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Four of Swords reversed represents exhaustion and burn-out. It’s time to relax, your mind doesn’t want to but your heart knows your energy is running low. It’s necessary to take care of yourself now more than ever. Stop trying to do everything at once, focus on one task at a time.

Reversed Four of Swords Description

The four of swords features a knight lying on a tomb, a symbol of stillness. His hands are in a prayer position, often referred to as a sign of calmness and peace. Three swords hang above him and one rests beneath him. The three swords represent the pain from the previous card, three of swords. The fourth sword, the one beneath the knight, it’s a reminder that the suffering has passed and now it’s time to heal. Behind the knight, there are a woman and a child in a stained glass, referring to the warmth of coming home after a long day of fighting.

Reversed Four of Swords main Meaning

Reversed 4 of swords main section

The reversed four of swords means finding mental strength and balance, it also refers to exhaustion. You might have reached a point of mental overload, you took too many responsibilities at once. Your energy was simply not enough for all the stress and anxiety you were experiencing. Four of swords in reverse talks about mental breakdowns, your mind is saturated and if you don’t stop it now, a collapse is coming. Relaxation is needed right away, four of swords reversed sends a message that you need time to rest and recover your energy.

You might be feeling overwhelmed by external factors. Maybe many people have been coming to you for help, your boss might have been sending your tons of extra work, college has been demanding and stressful. Even if you want to help everyone, you have to set boundaries. Otherwise, people can mistake your kindness and take advantage of you, which will result in the feeling of restlessness you have now. The four of swords reversed also speaks about expecting to do multiple tasks at the same time, this is not healthy for you, especially now when your energy is low. Instead, what you need to do now is take a couple of days off and recharge your energy.

What does Four of Swords Reversed Mean for Love?

If you are in a relationship and the four of swords comes out reversed, it’s a sign that your relationship is finally healing after a painful experience. Maybe you were having constant disagreements and fights with your partner, things were not going well before. After you both went through it together now it’s time to heal together as well. However, this could not be the case for everyone.

On the other hand, the reversed four of swords means burn-out or mental breakdown. The stress you both have been experiencing during your time together is simply too much to handle anymore, your relationship is coming to a breaking point.

Will I Find Love Soon?

If you are single, four of swords reversed means that you are healing after not being so lucky with love. You are slowly putting back the pieces of your heart together. You are finally ready to stop mourning your past and take over your life again. This card coming out can also mean that you’re scared you won’t be able to find a happy relationship. You went through so much last time, you’re scared the story will repeat itself over and over again. Let me tell you these limiting beliefs will not serve in any way, it’s best to let them go and see things from another perspective.

Reversed Four of Swords as Feelings

Reversed Four of Swords as Someone’s Feelings for You

There is a possibility that this person feels calm around you. Your presence heals their soul and they feel very happy and energized when they are with you. However, four of swords reversed can also mean that this person feels they need a break from you, they are currently emotionally burnt out, this is not necessarily your fault as they might be going through a difficult period of their lives. They don’t feel mentally capable of handling a relationship at the moment. There are thoughts or events that are still bothering this person to this day, that’s probably one of the reasons why they are mentally overwhelmed.

Reversed Four of Swords as Your Feelings for Someone

Your feelings are conflicted at the moment. You might be feeling the need for a break, you’re in desperate need of recovery. When it comes to this person, It’s most likely that you’ve been feeling lonely, isolated, ignored, and as if nobody understands you. Since you feel this person is not paying enough attention to you, you are trying to isolate your feeling to stop them from hurting you again. You feel disconnected from this person, it’s not what it used to be anymore. You even feel resentful towards them since you are disappointed they let you down.

Reversed Four of Swords as Advice

These are some of the most common questions people like to ask tarot readers for advice when four of swords comes out reversed.

What’s Holding Me Back Right Now?

There is a lack of mental strength present here. You are letting your fears and emotions stop you from getting what you desire. Four of swords reversed talks about being burnt-out, you’ve been struggling to keep your energy up lately. The reason behind this is that your overthinking patterns are taking the best out of you. The solution for this is simple, you need to start clearing your mind of all those negative thoughts and emotions. Daily meditation is highly recommended, do more practices that help you connect your mind and body to regain the balance you lost.

Why Am I Single?

You probably have been trying to find love restlessly and this is exactly what’s keeping love out of your way. Four of swords reversed suggest that now you should focus on yourself, you have too many thoughts on your mind, too many emotions running around. Forcing something to happen usually gives you the opposite of what you wanted. For now, focus on healing and everything will unfold naturally, Trust the timing of your own path.

Why Can’t I Accomplish My Dreams?

The four of swords reversed talks about frustration due to lack of action. When we try to manifest our deepest desires, strong and continued action is required. If you feel you haven’t done enough progress, it’s possible that you haven’t found the right approach yet. Remember, you have to be patient, what’s waiting for you will wait until you are absolutely ready to take it, nobody can take your success away.

Reversed Four of Swords Meaning For Job and Career

A break from work is much needed, maybe it’s time to take those days off you’ve been thinking about. Your mind is exhausted and it needs a break from all energy your work has been draining. Also, this is a good time to think if your job is making you happy, is it really worth it? Take some time to think about this question, it’s possible that you are meant for something else. On the contrary, four of swords reversed represents being able to go back to work after taking a break from it, you might have already taken a break because your stress levels were out of control. Now is time to get back to work.

Should I Quit My Job?

Four of Swords in reverse reveals that you might be suffering from stress and anxiety because of your current job. You feel the pressure is too much, sometimes you think you may not be able to finish all your tasks before the deadline. So, you have contemplated whether if it’s a good idea or not to look for something else. The answer is within you. Think about what your current job makes you feel, if it doesn’t make you happy at all, then maybe it’s time to explore new territories.

Reversed Four of Swords Meaning for Money and Finance

The four of swords reversed indicates that you’ve probably been struggling with your money for some time, however, now you are in a much better place financially. You’re recovering slowly, but you’re making progress. You certainly don’t feel the pressure you used to feel before when money was limited. Your expenses are decreasing and your bills are paid.

Alternatively, four of swords reversed can also refer to the huge amount of pressure and stress you’re feeling due to a shortage of money. People might be offering help, but you don’t want to take it. That will lead you to a mental breakdown that’s knocking on your door sooner than later.

Should I Save Money Or Pay Off Debt?

Paying your debts is important and it’s something you should do as soon as you can if you have the chance, just to get them out of the way. It’s way more comfortable and efficient to save money once your debts are paid. The four of swords reversed speaks about recovering from a difficult time financially but it also talks about not accepting the help you need. If there are people in your life that are offering their help with kindness and you really need it, why not take it?

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