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The reversed Seven of Wands generally represents inner doubt and deception. This is a card that shows up when someone feels they are a fraud or acting improperly. As a result, it’s a card that can also represent a change in a more general sense.

Reversed Seven of Swords Description

The Seven of Swords depicts a man sneaking away from a camp, most likely a military one given the other elements in the card. The man is carrying five swords while two more lie on the ground. From his stealth, we can deduce he is stealing the swords and sneaking away, and his face shows he is full of confidence in his escape. However, a closer look reveals that on the left there is a group of soldiers looking his way, his escape not as certain as he assumed. The card ultimately shows a liar confident in his skills who missed a key detail. As such it foretells the failure that lying usually brings.

Reversed Seven of Swords main Meaning

Reversed 7 of swords main section

Since the upright Seven of Swords already carries a negative message of deception and trickery its reversed counterpart can be a tricky card to read. In a broad sense, the card represents inner doubt and deception. Where its upright counterpart is firmly about tricking and manipulating others the reversed Seven of Swords shows the inner turmoil this brings.

The card might even appear if you aren’t directly lying to anybody, but feel like you are a fraud. The reversed Seven of Swords should be seen as an opportunity to come clean and move on. If you are keeping a big secret it might be time to come clean. If you feel like you haven’t earned your place in life then you need to find the root of this insecurity.

Due to the above, the reversed Seven of Swords is often seen as a sign of change. More often than not this is voluntary change, but sometimes it’s tied to other factors. The reversed Seven of Swords can represent that your plans are not working and as such, you’ll need to change them to keep progressing. Similarly, it could be that you are caught in the middle of someone’s else deceptions and they are about to come undone.

What does Seven of Swords Reversed Mean for Love?

In love readings the Seven of Swords is a bad omen regardless of orientation. Even when reversed this card still stands for lies and deception and those aren’t things you want near your relationship. That said it’s important to note that lies do not necessarily equal cheating, and jumping to conclusions might be more dangerous than the card itself.

The reversed Seven of Swords tends to represent that any lies rooted in the relationship are soon to come undone. Maybe the culprit will listen to his conscience and come clean, maybe their partner will finally find the needed clues, or it could be an accident altogether. Cheating can be the lies the card represents and in those cases, this card can arrive as a heavy blow. However, lies come in many shapes and forms so it’s important to be ready for the truth regardless of the form it takes.

On occasion the lies will come from outside the relationship. Someone may have been spreading rumors behind your backs. Or that a friend you trusted has been telling you lies to affect the relationship. Regardless of the source, the reversed Seven of Swords is a card that tends to bring change with it. No lie can or should last forever, so try to be as ready as póssible to either face or say the truth.

Reversed Seven of Swords as Feelings

Properly interpreting what the reversed Seven of Swords represents as feelings can be a complex task, but despite the lying undertones it’s not always a bad omen.

If you get this card in a reading with other more positive cards then the main message it’s offering is change. The reversed Seven of Swords talks about and inner deception, and if all the other readings are positive then this person may be finally getting their mind together. In this context, the card shows that the person you are asking about is finally starting to think of you, and letting those early feelings take root. This often is a turning point in a relationship and might be the first of many great news.

If the other cards also stand for mixed messages or feelings it can also represent self-delusion. This is a concerning reading, even more so if you get it when asking for your feelings. Sometimes we are so invested in the idea of a perfect romance that we force ourselves to feel something. This is dangerous on countless levels, as you’ll either carry the burden that the reversed Seven of Swords implies or find yourself in a relationship with someone that is just not as invested as you are.

Reversed Seven of Swords as Advice

The advice the reversed Seven of Swords offers is a direct as it can be: Be honest and come clean.

Lies have an amazing gift to grow bigger than they were ever intended to be. Even when it comes to minor lies the emotional baggage of keeping them hidden can prove to be incredibly taxing in the long run. And sometimes these lies we are telling aren’t that big of a deal. is there something about your past or present that embarrasses you? When it comes to people close to you they’ll eventually know, making this struggle pointless.

Of course, some lies are much larger in scope, or you might be forced to withhold the truth due to a hostile environment. In these cases, you should feel no shame in looking for a helping hand. In cases where it’s not possible to be direct or you aren’t sure what the consequences will be it’s a good idea to start with someone you trust. We all need advice from time to time, this is a basic fact of life. And when it comes to burdens sometimes talking is all you need to start feeling lighter.

While we all feel scared of the possible backlash of coming clean; it’s important to admit that carrying a lie is also draining. Find out what is the burden deep in your heart and how you can get rid of it. Beyond matters of truth or lies the simple fact is that the reversed Seven of Swords represents an inner turmoil. And the only way you’ll grow as a person is by allowing yourself to leave those feelings behind.

Reversed Seven of Swords Meaning for Job and Career

There are two main ways to interpret the reversed Seven of Swords when it comes to your work. The first is that lies in your workplace will finally come to light. That said the reversed Seven of Swords also carries an optimistic tone, and as such with proper discussion these revelations may lead to amends and a healthier work environment for everybody involved.

If there’s something amiss with your behavior then it’s likely that your conscience will finally weigh too much. In this case, it’s important to be clear and aim for reparations from the moment you approach the topic. There’s no guarantee that everything will work out perfectly, but coming clear and presenting your perspective is always better than allowing everything to come crashing on its own.

it’s also likely that you were a victim of these lies and you weren’t even realizing it. If your belongings have gone missing, your desk has been tampered with or anything of the like then the truth is probably about to be revealed. In these situations it’s vital to keep a calm mind. Having your trust betrayed is always hard to deal with, but an emotional outburst can affect the way your superiors think of you.

Lastly, the card can simply represent that a change in approach is needed. If you find that you keep falling just short of your goals then it’s likely that the inner turmoil comes down to understanding that you need to fix things. The card is telling you that you can leave this situation in the past if you find the right approach.

Reversed Seven of Swords Meaning for Money and Finance

In financial readings the reversed Seven of Swords stands for the truth coming to the light, not unlike the above category. There’s no more trick or deeper reading to this message, and it’s important to keep in mind that consequences go both ways.

If you have been deceptive in financial matters it’s time to come clean and get everything in order, otherwise, time itself will make sure that it all comes undone. However, if you’ve been a victim of theft or frauds then those lies are soon to be exposed as well. You’ll learn more about what really happened and likely will see at least a partial recovery of your funds.

In short, the card shows us that truth will come to light soon. And when it comes to something as delicate as finances it’s important to remember just how deep the consequences can go.

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