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The reversed Queen of Wands is a card that most often represents a period of burnout. If you are constantly trying to juggle too many things at once it reminds you to take a step back and prioritize your efforts moving forward.

Reversed Queen of Wands Description

This card shows us a confident Queen on her throne, calmly looking at the side while a black cat stands in the front looking right at us. Her throne is adorned with sculpted lions which represent her authority and passion towards her tasks. As usual, her right hand holds a wand that is starting to sprout life, but her left hand instead holds a sunflower. The flowers represent happiness, fertility, and life. In the back of the throne, we can once again see sunflowers and lions, showing their importance. The combination of yellow and red reminds of fire as with the other royalty wands, once again showing the queen’s passion and energy. Last but not least the black cat shows us the possible duality of the card. Black cats have been tied with witchcraft in the past, but can also represent a deep intuition that helps the queen in her goals.

Reversed Queen of Wands main Meaning

Reversed Queen of wands main section

As the upright Queen of Wands shows us a passion and drive to handle multiple projects to satisfaction it should be no surprise that its reversed counterpart shows us the possible issues with this mindset. This card often represents a feeling of burnout and exhaustion born from the mismanagement of our energy and endeavors. You may have been trying to handle too many things at once, and this has taken all of your energy and positivity. This burnout can also come from a lack of organization. In this context, the issue doesn’t lie with your responsibilities but rather how you’ve been spending your energy without an order to it.

On the other hand, this card can also be telling you to take that passion and energy and spread it to others instead of keeping it to yourself. Maybe there are people around you who can use the help, and your energy is perfect for improving their life right now. There is also a chance that the card recommends you to share that passion to prevent you from growing prideful or arrogant. Being passionate and confident is a great trait, but if we are constantly looking out for ourselves then we suffer the risk of becoming selfish along the way. Balancing your skills and your empathy are key to leading a successful life.

What does Queen of Wands Reversed Mean for Love?

When it comes to love the reversed Queen of Wands usually represents the arrogance that the Queen’s traits can bring on people. If you are in a relationship and this card appears it’s a good time to try to look at your relationship from afar and asking if one of you is being too dominating. As we grow used to the people in our life we might fall into a habit, meaning that we have a harder time realizing if we are pushing our partner or being pushed by them. Firm beliefs are important in life but they shouldn’t lead us to be neglectful or inconsiderate towards someone we love. Find what’s out of balance in your relationship and work to bring a more respectful and collaborative partnership to it.

For those of you who are single, the card can be foretelling your meeting with someone who represents those queenly qualities. While people with passion and energy always bring excitement to our lives it’s important to take into account that a reversed Queen of Wands can be selfish and inconsiderate. Don’t let yourself be pulled by other people’s pace and remember to respect yourself before anybody else. No relationship should be built around pressure or conflict, so put your feelings first regardless of who you meet.

Reversed Queen of Wands as Feelings

IIf you are trying to read for someone’s feelings towards you then the reversed Queen of Wands is once again a worrisome card. When you see this card in regards to how someone feels for you it shows they have a lot of clashing emotions. This card shows intense and deep feelings, but also being on the edge around somebody. Insecurity and jealousy are common sights when this card appears, but these emotions can be aimed at other people for being near you or yourself due to your accomplishments. The reversed Queen of Wands can often represent a “Drama Queen” and as such communication is vital to ensure a healthy relationship between the two of you.

When it comes to your feelings then insecurity likely is the main emotion that comes into sight. It might be insecurity in regards to how you feel towards them, which in turn leads you to think more and more about them. However, it can also be insecurity born in how you see yourself compared to them. While it’s common to feel insecure when thinking about a romantic prospect it’s important to never allow this feeling to grow into an actual relationship, If you allow yourself to see your partner as more important then the relationship will be uneven, and that will eventually take its toll for the couple.

Reversed Queen of Wands as Advice

For practical advice, the most common way to read the reversed Queen of Wands is a warning not to overextend yourself. Right now you might count with a lot of energy and time, but each additional task you take on will drain more of this. Trying to do too many things at once can lead you to burnout and might sour a lot of projects you had high expectations for. Be reasonable with your goals, just because you have the energy doesn’t mean you should accept everything that comes your way.

The royalty angle of the Queen of Wands still comes through in its reversed reading and as such the card can be advising you to abstain from leadership roles. While taking control of your projects is always important you should first consider your present circumstances. If your plate is already full then taking a leadership role in a new project can lead to disappointing those around you.

Sometimes the card’s advice is simply to take a break. If you aren’t feeling particularly creative lately or feel like you have fallen into a routine then the reversed Queen of Wands recommends a simple break. Go to a fun place, indulge in a new activity to get back some energy, and return to form. The reversed Queen of Wands is all about managing your energies properly, and sometimes that simply means resting.

Reversed Queen of Wands Meaning for Job and Career

When it comes to work the reversed Queen of Wands usually warns us about a lack of enthusiasm towards work itself, and finding the causes is key to getting over it. If you haven’t taken a break in a long time this can be the cause, but oftentimes this is tied to the personality traits the Queen brings to the table. While dedication and commitment are always great traits to have in your career they can take on a negative edge with time. Are you controlling? Do you feel the need to have everything under control? Being responsible is important, but in daily life, there will always be things that are quite simply out of our control. Accidents happen and we can’t do anything to prevent this. Trying to control every angle of your job will never work out, but it can sour your attitude towards your career.

It’s also possible that your lack of enthusiasm comes from your satisfaction with this line of work. Take a look back and ask yourself why you chose this job. If you did have passion for it find ways to reignite that spark. If this job came from need over passion then it might be time to ask yourself how long you plan to continue on it.

Reversed Queen of Wands Meaning for Money and Finance

The reversed Queen of Wands warns us about mismanaging our finances, however knowing the specific warning will depend on your current finances. While the card always warns about the way you handle money it doesn’t always warn about overspending.

Overexepnding is never good, and this is an attitude it’s easy to take under the Queen of Wands. We all associate excess with royalty and for someone who is heavily attuned to these Queenly traits it is easy to fall into these habits. However finances should never be guided by emotion, so make sure to consider the practical applications of anything you buy.

Alternatively, you might be the kind of person who barely spends a dime, and this can also be an issue in the long run. Not spending isn’t always the same as saving. For example, trying to save money by postponing an important reparation might cause larger expenses down the road once reparation becomes impossible and you need to aim for a replacement. Excessive saving can also be emotionally damaging. If you build the habit of saving on every possible angle this might lead to guilt when you do spend on yourself, and you shouldn’t feel bad for caring about your needs.

In short, the reversed Queen of Wands is an invitation to find a balance. be responsible with your finances, but don’t strain yourself either. You need to truly be in control to be able to use money to its maximum potential.

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