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The ace of swords being reversed symbolizes an idea that you might not want to share with everyone just yet. The reason behind this is because you are unsure if everything is going to turn out the way you hoped, you are scared of the results. You need to find more clarity in your mind before sharing what you’ve been thinking about.

Reversed Ace of Swords Description

In the ace of swords, a hand appears through white clouds holding a sword upright. At the top of the sword, there is a crown that is surrounded by a wreath. Behind the hand that holds the sword is a gleaming light, which represents the divine. The crown on top along with the wreath surrounding it represents victory and success, it refers to triumph. While the card symbolizes victory, it also refers to the resilience the user will need in order to navigate through the many obstacles life will present. It represents the challenges one might encounter during our lifetime but also the success that will come after facing those challenges.

Reversed Ace of Swords main Meaning

Reversed Ace of swords main section

Generally, the ace of swords in reverse represents the lack of ideas, confusion, frustration, creative blocks, lack of communication, and failure. It also represents making wrong decisions. At the moment you might be building an idea in your head, you might be thinking about it but you don’t plan to act on it. You don’t think that idea is worth it. This is a sign that you need to protect your thoughts and not assume what hasn’t even happened yet.

The card is telling you that you need to pay attention to your mind as it is very chaotic inside, this is not a good time to make important life decisions since the ace of swords being reversed means you lack mental clarity. If you make the wrong decision, that could lead straight into failure.

The reversed ace of swords also talks about letting other people’s negative thoughts and emotions affect you. This is probably the reason why your mind feels blurred, you are letting others dictate your thoughts. This is the perfect time to stop that behavior. Evaluate your goals and analyze your options, think if you want to go all-in with this idea you have, that way you will earn back the clarity you need.

What Does The Ace of Swords Reversed Mean For Love?

If the ace of swords comes out in reverse in a reading about love, it means there is confusion in the relationship. There is a huge lack of communication which is affecting both parts deeply. This lack of communication and lack of understanding is causing issues in the relationship. It’s leading to a toxic spiral, insults, aggression, not respecting each other, hostility, and resentment. You are falling apart and the destruction of the relationship is coming fast, but you already know that. Value yourself as a person and let go, stand up for yourself and really take your life into your hands. Don’t let anyone treat you like that.

Reversed Ace of Swords Meaning for Love Interest or Crush

It is possible that you might encounter a new love interest in your life, sadly, this is not the best time for you. You might not see it at first but this person is not good for you, deep down your intuition is telling you the same. This person doesn’t share any values with you and they don’t see the relationship as you do. You are probably seeking for a committed relationship, but this person just sees you as something temporal, someone to spend some time with. Do not trust this person, it’ll break your heart. Instead, focus on your healing and mental clarity.

Reversed Ace of Swords as Feelings

Ace of Swords Reversed as Someone’s Feelings For You

This person has been doing a lot of thinking recently, they feel confused and insecure about you. If you are in a relationship with this person, he or she is doubting whether or not to stay with you. Just like you, they don’t have mental clarity right now, they have to organize their thoughts before making the decision to leave or stay. The ace of swords in reverse means that this someone needs to be alone and needs to do inner work to gain stability again. Even if you want to help, the wisest decision here is to step back and let that person heal properly. If you try to intervene, it will only make matters worse.

Ace of Swords Reversed as Your Feelings for Someone

You are feeling confused and insecure, there is a lack of clarity in your head about this person. You don’t know what to do with this relationship, whether if it’s a romantic relationship or a friendship. You have thought about ending this relationship but you don’t want to leave this person, even if it’s hurting you. Even if the relationship doesn’t seem to be going well, there is still hope. If you want to do things well, it’s better for you to focus on yourself right now. You need to be alone with your thoughts and heal.

Reversed Ace of Swords as Advice

These are some of the most common questions people ask tarot readers when it comes to advice and the ace of swords being reversed.

Can I Trust Him?

The ace of swords in reverse talks about confusion and lack of communication, in a relationship or a potential relationship, this is not good news. That is not enough reason to not go for it, but you need to be careful. He is not in the right state of mind, he’s feeling confused and his mind is fogged. If you intervene he might snap at you. This can be different depending on the situation, however, right now it’s best to stay away and let him deal with his problems.

Should I Break Up With Him?

The answer is different for everyone and it really depends on the situation you are in. For some of you, the relationship might be turbulent and toxic. Words are used as weapons against each other and there really is more resentment than love. The relationship probably is aggressive and you are on the receiving end as you are feeling hurt. This is a sign that you need to leave, why waste your time and energy with someone that doesn’t appreciate your presence?

Why Am I Single?

You are single right now because you need to do inner work on yourself before being with someone else. Your feelings and thoughts are confused, now’s the time to gain back your mental stability. Don’t worry about being single, you are on the right path on your own unique soul journey. You just have to work a little bit on yourself first.

Reversed Ace of Swords Meaning For Job And Career

If the ace of swords comes in reverse when you asked about your job and career it could mean that you failed or are about to fail a job interview, it also could mean that you are getting a new job. For some this is good, but this new job doesn’t represent anything exciting for you, you probably don’t like this job, you are just working there because of the money. This card refers to you probably going through a creative block in your work life, you find it difficult to express your ideas to your co-workers as the ace of swords reversed represents lack of communication. It also represents failure, so at this moment is not the best idea to start a new business.

Do you Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

Of course, you need to make money to survive, but have you thought if you are truly happy? You might have been able to get a new job but are you doing it for the money or because you are passionate about it. Take a moment and think about your work life, then think about what makes you happy. You have the decision to go for the dream job you always wanted, you are only a decision away from your happiness.

Reversed Ace of Swords Meaning For Money and Finance

Ace of Swords being reversed speaks about checking twice those contracts before you sign them as they may not work in your favor. Always handle your money with care. Remember that the ace of swords reversed means failure, so, making the wrong decision about money might get you in trouble or make a huge dent in your bank account. It is recommended you go through all of your contracts to see if everything is right, it’s a good time to get everything in order. Also, don’t ever feel like asking is a bad thing, absolutely not! If you don’t understand then it’s better to ask than stay with doubts in your mind.

Should I Spend Money?

There is nothing wrong with spending some money on things you like and you have to spend money to make sure you have your basic needs covered. Money is energy, it will go and it will return. However, make sure you are spending money on the right things and the things you need now. As I said, you can buy things you like every now and then, just stay focused on what your priorities are.

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