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The Nine of Cups in reverse is one of the least lucky to pull in a reading. With its nod to failure and pain, it represents the darkness of your present day and the difficulties that surround your current situation. You feel despondent, down and soulless, with your illusions of a better, more secure life temporarily on hold.

Reversed Nine of Cups Description

The Nine of Cups depicts nine cups sitting in a row,almost as if being shown off. Below seats a crossed armed man, proud of his riches and triumphant in success. He has accomplishment much in life, and the nine cups are representative of that all. When we turn the card into reverse, we begin to see something much darker. What is there to show off, if nothing is available? The Nine of Cups flips all hope on its tail, resulting in shattered reams and destructive patterns of behaviour.

Reversed Nine of Cups main Meaning

Reversed 9 of cups main section

The Nine of Cups in reverse represents a heavy, grey cloud above you at this time, resulting in feeling an incredible amount of pain, stemming from rejection or failure. You are unhappy, and all the pieces of your puzzle are either broken or missing. It feels as though life cannot be restored due to the negative storms surrounding you.

How did you get here? It can be so easy to reflect ad see where it all went wrong, and in hindsight it needn’t be this way, but hindsight is a wonderful thing, dear soul and I know you are destined for greater things, once this low has passed. Your dreams can still be your dreams, even though it feels as if your world has shattered into a million pieces.

What Does Nine of Cups Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Nine of Cups – Meaning For Love Relationships

As you are probably aware, this love has faded. Not only has it faded, the ending has caused you great pain and confusion. When something huge rocks our world, it can cause our internal coping system to be thrown into chaos, so it is also likely that this loss is creating sleepless nights as you try to come to terms with this irreversible sadness. There are better days ahead, of that I can assure you. You aren’t seeing it at the moment, but have faith.

Reversed Nine of Cups – Love Reconciliation

There will be no reconciling here, dear soul. What you need to consider is your health, mentally and physically. Trying to gain something already lost is wasted time and wasted energy. As a result your reserves are on empty and you have not much left to give. You must take this opportunity to recharge for your next exciting chapter. Love lives on in your future, but as pasts go, this one must stay there, with the door shut and locked.

Reversed Nine of Cups – Marriage?

You were expecting a prince, a castle and forever happiness, weren’t you? I know what it can feel like to look at your life on the horizon and know exactly with whom you will spend it with, only to have it all change. This doesn’t mean you won’t get married one day with the right person, but here at this point in time, the likelihood is very low. Keep hoping for better times, they are on their way.

Reversed Nine of Cups as Feelings

Feelings For You

The Nine of Cups in reverse signals a great deal of loss. When it comes to new beginnings, I don’t like to rule out the possibility of a hopeful one, and so the meaning changes lightly here. Nothing is ending, but there is conflict with this persons feelings for you. Maybe they are confused, maybe things are happening too quickly, or perhaps you aren’t quite ready to hear of these feelings.

What is needed here is time. Lots of it if need be, but time is crucial for things happening at he right time. No point in rushing something only to have it fall apart before it had a chance to even come together, so ensure you are aware of any reservations, and wait. You are unlikely to be a fan of waiting, but it will be well worth it!

Feelings for Someone

Whilst it may have ended abruptly, your feelings cannot just disappear into the night. Don’t allow them to eat away at your well being, because when negativity takes a hold on someone, it can be very hard to peel it away and get ride of it. Those feelings will fade as you work out your own journey forward.

When considering approaching somebody new, I ask of you to be cautious. Not because of the soul being incompatible, just because life can appear so raw, and when that happens, we need time to heal. This isn’t just you, but others out there too. Keep calm in new situations, and allow nature to develop in its own time.

Reversed Nine of Cups as Advice

Does He Think About Me?

You are working hard to get him to notice you, that is true enough. You perhaps feel insecure and don’t know how he will react if you just come out and tell him you are thinking of him, but it won’t end well if you forever dance around your desires. In order to manifest thoughts, you need to be present enough to give a person memories of you that are kind and loving. Things are not going the way you want but that can change overnight if you gave it enough time.

Is He Cheating?

The soul you thought you were in a loving union with, is causing you great pain and insecurity, with little thought to how you are feeling. If you allow it, these sort of traumatic events can make a real dent in your life and leave you with great stress. As you attach yourself to this heartache, you are setting yourself up for a longer period of recovery. Know in your heart what is happening, and walk away, I beg of you.

Is He Right For Me?

We all make mistakes. Sometimes they are small and easily corrected and other times, they can change the course of our future. What is in your hands at the moment, is the power to use this moment to forge a positive path ahead for you. If you are seeing red flags, it’s because they are being waved in your face left, right and centre. That is enough in itself to know you are dicing with disaster.

Reversed Nine of Cups Meaning For Job and Career

What Is My Dream Job?

Ideally, you would be in a place where nothing changes. You clock in, you type what you need to, you answer the phones if need be and you go home. My first thought is working in some kind of library or comparable place of peace. I see you suited to calm, effortlessly knowing your way around a building or room, and thriving in this area. This is something to consider in your present life, as you struggle to cope with much more change.

Should I Change Careers?

I feel as if the Nine of Cups in reverse is informing you to step away from anything new, especially if it involves deadlines or making promises. I don’t think you will never be suited to this, but I do feel now isn’t the time. Instead, try something a little more serene for a real life improving situation. Playing it safe doesn’t mean you have failed, it just means you are giving yourself a moment of still in a crazy, fast paced world.

What Career Should I Avoid?

You aren’t happy, and stress is a leading factor in your sleepless nights. You may lay awake wondering how and why a place of work could create such negative energy within you, but it is totally possible when you thoughtlessly work your way into misery. How did I get here? That isn’t relevant. What matters is how you get out, and how quickly. Avoid anything that accompanies stress or sadness.

Reversed Nine of Cups Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

The Nine of Cups in reverse is really no keen on you borrowing anything at the moment. If you absolutely have no choice, stick with the people you love and trust the most and avoid banks at all costs. You may think it’s a good idea now, but in six months time when you have to start paying it back, you will regret borrowing every single penny.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

I would advise you to think about how you have got here. If it is needless spending on items you ‘had to have’ at the time, then saving for anything is going to be disastrous because you won’t be able to help yourself. First, and this is a big ask, ensure you are spending responsibly. Those dollars, pennies and pounds aren’t going to save themselves and you’ll only feel guilty about disposing of the money instead of investing it into your house.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

The bottom line is, you won’t get it back. This isn’t because people will forget or fall out with you, because you are a dear soul with a big heart. You will simply be pouring money into a person who cannot and does not have the means to return it to your pocket at a later date. Don’t feel disheartened at this, because it is important to support those we love. Instead might I suggest other forms of support and showing you care. Offer your time or workmanship as opposed to cash that will only be frittered away.

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