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The Five of Cups reversed represents overcoming a period of your life where you have suffered great loss and despair. Your journey here has been long and your weakness distorts your future, but here lies hope and the chance to accept your situation and move on.

Reversed Five of Cups Description

The Five of Cups shows a darkly clothed man, facing away from life and all that it entails in favour of bowing his head in despair as he observes the fallen cups at his feet, failing to see the upright cups behind him. These represent hope and as there are more fallen cups than upright, normally this card would signal times of hardship. Being in a reverse state, the scales tip to the direction of positivity and those upright cups become the main focal point in your journey – onwards and upwards.

Reversed Five of Cups main Meaning

Reversed 5 of cups main section

The Five of Cups in reverse is a very haling card to see in any reading. You may laugh at this, as you assume this darkly clothed man brings little or no good news, but the beauty of a sad card in reverse is that it will bring you new love and light, starting with your inner self.

Recent and chaotic events in your life have left your state of being in turmoil. When life takes this turn, your mind is too frazzled to produce constructive forms of priority, and important matters can get lost, leaving you feeling helpless. What happens now is a brand new start. Everything won’t fall into place straight away, but you will gain control over the little areas, which de clutter your mind and send you on a forward journey to wellness once more.

What Does Five of Cups Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Five of Cups – Meaning For Love Relationships

In feeling guilty about how we have treated others, we fail to overcome being too much in our own heads. This often leads to mutual break ups and mutual as they may be, they can still rupture our present and leave us wondering where we go from here. The future we thought we had, has gone, but this does not mean we do not have future at all. An open path can seem overwhelming, but it is yours to walk and discover new adventure.

Reversed Five of Cups – Love Reconciliation

The Five of Cups in reverse, rather than calling or hinting for reconciliation, is more about forgiving the mistakes of the past in order to forge a new beginning. When we hold love in our hearts, it can be hard to accept something just hasn’t worked, and the refusal to accept such a notion leaves us feeling powerless, but there is a strong indication here that this feeling will disperse soon and you can begin to forgive yourself for the mistakes made, knowing you will not make those mistakes again.

Reversed Five of Cups – Marriage?

Marriage, the merging of two souls, is something to be proud of. To get to a point where your union is so strong that you wish to show your love to all you hold dear means putting to bed a rather inconsistent past between the two of you in favour of a a stronger commitment. This is great news, as your love knows no boundaries and you were made for each other.

Reversed Five of Cups as Feelings

Feelings For You

As far as feelings go, whilst they may be there, you don’t know fully how strong they are, how much they are good for you and why they are surrounded by doubt. Maybe this person is unsure, or not ready to open their heart to you. Don’t allow lack of action to be mistaken for lack of emotion. Some of us need time to adjust to the changes that life brings, even when those changes are good.

I imagine this person may be feeling guilty about how they are approaching their feelings for you, as If their self esteem tells them it isn’t allowed or deserved. It is also likely they come from a place of insecurity and wonder if the same negative outcome will happen to you both. The feelings however, are definitely there.

Feelings for Someone

The Five of Cups in reverse is a cunning fellow, and as your heart opens to the beautiful prospect of a new found love for another soul, your past is eating away at your present opportunity to explore your emotions. Our past is behind us, and often we fail to remember that as we drag it with us wherever we venture, knowing it never bodes well for anything new to occur.

If you have feelings for another, the realisation needs to be at the forefront of your mind. This is not your past, nor is it your future (certainly not if you prevent it yourself), but it is your now. And now is the time to forgive yourself, and move on to better days in love.

Reversed Five of Cups as Advice

Does He Think About Me?

My sheer conclusion here is that yes, he is. This isn’t straight forward and certainly doesn’t come with open doors for an easy ride to love, but his thoughts of your are there and they really mean something to him. The problem lies with the lack of communication between you. Either you or he are not ready to fully divulge your thoughts at this time due to an erosion of hope from matters that have been. You can and will move on from this phase together, if you try.

Is He Cheating?

Presently may be a different story than the past. The cheating whilst likely that it has stopped, is now stopping you both from moving on. Your choice is to either forgive and move on together, using this heartache as a catalyst for better days, or to choose another soul, even yours, to spend time wit and heal. The most important thing is to heal, and not fester in the impossible state of despair for any longer.

Is He Right For Me?

I think, dear soul, that he is absolutely right for you. Why do I think this without knowing you or your soul you ask of? Because when the Five of Cups shows up in reverse, it shows hope and desire being born from the sadness of yesterday. This puts you both in a very strong place to not repeat those same mistakes made afore. Knowing this, and feeling this as one union, you will share mutual respect and high levels of communication which are key to any new meeting of souls.

Reversed Five of Cups Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

Easily repelled by new and exciting roles, your dream job is something that makes you feel safe and cosy. There is nothing wrong with this of course, you have to do what makes you happy. You like to know what is happening, you like to know that you are going to your job, you will see mostly the same people and come home at the same time every day. You find this relaxing and enjoy this consistent element of life.

Whom Can You Count On For Support?

There may be an army of souls awaiting your need, but you sense no urgency to let others close to you. You don’t want them to see the real you, and you hate the idea of being vulnerable. This isn’t due to who you are, it is due to what has happened in the past to make you feel this way. People care about you, if only you could see that and trust in their kindness.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

You like to believe that money offers warmth and security, but it means nothing to you to go out and earn every penny, dollar or dime you can. You are much more modest, floating through life saving and spending in equal balance. You are happy doing this, as opposed to going out to specifically earn your riches. To you, being stable is as rich as you will ever feel.

Reversed Five of Cups Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I borrow Money?

What for? You have everything you need. A table is a table. A chair is a chair. A car is a car. You don’t want the next model, or an upgrade. If something breaks, you will buy a new one but until then, you see no need to borrow anything, because ultimately borrowing needs to be returned and that isn’t something you have the energy for. Your conscience needs and wants to be clear, and you don’t want to be in any debt.

How To Save Money For A Holiday

It is so easy for you now to save money. You know off the top of your head what money you will get each month and where certain amounts need to be allocated. Whatever is left is yours for the taking but you tend to just keep it tucked away if or when you need it. Saving for you is no hassle, and those holidays that are out there, well, with your savings, your destination is entirely up to you.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

Lending money is one thing, but a heart like yours is unlikely to want to chase anybody to repay their debts. As a result you are likely to see yourself severely out of pocket and that, long term, is not something you should be aiming for. All souls surrounding you know how kind you are and if you aren’t careful, they could take advantage. Save your money for emergencies and those you trust to pay it back. This may involve you prompting this, so be ready.

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