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The Magician in reverse represents pure, unadulterated narcissism. All starts point to this not being you, but rather somebody you are dealing with, whose intent is to manipulate you for purely selfish reasons. It could be that you are experiencing a vulnerable version of yourself at the moment, and that is being taken advantage of.

Reversed Magician Description

The Magician is the connection between the spiritual and physical world. He depicts this by pointing one hand up and the other down to the ground. In connecting his one force to both worlds, he is manifesting everything his heart desires. Pure of heart and knowledgable in experience, he is in possession of all four tarot suits; cups, wands, swords and pentacles. In symbol, these four elements allow The Magician all the tools needed for him to accomplish his life goals and turn thoughts into actions of success. When he is in reverse, his compassion for kindness through connection is lost. Those tools he possess in the upright are used against people with good hearts.

Reversed Magician main Meaning

Reversed The Magician main section

The Magician in reverse is a cunning fellow. One you are likely to encounter rather than be, and your awareness needs to be focused on their motives as opposed to what they are showing you, because those emotions are fake. There is still power in his presence but the card is now telling you to be cautious instead of welcoming. I must stress also that since The Magician neither represents one energy or the other, this could be a male or female figure.

Are you yourself off balance in any way? The Magician can rarely, but sometimes also represent your own unbalance in life. You may feel as though you want something but in reality, your heart is yearning for something separate altogether. You see, dear soul, what we think we need can sometimes end up being the worst thing for us.

What Does The Magician Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Magician – Meaning For Love Relationships

Love is blind, or so they say. As our eyes are peeled to the ideal concept of soulmates and eternal unity, The Magician in reverse is a huge red flag when it comes to love. You may find yourself in a complicated situation of wanting to be able to see the good in a soul that only cares about themselves. They may have you thinking that you are all that matters, but the truth is, this is a story being told to you, to manipulate you. Somebody who claims to care a great deal about you, has been clouding your judgement of late. This is not a good omen.

Reversed Magician – Love Reconciliation

When love ends, we grieve. We grieve for all that is lost and all that we had. Sometimes, we wish for that love to return because it made us feel safe and valued. The Magician in reverse is tricking your mind into believing that you are nothing without this particular soul in your life. It wants you to think that your life is enriched by their mere stature. Your intuition, however deep you have to dig, will tell you otherwise. It is not wise to re-enact old memories, as if they have a place in your present life. They do not.

Reversed Magician – Marriage?

Many people help and support during exciting times like marriage. Loved ones come together and do what they can to make the experience memorable, to take the stress of you. This is so you can enjoy it and recall those special fragments of time, without the added worry. As you will see now, there are indeed loved ones around you, but they are pulling your day apart and telling you rather than you telling them what you would like. This is your opportunity to make a stand and say enough is enough. Your day need not be marred by the selfishness of others.

Reversed Magician as Feelings

Feelings For You

Some souls try every trick in the book in order to make others feel desired. Do they sweep you off your feet? Do they tell you that you are all they’ve ever wanted? Yes. I know the sort. Then behind closed doors, to a select few, their words turn to meaningless spouts of nonsense. This is particularly the case if you are not responding how they want you to respond.

If there is somebody who cares about you, and you feel the same, then the way to allow that to grow and mature is to be mutually respectful of each other. Personal experiences may mean that time needs to be taken when courting. You may not feel totally ready to jump in, and that should be honoured. If it isn’t, and you feel rushed, then step away.

Feelings for Someone

I sense an element of self abandonment. Your morals have slipped, and you have walked away from the good you have been taught by others. You aren’t going to get that person to like you, or fall in love with you, if you are to treat them this way. The advice here is to keep your feelings under wraps and act upon them wisely and modestly.

If the soul in the question whom captured your heart is of the notion that you are trying to gain insight into their world or heart through avoidable embarrassment, they will not want to reciprocate in any way. Do you blame them? Why would they want to if from the start you care more about others knowing your feelings rather than the soul in question? Be kind.

Reversed Magician as Advice

The Magician reversed advice yes or no

Does He Think About Me?

The only thing he truly thinks of, is how he can get to you next. Remember that manipulation can happen to anyone. It doesn’t make you unintelligent to souls like this who may be willing to make you feel unworthy. They can be masters of disguise, and at one time or another, we have all be victim to this behaviour. You shouldn’t be afraid of confronting people who cause you pain, or who seek to be untrue. You are worth far more than this, and you know it.

Is He Cheating?

You are confused by what is likely going on and what your heart wishes to be true. Yes, it can leave a person torn when battles occur with their mind and gut, but that instinct you have that he is, needs to be addressed. Whatever the reason may be – it’s there, it needs to be explored. I’m positive you neither want to or deserve to be feeling as though something terrible is happening without your knowledge but I know you will do the right thing and speak up, because this really matters.

Is He Right For Me?

I want to soothe your concern by reminding you that there is not just one right person in the world for another. The beauty of walking and sharing this beautiful planet with billions of other souls, is that we can meet people we care about deeply at different times in our lives. Quite often, we also attract the types of people that are drawn to our current state of being. If you feel disconnected, you will likely find yourself in a tricky situation. The stronger you are inside yourself, those opportunities will arise whereby you will seek souls alike, who feed your positivity rather than zap it. If you don’t feel he is right for you, focus on your inner work to bring your dream soul to life.

Reversed Magician Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

You do not care what you get paid, as long as you are doing something you love. Yes, there are jobs out there that would fill your bank account with endless supplies of money, but money is not of interest here. You view it as the root of all evil and are content with just what you need, the odd treat, and your bills paid on time. If you are happy working a day job that meets those requirements, then you have already surpassed your own desires.

Should I Change Careers?

I feel as though you should only do so if it is going to make you happy. I sense you would even currently do so whilst taking a fairly huge pay cut at the moment because you are now looking at your priorities as things that have changed dramatically. This could be off the back of bad health or a break up. Perhaps even a loss of a loved one has left you making huge decisions, but I see determination within you.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

Money to you is simply payment for things you need. Your house, the bills, maybe even a car, and food on your table. Big companies can keep their latest phones and TV’s, you are not interested in the slightest. That’s OK, you are allowed to walk away from meaningless gadgets in favour of your own sanity and happiness. In fact, more people should be like you. I applaud your ejection of corporate manipulation.

Reversed Magician Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

I think you would sooner do a million other things before you borrow money. I’d go as far to sat you would sooner rid yourself of your biggest fears in life than take the offer of a lump sum. Why? You’ve looked back at terrible life experiences that have centred around money and you don’t wish to repeat those for yourself again. Lessons learned have shown you have grown in this area of life.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

You find it easy to save for anything, because you spend little enough as it is. You have got a list of improvements you need to make, because they are required rather than imagined creations of greed. The shower has been leaking, so that needs to be fixed. The carpets are worn, so you need to pick new ones. These are all easily saved for expenditures because you are very sensible with money.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

Now, The Magician in reverse is a huge warning to avoid lending money. If you have received this card off the back of this question, you need to shut down all possibility of a loan. You will likely be told that this soul in particular is desperate for money. They need it yesterday. It is urgent. All of the above are untrue and to be sucked into these lies is to be the constant giver of cash and never ever see a penny or dime in return.

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