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The World reversed represents a process or goal that is close to completion but not quite wrapped yet. Various factors may play a role when this card is around, there could be delays born from outside influence, or you have lost focus along the way. One way or the other this card invites us to find closure and wrap up these loose ends.

Reversed The World Description

The World shows us a naked woman inside a laurel wreath. When we take a look at her pose we can tell that she’s moving forward while her head looks backward, representing her connection to both parts of her life. In her hands, we can see wands like the ones The Magician carried, showing her deep connection with the world itself. The wreath itself represents the completion of a cycle and the start of a new one, a process that is synonymous with The World. Four figures appear in each corner of the card, together they represent the four elements, the four seasons, and even the Zodiac. This once again represents a deep connection with the natural balance of the world.

Reversed The World main Meaning

Reversed The World main section

In general, The World reversed when you are close to completing one of your personal goals but haven’t been able to wrap it up yet. It’s a card that talks about projects that can’t seem to be completed despite your intentions and of victories that are just slightly out of reach.

At times the world itself will be the one throwing obstacles your way, unexpected delays from outside forces are putting your plans on hold and you don’t know how to overcome them. At other times our attitude will be the one putting our plans at peril. A common sight with The World reversed is losing your motivation in the last stretch. All the pieces are perfectly placed on the board and when you are about to complete your plans… You set them aside. The prior process drained you, or the need to slack-off to avoid completion suddenly strikes you. One way or another, things you are close to the goal, but life is getting in our way.

The World reversed can also represent plans that fall apart because you tried to take a short-cut. While it’s important to be smart and crafty life ultimately can’t be cheated, and when it comes to things like a job or a degree there aren’t safe short-cuts.

What does The World Reversed Mean for Love?

In love readings, The World reversed can be seen as a feeling of unrest that permeates all of your romantic attitudes. If you are single then you are likely feeling a void in your heart. The World reversed commonly appears after sudden closures, moments where your relationship ends unexpectedly and you aren’t sure how to move on. Loss is always hard to deal with, no matter what form or shape it takes. But to continue growing as a person we have to be able to let go of things. Loving a phantom will keep us from finding new people and will take a heavy toll on our mood.

That said these feelings can appear even if you are in a relationship, those times where you don’t feel fulfilled even though you have a romantic partner. In these cases, it’s important to be thorough with your analysis to avoid hurting your significant other. What could be wrong with your relationship? Look at things globally and see how it can be coming up short. More often than not The World reversed is warning us that it’s our attitude and mentality that is keeping us from enjoying life and romance. However, it is possible that there are some flaws in your current relationship, and that they need to be ironed out to start a new cycle in your life.

Reversed The World as Feelings

If you are reading on someone’s feelings the part of The World that speaks of uncertainty and being incomplete takes priority. The World reversed is not the best of omens in this context as while it doesn’t deny the possibility of deeper feelings it also shows that the person in question is at a personal crossroad.

The World reversed usually represents someone that is at odds with their current relationship or standing. Someone represented by this card might have deep issues with the person they are being questioned about. A feeling of awkwardness can be prevalent and usually, the individual themselves has no clue where they want to go next. Are they my friends? Then why is it that they don’t make me feel like one? Do they like me romantically? Then why is it that I only see mixed signals? Are they a reliable associate? Then why are they avoiding my questions? Someone influenced by The World reversed is likely in the middle of this thought process, their fears or the complex attitudes of those around them have them at a loss. They know they need to find an answer to advance with their life, but they don’t know how to interpret the world and the people around them.

Reversed The World as Advice

The World reversed advice yes or no

If we had to sum up the advice The World reversed holds for all of us we’d go with “Only you can take control of your life”

Misfortune and challenges will never stop appearing in our lives, a bad day is something that nobody is immune to. However, when we take a look at all the problems The World reversed can foretell there’s no denying that our attitude and beliefs are at the center of everything. Life itself can throw countless hurdles our way but only our beliefs and determination will define if we reach our goals or not.

When we see this card as a reply to our questions it’s time to take a look at why obstacles keep appearing in our way. Sometimes bad luck is just that, but if it keeps repeating then there must be another factor at play. Are you unconsciously delaying your projects? Finishing any process can be scary, as it means you’ll need to adapt to a whole new schedule and mental process. But life is full of cycles, and to advance we need to close a process and start a new one. Maybe you’ve been uncertain of where to go and have been blaming life for a while now? It’s hard to reach any goal when we aren’t certain what we want. Tackling countless things will most likely result in you being unable to follow all of them. It’s hard to find out where you want to direct your life, but life can’t choose for you. If you want to succeed you need to take fate into your own hands.

Reversed The World Meaning for Job and Career

There are two main ways to read The World reversed when it comes to your career, and this depends on how far you are concerning your goals. Sometimes when we finally complete our goals and reach that job we were looking for… We can’t help but feel disheartened or disappointed. The World reversed often stands for that moment where as far as everybody is concerned we won, and yet we feel empty or aimless. Perhaps this job is not what you had in mind. At other times the issue lies in the fact that you were trying to satisfy other people and not your dreams. And sometimes it’s just too easy, maybe that goal you had been idealizing was much simpler than you assumed. One way or another reality and your ideals don’t align, and you’ll need to reassess your goals to find out what’s truly missing.

The other possible reading is that once again you are just a few steps short of finally reaching your dream job. You can’t help but shake the feeling that your goal always eludes you at the last moment and this is starting to drain you. When this happens it’s important to look at every single factor. There might be repeating patterns that you haven’t noticed. Maybe there’s this one topic you have yet to master, or you haven’t been able to nail the interviews. It’ll take some introspection but your goals can be achieved with the right attitude.

Reversed The World Meaning for Money and Finance

The World reversed is one of those cards that speak more about your relationship with money than your financial stability itself. When this card appears it represents that you simply aren’t fulfilled or at peace with your current finances. This is normal if you find that you are always short on funds and every month demands that you count down to the last penny. In these cases, you must take action instead of just getting disheartened. Nobody knows your financial movements better than yourself, if you look at them carefully you’ll find the negative patterns that lead to this situation.

However, sometimes we can feel disheartened towards our finances even though they are healthy and robust. And when this happens you need to question why you wanted money in the first place. You had a very frugal life before and wanted to climb up in life? You wanted money to travel or indulge in your hobbies? Maybe you just wanted to show off? Money is vital in our lives of course, but money is a means to an end. Money on its own can only be spent or accumulated, its meaning comes from what we do with it. Find out what you need and want money for, and that way you’ll be back on the proper path.

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