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The reversed Hanged Man is a card that represents the importance of taking a break. This card most often appears when we keep ourselves excessively busy to avoid important matters or when we have been in a rut for a long time. Pauses are important to advance and this card reminds us that we can’t cheat the system.

Reversed The Hanged Man Description

The Hanged Man presents us with a man hanging upside down from a wooden cross, and yet the image proves to be more inspiring than dreadful. The cross itself is made of living wood showing a communion with the natural rules. The Hanged Man himself is suspended from this living cross upside down, with a single knot on his ankle keeping him supported, But despite his circumstances, the man is serene and pensive, which is usually seen as proof he chose his current fate. The halo around his head stands for enlightenment, while the color of his clothes represent both passion and a search for knowledge. This is a card that depicts surrender, but voluntary surrender with a clear goal in mind.

Reversed The Hanged Man main Meaning

Reversed The Hanged Man main section

The Hanged Man reversed is a card that represents our rejection of breaks and pauses. As its upright version represents those important moments of surrender and introspection its reversed counterpart appears when we reject those moments and as a result are keeping our future away from us.

The most common way to interpret this card is as avoiding a pause we realize it’s unavoidable. This card can appear when we know there’s an important topic we need to deal with, or we are aware our health or relationships demand a break from our current schedule. And yet stubbornly we go out of our way to find more things to keep ourselves busy. There’s nothing wrong with being scared, change is by definition scary, and certain topics are hard to discuss. But we can’t avoid life together and by postponing what’s unavoidable we’ll only make things worse. Don’t let things drag on longer than they need to, let time take its time, and allow yourself to face what’s in front of you.

Alternatively, this card can appear when our lives have been in a rut for a long time. If you’ve felt stuck recently without advancing at all this card can be a good omen. In this context The Hanged Man reversed is a message that your recent pause had meaning and that it’s soon to be revealed. This means that things will improve soon and you’ll come out of this process with renewed energies.

What does The Hanged Man Reversed Mean for Love?

In romantic readings The Hanged Man reversed stands for a period where your love life can be significantly slowed down, however, this isn’t a bad thing. This card usually appears after a period of failed relationships and represents a need to reconsider the way you approach romance. Have you been the kind of person who rushes headfirst into romance? Do you make others take things faster than they are accustomed to? There are patterns and beliefs deeply rooted in the way you approach relationships, and this has played a role in your past failures. In this context, the reversed Hanged Man represents an opportunity to grow as an individual. If you take the time to look into yourself this period can be used to let go of old beliefs and come back renewed for your next relationship.

This card can also be a warning, as it also represents senseless sacrifice. Love shouldn’t make you a martyr. Don’t sacrifice yourself for someone’s else romance and don’t allow your partner to demand more of you than you can give. Being kind and considerate are wonderful traits, but left unchecked they turn into sacrifice. Your needs matter as much as the needs of your loved ones, so make sure to take care of yourself as well.

Reversed The Hanged Man as Feelings

As The Hanged Man is a card deeply tied with the concept of pauses and breaks it isn’t the best omen when trying to read feelings whether it’s reversed or upright. If you see this card when asking for someones’ feelings towards you then the most likely reading is that things will remain as they are. Usually, when this card shows up it represents someone who is quite simply going with the flow. They enjoy the time they spend alongside you and value you as an individual, but they won’t go out of the way to change things. This can come from a lack of drive, but it can also be born from past fears. In this context, it’s important to remember that change is ultimately up to them. The Hanged Man reversed represents a period of pause, but not one that lasts forever. So things will change once this period ends, but how long that takes is a very personal matter.

When this card appears on readings about your feelings; you should ask yourself what’s keeping you rooted. Asking itself has meaning, and it shows that you consider more possibilities with the person you have in mind. But your attitude is keeping these feelings at bay. What is stopping you? Is it coming from your own beliefs? Or is there an issue with that person in your mind? Introspection is key to find your answers, and asking yourself these questions to advance is precisely what The Hanged Man reversed stands for.

Reversed The Hanged Man as Advice

The Hanged Man tarot card advice reversed

In short the advice, the reversed Hanged Man has to offer is to do what the man has learned to do in its art: Let go, surrender yourself to stop struggling.

The advice The Hanged Man reversed might not be the easiest to accept, but it’s one that our life and time itself will force upon us. Certain things in life can’t be rushed. Are you currently in therapy or rehabilitation? Then you need to arm yourself with patience and allow time to do its part. Do you get stressed at work because people don’t work at your same rate? A company is more than one person, and every cog is needed to keep it afloat. There are situations in life that try as we might we can’t solve rationally or by running head on. And when these situations arise fighting against the flow will only make sure they last longer and leave a bigger toll on us.

Surrendering is not the same as quitting. This card isn’t telling you to give up and leave everything unfinished. To surrender is to understand that certain things can’t be forced or changed by our will alone. The sun will rise, winter will come, and seasons pass. These are simple facts of life and instead of fighting them, we should learn to live around them and understand that not everything in life is in our control.

Reversed The Hanged Man Meaning for Job and Career

When it comes to work there are two main ways to interpret The Hanged Man reversed. On one hand, this is a card that represents efforts that aren’t being compensated. This card usually appears after a particularly strenuous time at work like retraining or projects that consumed a lot of your time. And after this effort… Nothing good seems to be coming up. There’s no reward for your overtime or your new position isn’t going as you expected. Change is rarely easy, and the effort you took to push this one forward might not be helping your perception. It’s time to stop and consider if you are just tired or there’s something deeper underneath this situation.

The Hanged Man reversed can also represent stalling. If you aren’t sure where you want to go next with your career then you might be avoiding thinking about it. Perhaps you were offered a promotion but have been unable to reply due to insecurity or fear. While there is value in pausing to think as the card has shown us, waiting too long can cause us to lose countless opportunities as well.

Reversed The Hanged Man Meaning for Money and Finance

As far as finances go The Hanged Man reversed represents indecision or disappointments. Investing is hard, it requires a clear vision and a lot of commitment. And this means that fear is a terrible advisor when you are figuring out how to invest your money. While informed choices are key to utilizing your money wisely they can also become an excuse. Are you the kind of person who has seen countless investment funds or projects? Are you always finding a reason not to make the final choice? Sometimes we use research as a shield to protect ourselves from committing, and as long as you act this way you’ll never be able to invest your money. If you find that it’s too hard to choose on your own consider working with a professional advisor, you won’t get anywhere if you keep shuffling prospects.

The reversed Hanged Man can also represent a feeling of disappointment in your recent economic choices. Maybe you let money to someone who wasn’t able to make the most out of it, you helped a family member with their college expenses only to learn they dropped out. Or that side-business you were investing in proved to be a failure. There are two important lessons to take from this: Failure is a real possibility we need to account for, and there are certain factors we simply can’t control. Don’t let these situations define your future, learn from them but don’t allow them to turn into a fear of future investments.

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