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The Six of Cups reversed represents a brand new dimension of good luck. This revolves around the maturing of your soul and saying goodbye to habits and behaviors that no longer serve the new, wise you. As a result, you will gain new people into your life, but undoubtedly also lose some. You are urged to celebrate new relations rather than mourn old losses.

Reversed Six of Cups Description

The Six of Cups depicts one child handing a cup of filled with flowers to another. Surrounding them both are five more cups of the same. The children are placed in the setting of some sort of castle, highlighting just how safe and secure they are. With children in the card in this way, it is notable to point out the innocence element if it was upright, but in reverse, it takes on a whole new meaning

Reversed Six of Cups main Meaning

Reversed 6 of cups main section

The Six of Cups in reverse, if pulled out in your reading, is something to be very proud of indeed. The proof that you have come a long way and though your journey may have been difficult with many obstacles, you have grown so much as a result of this. It may be that you never thought you would see yourself in this position, nut nevertheless, something extraordinary has happened to feed his change.

If you have been thinking about moving out, either from your parents house, or from a situation that no longer served you such as an old flame, the time has come for you to move away from this and gain some independence. As the planets align for you here, this will be a time of no regrets as you forge your own way.

What Does Six of Cups Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Six of Cups – Meaning For Love Relationships

It is possible to outgrow love. The longer we share our souls with another, the more memories we make and so to actively end these can be extremely painful. What, I wonder, would be worse? As you gaze over at your childish companion, have you realised your maturity levels have risen and left theirs behind? I know you know the truth here, and the truth is you would rather be free than bored.

Reversed Six of Cups – Love Reconciliation

The Six of Cups in reverse will only hold up for reconciliation if your soul is willing to grow with you. Nothing can be said more simpler here as you are struggling to keep the love alive with the two of you on different pages. What once suited you has now changed and you are asking for more. Are the ready to finally take a leap into adulthood and the responsibilities that entail? It could be likely, but one thing for certain is that you will not back down from this new perspective.

Reversed Six of Cups – Marriage?

Somebody to me, feels scared of commitment, and I honestly don’t feel as though it is you. My heart tells me hat you are the one who is fighting, you are the one who is looking at budgets and bills and you are the one seemingly disappointed that you are doing it alone. To commit to somebody fully, in front of a vast amount of loved ones, should be something a soul is eager to do for the right person, but if excuses are getting in the way, then there will likely never be a wedding between the two of you.

Reversed Six of Cups as Feelings

Feelings For You

Feelings, for those afraid, are easy. You can like or love someone who does absolutely nothing about it. Why? Are they lazy? Afraid? Insecure? The Six of Cups in reverse tells me that there is a strong possibility the person in question simply is not ready for your level of strength.

As you gained this strength, you allowed your heart and mind to think for itself. You imagined a world for you where you are your priority, and what you choose to say or do is down to your own wisdom. This can intimidate others, and certainly make them take a step back as they realise they do not hold the same tools in their hands. Feelings, of a more immature level, can be there, but you seek more depth.

Feelings for Someone

As the Six of Cups in reverse likes to tell you, you are great at recalling memories with more positivity than they deserve. Are you thinking back fondly to a time where your feelings were as a result of something amazing that happened? In reality, it may not have been so, but your memory will recall it how it wishes.

As with these feelings, are they based on reality, or your idea of perfection? If somebody can not match up to those thoughts, you are going to be let down. That feeling of hope and love you have, I do not feel is based on a true reflection and instead has been a result of manifesting false ideologies of someone you are not supposed to be with.

Reversed Six of Cups as Advice

Does He Think About Me?

Do you want him to, honestly? Is it out of habit that you think about him thinking about you? Sounds complicated, and love can be sometimes. There is a difference though. I want you to close your eyes and imagine five souls having thoughts of love for you. Would you be able to choose one to share your life with, or are you more happy that they are all thinking of you, regardless of who they are? My question now to you is, how important is he to you? If he is, then manifest your love for him and nobody else.

Is He Cheating?

Irrational thoughts based on no evidence can cause much harm in a relation between two soul. It is almost immature to accuse somebody of cheating without any hard fact to back it up. You can often spot the signs. Withdrawal of affection, loss of interest in the bedroom, or general mood shifts within your union. Are these, though, signs that you are drifting as opposed to infidelity? The only way is to ask, and ask maturely.

Is He Right For Me?

The Six of Cups is a very telling card when pulled out in reverse. It isn’t simply about ‘growing up,’ it is the gaining of knowledge. That intuition you lack as a child due to all the bright lights and loud sounds around us, we often need an adult telling us to be careful, or that something isn’t safe. We cross a line one day, to a far more complex set of thoughts and skills and they help us in the next stages of life. You know deep down the answer to this question, but I feel you simply want confirmation from me.

Reversed Six of Cups Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

You have a new grasp of responsibility and you thrive on allocating jobs to others. You are a fantastic planner, knowing when something needs to be done, and how it should be executed. I see you in some sort of managerial role, or perhaps in a position where sub contractors come to you for direction, such as a party or wedding planner. How exciting for you to gain this gift of coping well under stress.

Whom Can You Count On For Support?

You do have a small circle of family and friends, and when I say small, I mean no more than a handful of people you truth with your secrets and problems. They are there for you as you are them, but don’t be fooled by the noticeably strange requests crawling out of the woodwork, of the pretence they have your best interests at heart, they don’t. Trust whom you trust, and do not use this time to widen that list of souls.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

I don’t think you used to. I feel as though you counted on others for support. ‘Please help me,’ or, ‘Can you lend me some money?’ were a few of your favourite lines. Now you see that money can become the root of all evil in the wrong hands, and so you preference is to keep enough coming in to pay for the bills and the odd treat, but other than that you like to either save it for an emergency, or you aren’t interested in earning enough to prevent you from being so grounded.

Reversed Six of Cups Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I borrow Money?

You wouldn’t dare. You don’t need to, either. You may think you do, but when you jiggle your finance, you will notice how much you actually have. The needing of more may be for something you need in the house, but that can wait, can’t it? Better to save and wait a little longer than to reach out and make it seem as though you cannot make it alone.

How To Save Money For A Holiday

You most likely have, or at least love the idea of creating some form of spreadsheet to keep track of your expenditures. Once you set this up, with all your outgoings, you will see to the penny or dime how much you have left and that will be the solid platform you need to begin your saving. Anything you do save, will be left as well. You aren’t one for seeing a lump sum and diving in unless it is for the purpose intended.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

As we talk about trusting others afore, I need to raise this issue once more. Of course, if a loved one is in need, it is imperative to help if you can. Knowing you, you do have some money put aside for non household emergencies and that’s where you come in. Of course whose hands the money falls into will be the tell tale sign whether or not it will be appreciated or even returned but I believe your wisdom will serve you well here.

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