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The reversed Page of Swords is a card that represents the conflict between our thoughts and our actions or words. This card commonly appears when we have abundant ideas that seem to go nowhere. Alternatively, this card can be a warning about how our words are being deceitful or inaccurate even if it isn’t our intention.

Reversed Page of Swords Description

In the Page of Swords, we see a young and energetic figure with a sword in hand, confidently standing in a green field. The sword pointing towards the sky shows potential and the possibility to go even higher in life. The youth nonetheless looks to the front with determination and even defiance, not allowing ideas to keep them away from reality. The overall pose is energetic and as such, they seem ready to strike into action at any moment. The blowing wind and dark clouds also show us that energy, though they also hold a possibility for strife and conflict. last but not least the green fields show the potential in the youth’s ideas.

Reversed Page of Swords main Meaning

Reversed Page of swords main section

At its core, the easiest way to interpret the reversed Page of Swords is as a disconnect between what we keep in our head and what we are showing to the world. Since the upright Page is a card that represents bold ideas full of potential it should come as no surprise that its reversed counterpart shows ideas that don’t quite make the cut. This card often appears when we are full of ideas but we aren’t applying them properly. In this context, the reversed Page of Swords represents a scatterbrained genius. There are undeniably great ideas waiting to come into fruition, but the way they are being approached isn’t the proper one.

Another way to look at the reversed Page of Swords is in regards to how we communicate with the world around us. The Page of Swords in general shows an innate talent for communication and as such when reversed this gets turned upside down. When this card appears it can signify that your words are ultimately being deceitful. This doesn’t always mean intentional lies, though that is also a possibility. You can be saying things that you don’t truly mean, Or quite simply you might be having trouble saying the things you do feel. One way or another what you truly intend for the world is not what you are telling.

What does Page of Swords Reversed Mean for Love?

For love readings the reversed Page of Swords is usually a bad omen; its warning might not be as dire as other cards, but it rarely carries a good message. If you are in a relationship or getting closer to a special someone the reversed Page of Swords implies that it might be more draining than you’d wish,

The people that this card warns about usually love being right, and this attitude starts affecting all forms of interaction. Suddenly it’s not as simple as a desire to be right when it comes to facts or trivia, but rather it shows up everywhere. They need to be right when it comes to every argument and in regards to every concept. They might begin to start fights on their own so they have the opportunity to discuss and win one more round over you. This attitude in time becomes a punishment for anybody dealing with them. And of course, the card might be a warning that you are heading that way yourself.

A relationship needs understanding and tolerance. We all have our points of view, but we can never force them into others. Nor should we ever accept a relationship that forces us to fight for every single difference with our partner.

Reversed Page of Swords as Feelings

Since the reversed Page of Swords is a card that can take so many meanings this is a good category to use additional cards as support. There are three main ways to look at the message the card is offering, and the easiest way to know which one applies is the tone the other cards take.

If everything in your reading is mostly positive then chances are that the other person does think about you, they just have no clue how to approach you. Remember that traditionally the reversed Page of Swords shows a disconnect between ideas and actions. This tends to imply that the person in question is going in circles as they don’t know how to advance on these feelings.

If the overall tone is more conflicted then it’s best to see the card as a problem in communication. This means that you are having trouble understanding each other and your intent. When this card appears it’s hard to know if kindness means affection or shyness means a lack of interest. It’s important to overcome that barrier between you before trying to ask more on the topic of feelings.

However, if most of the cards are warnings then the card is saying that the other person or how you are approaching them is dangerous. At its darkest moment, the reversed Page of Swords shows people who are callous and openly manipulative. Someone that uses their bright mind and words to manipulate people into their bidding. People like this should be avoided at all costs, and we need to remember to never fall into this path either.

Reversed Page of Swords as Advice

If there’s a main lesson we should take from the reversed Page of Swords, that is to take some time and re-balance our inner selves before moving forward.

As we’ve seen so far it’s really easy for our goals and our actions to be out of tune with each other, and any task engaged this way will face countless issues along the way. In a general reading, it’s easy to interpret this card’s message as not being ready to tackle the topic you asked about. While this isn’t inherently wrong it’s important to keep in mind the reasoning. When this card appears it doesn’t mean that you lack the skills or knowledge to tackle what is in front of you. You are likely capable and ready to handle your projects, but the way you are going about it is not the right one.

The reversed Page of Swords asks us to take a moment to stop and think about our actions and goals. We need to find the proper way to turn our ideas into reality, and this implies changing the way we face the world. Another possibility is that while the way we handle ourselves is seen as successful it’s not honest with our true selves. Sometimes we act for others, and even if we derive “success” from our acts it will be empty until we manage to reconcile it with our true desires.

Reversed Page of Swords Meaning for Job and Career

The message the reversed Page of Swords carries for career readings is one all too common for young people, particularly those who’re just starting to work. If you get this card when asking about work then it’s likely you aren’t sure where to take your career.

Few choices are as complex as choosing “what will you do with your life”. If you have yet to start working properly then you are likely frozen with doubts and fear. But if you are already a worker then you probably are the kind of person that keeps switching jobs without a clear goal. One way or another it’s impossible to deny that the future is a prospect that is overwhelming you.

There’s nothing more natural than to have doubt, more so when it comes to such an important topic. But in life avoiding our troubles is rarely the answer. The longer you are frozen by indecision the longer it’ll take for your proper career path to start. Keep in mind that changing jobs isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Very few people know what they intend to do from the moment they are born. The problem lies when you keep changing jobs without giving any an honest opportunity.

Reversed Page of Swords Meaning for Money and Finance

For finances, the reversed Page of Swords tends to be a warning to keep more grounded ideas when it comes to finances. We all want to make it big and fix our finances in a second but spending energy on impossible schemes is not helping your current money issues. Planning your finances is important, but it can’t be done solely through wild dreams that aren’t feasible to chase. The card can also represent that while you keep countless plans to improve your finances you haven’t used any of them. You just keep your ideas floating around without putting them into practice.

At times the card simply stands for a message, you will likely receive communication on something you’ve been waiting for like a loan or new card. However, as the card arrives reversed the result likely won’t be the one you are expecting. This isn’t always a bad thing, a reversal doesn’t have to be trouble every time. But it does mean you’ll have to adapt your plains to account for this change.

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