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The four of pentacles is a card of fear and loss. It symbolises greed of your belongings and the restrictions that brings as shown by the man clinging to all four of the pentacles who can no longer move with them.

Reversed Four of Pentacles Description

There is someone balancing on a pentacle, he has a pentacle in each hand and one on top of his head. Even in reverse, the situation is the same. He cannot move lest he lose grip of all of the pentacles he is balancing. Not only is there fear of losing what he holds close to him, but there is no way for him to move forward in life. He will remain stationary unless he lets go.

Reversed Four of Pentacles main Meaning

Reversed 4 of pentacles main section

There is something that you are clinging to. Usually in the suit of pentacles, that is money or material goods. But this is not exclusive, it can be applied to many situations. Whatever it is that you are clinging onto, you need to let it go. Whilst you continue to cling you become possessed and you cannot move anywhere in life. Often times your desire to keep your things close to you can lead you to become greedy and selfish and you may not even realise it.

If this does not sound like a situation you are in, then it may be the opposite. It’s possible that this card has appeared because you are too loose with your belongings and that you have no control over them. You should not become chained, but you should become more careful.

What does Four of Pentacles Reversed Mean for Love?

This card is not a common one to appear in a romantic reading, but we can still take helpful messages from it. Are you feeling insecure in your relationship? Don’t worry, it is common for a lot of people to be anxious and worried in their relationship. But you cannot let that hold you back. If you spend your entire time trying to keep your partner close to you for fear of losing them, then you will not actually enjoy your time in this relationship and you cannot grow as a team. Your possessiveness may even drive the other person away as they may feel like you are trying to chain them down.

However, if you are not with a partner then you may be hung up on a past relationship. This card signifies that staying stuck on the past is preventing you from moving and now is the time to go forward and try to find new love.

Reversed Four of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Do they like me back?’

It is scary not knowing whether your feelings are reciprocated, trust me, I’ve been going through it for the past few months. But this card says it is time to tell them how you feel. It unfortunately does not provide an answer of yes or no, but it does indicate that you will feel free after telling them. Telling them breaks the chains that are holding you back and no matter what the result, you will be able to move forward with your life. If you’re reading this and just feel anxious at the thought, remember, I’ve done it since writing this article and I believe that you can too!

Reversed Four of Pentacles as Feelings

There are a lot of feelings that are associated with this card and unfortunately, not many are positive ones. There are feelings of greed and selfishness that are heavily associated with this card. Because as well as preventing yourself from moving forward, your possessiveness is dragging other people back and causing rifts in your relationship. You may not even realise that you are doing this, it is a slippery slope and one that you can fall down without much warning. If you aren’t experiencing these feelings, it is possible that people are feeling these things about you instead. That doesn’t mean they don’t care; it means the opposite. They might be concerned with how consumed you are with your money and your possessions. If this card comes up and you don’t know what it relates to, it is perhaps time to have a look back and see if your greed has been preventing you or the people around you from growing.

Reversed Four of Pentacles as Advice

Much like its meaning, the advice of this card is usually one of two things and that depends on you and your situation. The first piece of advice it may be giving you is to loosen up. Your worry about losing your goods has caused you to become selfish and it not only prevents you from moving forward but it is putting you in a negative light. If this card is paired with The Devil, then this is the advice that you are undoubtedly being given.

The other piece of advice that this card may be giving you is that you are conversely being too loose with your money and possessions. Trust me, it’s great to be generous, spoiling my friends with gifts is one of my favourite things to do. But if you have no control over your possessions then you may not be keeping enough for yourself to move forward. In the end, you will be just as stuck and chained down as the person who is unwilling to let go.

Reversed Four of Pentacles Meaning for Job and Career

This card is not common in career readings and if it does come up, it is likely that you are the person who is too loose and generous with their money. A good thing about this is that your colleagues know that you are a caring person and they certainly do appreciate you for it. However, there may be some people who are wanting to take advantage of that fact so be careful you don’t get overworked or roped into doing risky projects that your colleagues do not want to do. This is now a time to be careful in your career, but you don’t need to worry. Simply take a back seat and don’t put yourself on the flashiest or riskiest project. Focus on what you’re good at for the time being and be generous to yourself.

Reversed Four of Pentacles Meaning for Money and Finance

This is the most likely place for the Four of Pentacles to appear. The pentacles in cards often represent coins and they do in particular with this card. The primary concern of the man on this card is balancing his coins and keeping them all to himself. But as you can clearly see on the image, he cannot move. He may be keeping his coins and money close to him, but he is stuck in the same spot and he will be until he refuses to let something go. His friends and those close to him may walk on and leave him in the same spot as his greed surrounding money has caused him to become a bad person. He may seem quite content standing there with his bags of money, but he is missing all of the exciting opportunities that are happening in the background.

Does this sound at all familiar? Have you been missing out on things because you are desperate to keep your money close? Or have you been untrusting and cruel to your friends, keeping the purse strings completely closed? Don’t get me wrong, it is good to be cautious with money, but you have to remember that money is not the only important aspect of life.

Or perhaps, you are in a different situation. Similar to this you may have been told to previously to loosen up with your finances and you have done so. But you have in turn gone from one extreme to the other. Make sure you have enough to get by and be wary of those trying to take advantage of you or scam you.

Reversed Four of Pentacles as the Answer to ‘Should I invest money?’

Depending on your situation, this card can give you an answer of yes or no. If you have been keeping the purse strings tight and saving for a while, then the answer to this is likely a yes. You can allow yourself to risk a bit of your money, there’s no doubt you have been saving up and this card says that now is the time to maybe do something with the money you have so carefully procured.

Alternatively, if you have been being very generous with your money then this card gives you a hard answer of no. Maybe you have lost some money and you are hoping investing will get you some back. Or maybe your friend has opened a new venture and asked you to invest. If you are generous with your money then it is okay to back down and save some for yourself and if you have lost your money through investing then it certainly isn’t the way to get it back.

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