball in aspects of your life.

If you feel as though you are not over-committed and have great control over a certain aspect of your life, then this may actually be your problem. Focusing too much on one part of your life can cause you to neglect other parts of your life. This causes unrest and disrupts the balance of your lifestyle. It may be time to back up a little bit and focus on the neglected parts of your life.

What Does Two of Pentacles Reversed Mean for Love?

In a romantic reading, this card still largely represents disrupted balance and overcommitment. There are many aspects that this can relate to in a relationship. You may be neglecting your partner because of other commitments that you have going on in your life. Or alternatively, you may be putting so much into your relationship that you are neglecting other aspects of your life. It is easy to fall into the trap of investing a lot of time in a new relationship, but make sure you don’t get so caught up in it that you lose the other aspects of yourself. Don’t neglect your hobbies or other friends just because someone new has come along. It is very easy to get into this habit without realising and this card is a simple reminder of that.

Revered Two of Pentacles as an Answer for ‘Should I break up with them?’

It is very rare for this card to appear in a romantic reading with a clear answer of yes or no. But looking at what it means in a general romance reading, we may be able to answer this question. If you are wondering if your relationship is working out, then you need to look at why you have these doubts. Is your relationship being neglected, and if so, is that because of you or your partner? There is a strong possibility that the other commitments in your life mean that you don’t have time for a relationship or that you have let the spark dwindle. Alternatively, this may be the case for your partner. You may feel as though they are not putting in the effort. This card tells you not to make any rash decisions but instead to discuss and evaluate. Look at all the other things happening in yours and your partners life and discuss if you are in a place where you can be in a relationship without neglecting it.

Reversed Two of Pentacles as Feelings

Many times, the reversed cards have connotations with negative emotions. This is the case with the two of pentacles. Often it relates to feelings of being overwhelmed and sometimes confused. The good news is that usually these feelings can be managed with some simple juggling. Simply managing the different aspects of your life and looking where you need to decrease and increase your time can help to alleviate these feelings. Personally, if this card comes up, I like to make a list or a mind-map of everything happening in my life so that I can clearly see what needs my input and what does not. Doing this helps me to see all the aspects of my life and identify clearly what is giving me the feelings of anxiety and that way, I am better able to deal with them. Everyone has a different method for dealing with these feelings, but if you are confused and don’t believe yourself to be currently overwhelmed then this card is a warning that you soon might be.

Reversed Two of Pentacles as Advice

If you are wanting advice on any kind of topic, the reversed two of pentacles has a very applicable and general meaning. Look at your commitments. In love, are you feeling committed to more than one person? With a career, are you committing to too many projects? In terms of finance, are you investing money in multiple things? The chances are that whatever you are asking for advice on, you are overcommitted to something in that area. So, what should you do if that is the case?

Take a step back and look at all of your commitments. See which ones are causing you distress and see which ones you are investing too much time in. In an upright position, the two of pentacles is all about balance but when it is reversed it shows a clear lack of balance in your lifestyle. It might be a simple remedy to fix this, or it may take time but either way, this card is telling you that you need to look at how to change your habits before you work yourself into an anxious and overwhelmed state.

Reversed Two of Pentacles Meaning for Job and Career

There are several different ways that this card can be applied to your career situation. The easiest way to find its meaning is to reflect on that situation. It is likely that this card has appeared because you are either investing in too many different work projects and have become over committed and unable to perform. Or, you have spent so much time investing in other aspects of your life that you have been neglecting your work and career and it is starting to have a negative impact in your life.

Whilst work is very important, it is not more important than your mental state and health. Though it is easier said than done, it might be time to start saying ‘no’ when you are asked to do extra work. If you don’t have the time, then your work ability will not be at its highest standard. You’ll start to drop the ball more and this will not help in any way if you are feeling overwhelmed. Doing the difficult thing of explaining the situation is likely to bring the better outcome for everyone involved and help you find that love for your career that you once held.

Reversed Two of Pentacles Meaning for Money and Finance

Have you recently found that you are struggling to keep hold of your money, no matter what kind of budgeting you are doing? That is not surprising if this card has appeared in your reading. Like with other aspects of your life, you need to take the time and plan out your money. Look at everything you are spending on and categorise it into bills, groceries, luxuries etc. You may need to start cutting down on things you don’t particularly want to. But sadly, that might be the best way to get you through this tough time. You need to look at things such as a streaming service subscription and think about if it is really something that you need at this time.

Please do not think that this card is here to criticise you, it is here to help. But sometimes in order to help you have to hear things that you don’t want to hear. You should not let your life be manipulated by money, but you need to remember that keeping some for emergencies is still important.

Reversed Two of Pentacles as an Answer for ‘What should I Invest in?’

This card is actually saying to you that maybe now is not the best time for an investment. Do you often invest in risky ventures with your money such as stocks or betting? If so, you may need to pull out of those habits. It would be just wonderful if tarot cards could give you the winning lottery numbers, but that isn’t how they work. Right now, if money is tight, you need to start being sensible with it. Work out an affordable budget rather than investing in risky ventures. If you invest your money in too many things then it can easily become a problem and may, quite often, rear back round to bite you.

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