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The Reversed Wheel of Fortune is a warning about the bad luck that is coming your way. The Wheel of Fortune is always turning and when Reversed it can be a foreboding omen of bad luck. However, even when fate and fortune turn the other way, you have control over the situation. The Wheel of Fortune Reversed is a powerful reminder that you can change your luck.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune Description

The Wheel of Fortune is a card that is covered in a lot of symbology, and that makes it one of the most layered cards in the deck. The central piece of the card is the wheel itself, with detailed carvings on its design. Four Hebrew letters are inscribed in it, which together form the word YHVH, the name of God in old Israeli tradition. Four letters are also inscribed on it: T, A, R, and O. Reading them in order gives us both the word Rota (Latin for wheel) and Tarot. The inscriptions are completed with alchemical symbols that represent creation. Altogether the wheel comes across as a powerful and unavoidable force of nature.

A sphinx, Anubis, and a snake ride on the edge of the wheel, representing the wisdom of the gods, our worldly life, and the underworld. As the wheel spins only one of them can remain at the top, everchanging ike our luck. Lastly, the four figures on the corners of the card represent Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Together they show us that even despite constant change some stability will always be present.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune main Meaning

Reversed Wheel of Fortune main section

The Reversed Wheel of Fortune is a powerful card, and it must be interpreted correctly to make sure it doesn’t impact heavily on your life. At its core, the Reversed Wheel of Fortune is a card that stands for a change in our luck, particularly our bad luck. This means that it can be an omen of trying times that are soon coming your way.

However, it is important to remember that the Wheel of Fortune is always moving and good and bad luck is just on different ends of the wheel. The challenging times coming your way won’t last forever, and can even be mitigated. When this card appears you must look closely at your situation and start thinking of measures to control the situation. “Bad luck” is often the result of our choices, and as such, it can be controlled. Are your debts catching up to you? Find some reasonable payment methods. Is your health deteriorating? Take some time for yourself and allow your body to rest. Life will always be changing, but we can prepare for these moments.

Alternatively, for people who already are in a rough spot, the Reversed Wheel of Fortune is an indicator that their fortune will turn around. Usually, this comes in the form of self-realization or new habits. But it’s a great omen that will breathe new life in your days.

What does Wheel of Fortune Reversed Mean for Love?

For those of you that are single, the Wheel of Fortune Reversed should be seen as an opportunity to grow and learn. Despite your best attempts to find love fortune just seems to be going against you every step of the way. But how much of this is due to chance and how much comes down to you? More often than not certain habits or attitudes can be affecting your romantic prospects. Unresolved feelings from past relationships might be affecting you unconsciously. Or you might be keeping people away because deep down you aren’t sure what you are looking for in a partner. Luck will change on its own as it always does, but your limits can only be changed if you discover them.

For those in a relationship, the Wheel of Fortune Reversed represents a period of change and maybe even struggle, but this is a natural process. All relationships change with time, this is both natural and healthy. And what you might have perceived as a rut or conflict is just another step in the work in progress all relationships are. Don’t take any drastic measures and take your time to see how things progress. Change can be challenging, but it’s needed for your relationship to grow.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune as Feelings

Interestingly despite the constant message of movement and change the Wheel of Fortune brings, when this card is Reversed on a matter of feelings it tends to represent a feeling of stagnation. In short, as Fortune isn’t going their way, the person in question feels stuck, even if in reality they are in a period of change.

If you see this card when asking for someone else feelings then they are likely still reminiscing. They had grand plans and dreams, likely with someone else in the past. But these ideas and hopes didn’t turn out and now they are in a grieving process so to say. Fortune won’t change for them until they decide to take a step forward, so be supportive and focus on their needs.

Now if the Reversed Wheel of Fortune appears as your feelings you probably feel stuck in the proverbial “Hamster wheel”. There’s likely someone in your life that you can’t get past. Maybe you want to get closer to them or forget them altogether, but one way or the other as much as you try to advance nothing changes. It’s important to remember that people won’t change on their own. Think about the source of your feelings and what can you do to change them from the inside. You can’t control other people but you can change the way you feel about them.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune as Advice

Wheel of Fortune reversed advice yes or no

When it comes to advice the Reversed Wheel of Fortune takes on a similar tone as it does when asking for feelings. If you see the Wheel of Fortune Reversed then the card is likely warning you about how you are feeling stuck. As such it’s important to look back at your question and seriously ask yourself why did you ask it. Is it a drastic plan to finally break out of the current situation? Are you doubling down on your current pattern due to insecurity? It’s best to look at this card as a recommendation to align your feelings and plans. Make sure that the question you had in mind will help you move forward, and that it’s not an impulsive reaction, nor one born out of fear. If your goals and feelings are aligned you will know that it’s the right call.

Alternatively, if you are feeling confident and there’s no feeling of stagnation then the Wheel of Fortune Reversed is a more traditional warning. As the sphinx goes down the snake rises and so on. Every action in your life will have a reaction, and that’s what the card is trying to warn you about. You need to seriously consider how this choice will affect your life, because acting on your guts alone cab heavily impact your life. Take a step back and be rational, don’t leap before thinking.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune Meaning for Job and Career

On a career reading the Wheel of Fortune Reversed can be a bad omen, but it’s first a foremost a reminder to let go. When this card appears it tends to represent a chaotic pace or a constantly fluctuating work life. It could be in the small details, constant blackouts, internet failures, or your PC might break. But it can also represent major changes like your company being bought, changing offices or even moving away for your work.

In career readings, the Reversed Wheel of Fortune tends to spin at full speed, but what matters is how you handle it. Are the current changes as bad as they seem? All changes will come with setbacks, but the pros might outweigh the cons in the long run. Ultimately your priority is to understand this process and take a stance on it. If these changes are temporary or will be for the best then it’s time to flow with them. It might be hard at first, but things will work out soon enough.

On the other hand, if the changes are largely negative, it’s time to keep a cool head. The current set of changes will stabilize soon enough, so don’t fight them as they happen. Instead, focus on what choices led to this result, and plan how to get past this hurdle. You might need to change your approach to business or your career, but in due time the Wheel of Fortune will favor you.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune Meaning for Money and Finance

When it comes to your finances the Reversed Wheel of Fortune is mostly a reminder. A reminder that fortune itself can change at any time, and this goes both ways. Are your finances tight right now? A new opportunity could be arriving soon, and these trying times will become a matter of the past. But on the other hand, a financial challenge can also appear when you least expect it and turn your life upside down.

So if you are struggling it’s time to add some positivity to your days, nothing in life is eternal and there is a solution waiting for you. But if you are doing well you should keep some extra funds just in case. Our expenses shouldn’t increase at the same rate our income does, and it’s always a good idea to have money to rely on in case of an emergency.

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