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The Page of Cups in reverse represents a significant level of immaturity or stolen innocence to your life. There is likely to be negative news coming your way, built on jealousy or lack of knowledge. If things seem chaotic, it’s because they are, and as a result have taken an emotional toll on your health.

Reversed Page of Cups Description

The Page of Cups sees a jolly young soul at the edge of the sea, holding a golden cup. What an unexpected find to see a fish pop up, representing a surprise of some sort. The Page, dressed with pure symbols, is innocent at heart and pure of mind. In reverse, I want you to note how this innocence and jovial outlook on life is taken as an immature soul, with much childishness in their system.

Reversed Page of Cups main Meaning

Reversed Page of cups main section

The Page of Cups in reverse represents a very confusing time for you, dear soul. It isn’t out of lack of care for yourself, but you have found your mind racing with negative news, news that you cannot seem to put down or resolve. You are suffering intense emotion pain and the burden of this has dragged you down mentally. Why can’t you seem to let go of what no longer serves you?

As sadness encapsulates your daily routine, you are left with this weight of disconnect. I see it as not feeling loved enough growing up, or having your feelings as a child validated enough for you to have the tools to cope in adult life. As my heart breaks slightly for you, I do see you gaining the strength to get through this challenging time, eventually. This is a great reminder to you, to be kind to yourself and forgive your inner child.

What Does Page of Cups Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Page of Cups – Meaning For Love Relationships

There is potential in your life to be both the giver and receiver of a love that most could be enviable of. Oh, what a gift you carry, to offer your kind heart to another and in return take care of theirs. Why is it though, that you are so cautious? Were you not offered a correct concept of love growing up by your parents? We model what we know, and we pass that on to our children ,regardless of whether they are right or wrong. I know you can make this work, you just need to look inside yourself.

Reversed Page of Cups – Love Reconciliation

Well, dear soul, this is very much in your hands. It will take great work to gain back any sort of trust or security between the two of you, but it isn’t impossible. What I see are one if not two broken souls, trying to find their way in life. You have allowed something to cool down, and you have mislocated the ignition to reheat it. If left long enough of course, there will be no going back but, the best news I can offer is that it hasn’t died. Yet. And where there is light, there is hope.

Reversed Page of Cups – Marriage?

The love you to have for each other is promising when it comes to a grand and committed future. What strikes me as concerning is the lack of communication skills the two of you have. In order for a successful marriage, two souls must meet in the middle. Sometimes it is a little more of you, other times a little more of them, but on the whole, you are there and communication is clear. With you right now, this isn’t happening. Not only is that preparing to fail for a marriage, it is not healthy for even a normal relationship. Do the groundwork, and see where it takes you both, because I have my doubts.

Reversed Page of Cups as Feelings

Feelings For You

They have built up the courage to express their feelings for you, and all you can do is laugh and say, no thank you. Why is that? I thought you would be a match made in heaven. Do you push souls away frequently? You wanted this, and now you have it you have taken five steps back. Whatever happened in your past that was so terrible, my dear, it is time to let it go and take a chance.

Everything you have is right there, but it seems you have dented the heart of a soul likely to have looked after you and cared for you exactly the way you desire and deserve. It baffles me that you push people away like this, but if our past is filled with broken promises and toxic unions, is it any wonder?

Feelings for Someone

Whilst you lay awake at night, fantasizing about living the perfect life with your soul mate, he is not responsive or welcoming to this news. In fact, he sees you as somebody to avoid. Don’t take that personally, it isn’t an attack on your beauty or kind heart. Rather they harbour an element of worry that you will not be able to sustain a long term relationship with them because there is much immaturity in you.

They want a soul they can depend on, whom gives them love and affection as well as a balanced union, able to cope with adult life and all its responsibilities. This could be you, if you stop looking at your past and blaming your parents or childhood for everything that has happened to you. Leave it where it belong and forge the life you wish you had. Then, only then, this may work.

Reversed Page of Cups as Advice

Does He Think About Me?

He thinks about how you and he could be, if there weren’t so much bitterness surrounding you both. Has there been an ex lover, resurrected from the past and now making themselves known in the present? Something isn’t right. You are in the same building but you have hit different floors in the elevator. He possess warmth in his heart for you, but there is a distorted level of corruption to go with it. I think as soon as you read this, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Is He Cheating?

I am categorically promise you that your soul is incredibly unlikely to be cheating. Do you want to know why, just for extra reassurance? The answer is simple. If you spend your life wishing and waiting for something better to come along, you will never be content and will fall by the way side, making bad choices and not regretting them. If you spend your time actively and positively being a part of a union whereby you are respected, loved and adored, the chances of straying becomes less than miniscule. Your relationship is loving, therefore your soul and you have no reason to look in other directions.

Is He Right For Me?

The question in this case isn’t, ‘Is he right for me?’ but rather, ‘How many times can I sabotage this with my self esteem?’ Somebody as close to perfect as can be, is wanting to gain your attention. They have the ability to care for you and be everything you want. Most of all, if this does work, can you imagine how good it will feel to raise a family different from your own upbringing? To break those ancestral habits that cause destruction could be your dream come true.

Reversed Page of Cups Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

You want the best of the best, don’t you? Don’t we all, dear soul. We all wish we could have everything we ever desired, to prove to those people who ever doubted you that you can do it. You CAN achieve those results. How are you going to do it? Hard work of course. Once all of this is in your hands,the world is your oyster. You can wave goodbye to an average past and greet a luxurious future with all the joy life can bring into your future. The money is out there and one day it will be yours – do the work first!

Should I Change Careers?

Put you foot firmly on the break and pull your head out of the clouds! Yes, isn’t it wonderful to dare to dream about where we see ourselves , but that doesn’t happen overnight. To set up a business and go it alone, you need a plan, you need savings and some sort of knowledge how to run your own books. This doesn’t happen at the click of a fingers and it is the same if you consider a career change. Have your dreams, work on them and go from there by do NOT leave what you have without solid steps.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

You want the money not to make you happy directly, but because those whoever doubted your abilities will be so shocked that you will almost feel smug. You blood sweat and tears will go into this endeavour, if it is the last thing you will do. Yes, most certainly they will be jealous, but ho cares? Money is sparkly and so is your heart.

Reversed Page of Cups Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

I don’t know at this point how you would pay it back, and neither do you. Do you want to take a step back, breathe deeply, and go from there? It would be wise. You will ruffle feathers if you ask for cash, people will assume you are needy and clingy and not responsible enough to either save yourself or earn it. Do the right thing and work silently until the money is yours.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

Don’t be led by idealistic yet immature sights and sounds. Your home should be cosy, comfortable and possess the things that you love NOW in it. Don’t be drawn to items that will burn a hole in your pocket. To be ultra responsible, might you want to make a list or look online for inspiration? Adults need relaxing rooms and calm colour in their busy lives. Save the playroom for the children.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

I feel an element of concern for all those who offer to lend money to those who will ultimately squander it on needless items, never to be seen again. You ought to also know better, as your hard earned money is offered to those with ulterior motives and who will never offer a penny or dime in return. As you know, this kind of financial abuse has already showed itself in your past, so is this something you really want to see again and be a part of? Don’t allow your triggers to come to life, and all will be well.

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