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The Tower reversed is a card that represents internal change and transformation. This card foretells a massive transformation, but one born from your own beliefs and attitude and not external factors. Additionally, The Tower reversed can also represent that you are delaying the inevitable, but life can’t be cheated.

Reversed The Tower Description

Fittingly The Tower shows a tall tower in the middle of its art, but a lightning strike now has placed the whole building in peril. Two figures have jumped away from the destruction in desperation, but the art doesn’t allow us to see anything beyond the cliff the tower is built on. The tower as a whole represents dreams and goals that fall apart due to shaky foundations. The tower itself resists the lightning bolt due to its firm construction, but due to the perilous bases, everything is falling apart. The two figures represent the desperation that we feel when our plans fall apart, with no way to know how things will ultimately turn out.

Reversed The Tower main Meaning

Reversed The Tower main section

When it’s upright The Tower represents drastic and unexpected change, the kind of unavoidable transition that affects everything in your life. When reversed The Tower still represents change, however, it becomes a change born from your internal beliefs and your personal growth. Recently you might have been experiencing a change in perspective, found renewed value in things you used to leave behind, and vice versa. Change and growth can be synonymous and it’s not something we should fear. If you are changing as a person then many aspects of your life will also change with you, but this transformation is usually for the best.

The other main way to read the card is a resistance to change. In this context, you can feel the winds of change looming in the background, but you are doing everything you can to stop this process. While we shouldn’t accept everything in our lives it’s also important to admit that there are things we can’t change no matter how hard we try. If someone in your life is trying to have an important discussion with you and you keep pushing them away the situation won’t disappear. If you have noticed an issue with your health ignoring it won’t cure it either. Sometimes we need to face forward and do our best to adapt to the constant changes in our life.

What does The Tower Reversed Mean for Love?

In love readings The Tower reversed is a card that warns us of the importance of addressing the small issues that arise in a relationship. Certain things don’t feel as important when a relationship is just starting, but bad habits can cause tension as time passes. Is your partner prone to forgetting important things? Do they have a bad habit you don’t like? Are fights becoming more prevalent? Small problems can pile up and affect a happy relationship before you notice it. Just like with The Tower itself even a solid foundation can crumble if there are shaky foundations underneath. To avoid such issues you must talk to each other honestly and reach a compromise.

The Tower reversed can also appear as a sign that you are ready to move on. If you have been dragging a flawed relationship for a long time this card can represent that you are now ready to let go and be single again. Similarly for single people, this can be a sign that you are finally letting go of past fears or misgivings and are ready to get back into the dating scene. In short, change is at your hands and the experiences in your life have made sure you are now ready for it; don’t be afraid and seize the day.

Reversed The Tower as Feelings

For readings about feelings The Tower reversed is a card closely associated with fear and inaction. As we’ve seen above The Tower reversed is a card that represents someone in the process of change, someone about to overcome something but still in the middle of that process. When this is applied to a feelings interpretation it tends to mean that someone is close to leaving the limiting beliefs that have taken hold in themselves… But aren’t quite there yet.

When this card appears it tends to signify that there’s a connection between you and the person you are asking about, however, this can’t go further until their change process is completed. This card is most common with shy people and those who constantly live in their thoughts. A person influenced by The Tower reversed is probably overwhelmed by their ideas and how to progress, and that connection with you is a new catalyst in their life.

Being patient and supportive is key when you see this card. As we’ve mentioned before change is ultimately unavoidable, but it rarely is bad when The Tower reversed is involved. So believe in those connections and be considerate, sometimes a helping hand is all someone needs to change.

Reversed The Tower as Advice

The Tower reversed advice yes or no

The Tower reversed is a card that never runs out of advice, so your interpretation will vary based on how deep you are in your change process. However certain elements are common to the message this card offers: There’s no need to be afraid, you will find stability again, don’t go back to your old habits.

In a broad sense, this is a card that tells us the importance of accepting and embracing change as it happens, so it’s often seen as soothing words. “Yes, this is a complex situation, but don’t worry, you’ll come out of this just fine”. When this card appears in response to something that has you scared or stressed out it can be a signal to let go of those feelings. The Tower reversed represents that this change in your life might be unavoidable, but it is for the best. It might be a challenging time, but if you can’t avoid it then you shouldn’t suffer through it.

Another great way to interpret this way is as a recommendation to look at things globally. You might be feeling that everything in your life is changing or falling apart, but how true it is? When we are stressed we take things out of proportion, and our negative feelings only grow more and more. But if we take a closer look at what’s going in our life then this upcoming change might not be as revolutionary as it seems, sometimes our fears are larger than reality.

In short, stay calm and look at things objectively. Change will always be a constant, but how we react is within our control. The Tower reversed is generally a card of good omens, so don’t let it drag you down.

Reversed The Tower Meaning for Job and Career

As far as career readings are concerned The Tower reversed represents unexpected changes that can shake up the status quo at work. That said, unlike its upright counterpart when this card is reversed the consequences of these changes don’t tend to be as drastic or negative. This card can represent a company merge or purchase that puts into question all the available jobs. You might receive an unexpected promotion or find yourself in a completely new position. Or perhaps your company needs to cut corners and some positions are at risk.

However, these shake-ups can be a perfect opportunity for your personal growth. That merge might be the opportunity you needed for your skills to be recognized somewhere else. Your new job might prove to be challenging at first but will provide you with more stability in the long run. And the layoffs might open up a new position where you’ll excel.

At times the changes by themselves are enough to break the monotony and offer a new perspective. Maybe you’ll see a new business idea or realize that there are better career options for you. Change will arrive near you soon, but you’ll be able to make the most out of it if you keep a cool head.

Reversed The Tower Meaning for Money and Finance

For finances, The Tower reversed is a warning about a reoccurring crisis and the importance of giving up. Right now you are probably struggling with a certain aspect of your finances that just doesn’t seem to go away. Maybe the mortgage payments of your new property are dragging you down more than you expected. Perhaps your current salary always ends up falling short of what you need. Or that new business you opened is not working out. One way or another you have been able to withstand but the problem isn’t going away.

In this context The Tower reversed is a card that represents the importance of giving up and letting go. Mortgage is too much for your current finances? It might be wiser to sell at this point and recover your financial stability. Your salary is never enough? Consider a new job, there are more opportunities out there waiting for you. That failing business is dragging you down? Cut ties and start anew, sometimes we can’t save a sinking ship.

The Tower reversed is a card that tells us how sometimes a constant struggle is just pointless. Giving up can be disheartening but being stuck with a continuous debt isn’t any better for you.

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