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The Lovers in reverse represents disconnect in love. Your union may be coming to an end or that you are simply no longer on the same page. Your differences are too much and you can no longer see a future together. Similarly, it could represent the loss of something you love, such as a failed exam or a job loss.

Reversed Lovers Description

The Lovers are an enviable pairing. Standing beneath an angel,they are together, and heal through all life’s trouble sand tribulations. Feminine symbols include the apple tree behind the woman and a river flowing. Masculine symbols are also present and show his fiery passion for love and life as well as the phallic shaped mountain in the background. What this results in, are two forces joining together in body and spirit to create a powerful force. When in reverse, we see a major shift in contentment and focus much more on conflict and the parting of ways.

Reversed Lovers main Meaning

Reversed The Lovers main section

The Lovers in reverse are not a happy duo. In fact, they have been living in a state of denial for quite some time and are finally coming to terms with the huge ramifications of their departure from love. You are not feeling the same level of closeness as you once did with your soul, and the feeling is likely to be mutual. This is heartbreaking for anybody, and you are being encouraged to question whether or not it is wise to continue living this way.

We get to that crucial point where we have to make an important decision. Do you fight for what you have, or do you let go? That is a question only the both of you can answer honestly. I will say though, that love is the foundation of all hope and beauty. If the love is there, the hope remains. What kills a union further is the level of disrespect that comes with instability. If your arguments outweigh your happier moments, you may have some serious rethinking to do.

What Does The Lovers Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Lovers – Meaning For Love Relationships

As you know, love can fall into tricky times. We can be oblivious to this and find ourselves falling down rabbit holes of difficulty with little to no notice but other times we see it coming. We notice the changes. The looks of love disappear and are replaced with tuts or grumbles. The agreement for the simplest things cannot be achieved peacefully and quite simply, love fades. You are faced with this scenario right now and I know from experience how unpleasant it can be.

Reversed Lovers – Love Reconciliation

We all wish we should freeze time and stay where we are. Why is that? Is it because it is easier to remain in an unhappy union rather than take the plunge and find true happiness? You are being drawn back to this old flame due to habit and not love. A wild thought here, but what if in one years’ time you were to find your soulmate? You felt desired and understood and you lived a happy life together. Would you still want to return to the past? I don’t think so.

Reversed Lovers – Marriage?

You are being asked to honestly evaluate your relationship at this time. The pull to connect with your personal beliefs here is incredibly strong because marriage in every aspect, is a firm and long standing commitment. One does not want to rush in or make incorrect promises. Telling yourself everything is going to be fine isn’t really enough here, and so you are asked to weigh up your current situation. Are the arguments increasing, and are they leaving you feeling lethargic and filled with fear? Think hard.

Reversed Lovers as Feelings

Feelings For You

Once upon a time, yes. There was once a moment, probably more than one, held entirely for you and how you make them feel. Oh, you missed it? Why am I not surprised. You’re both like passing ships, and that isn’t something you can get back. Right now you are wanting or hoping for something, but you are too little too late.

Sometimes though, fate does this for a reason. We aren’t meant to have a happy ending all the time because otherwise how would lessons be learned? How would we grow and what tools would we have to carve a better outcome the next time? It doesn’t have to be heartache. It can be part of the school of life.

Feelings for Someone

You’ve skirted around these feelings for what seems like an eternity. Here was once a time they thought you would say something, but in staying silent, you ruptured your chance to be happy. This doesn’t help you here as you still struggle with those feelings, now wasted.

What do you believe to be true about loving someone? Do you think that in silently caring, you are going to form a bond like no other? It doesn’t happen that way. You care and love and want all those happy ever afters, but unless you voice your thoughts, nothing is going to change. Don’t leave it too late, because a soul won’t wait if they don’t know to.

Reversed Lovers as Advice

The Lovers reversed advice yes or no

Does He Think About Me?

His thoughts are based around his confusion between liking you and not knowing how it could work between two people who are so different. In his head, this is like solving an advanced maths problem as he battles with his heart and mind and he needs a good reason to put himself out there, in telling you his thoughts. Could you help him?

A daunting thought it is, to be vulnerable and care for another. A risk it is to leap into the unknown and learn and grow as you go along the way but it is possible here. Give him a reason to explore this potential together. Offer some mutual bonding and you may find yourself living in hope for a happy ending. Anything is possible.

Is He Cheating?

Where conflict lies, conflict grows. If you have had a troublesome time of it and you are drifting further and further apart, it could be that he has found solace in another. It isn’t what you want to hear and I don’t want to offer the news, but there is a very likely scenario being played out that he is treating you unfairly. Could it be the straw that breaks the camels back? It depends how you feel about your self worth. This shouldn’t be something you merely put up with. You have to shift your focus onto what is best for you.

Is He Right For Me?

It depends what you believe to be right. If right is having every little thing in common, then no. But then begs the timely question, ‘Do you have everything in common with anybody?’ You might think you do, or rather the ideal man in your head does. I’ve news for you though, that man does not exist. We are all different, but it is how we learn to get along that makes us unique. You can find a soulmate in a contrasting personality. Ensure you step away from any toxicity or conflict though, because that will not bode well for a happy and secure future.

Reversed Lovers Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

You are so sick of the fast paced life. A job, in all its glory to you should be relaxing and manageable. You can’t be in two places at once, you cannot be working on five different projects at the same time. You’ve been there, done that and you don’t want to be a part of it any longer. Now what? The choice is yours, and you do have them. You possess skills many would be enviable of and if they aren’t professional, they are personal qualities. Channel into this and follow what you believe to be true because you will be rewarded.

Should I Change Careers?

You are being told to do what is right for you. The Lovers in reverse is a strong card to hold for any change, because that change is not to be taken lightly. It isn’t a whim and it is likely to lead to much better thing and so the main objective here is to find that happy place and sit in it. Doing so before you feel the total stress of life is so wise here.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

Money means everything to you, because without it you wouldn’t be able to have all the exciting experiences that you do. You know it isn’t all bills bills bills and so as a result, if the excess money isn’t available to be spent then your fun times will come to an end. You are being encouraged to make the most of it though because it won’t last forever and you will soon have more responsibilities on your hands. Happiness doesn’t need to come from a bank account, but you will learn this in time.

Reversed Lovers Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

Do you believe you are borrowing money for the right reasons? I don’t think you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be displaying this level of uncertainty. Something in the back of your mind is preventing you from asking aloud for some support, and I don’t know if that is pride or lack of direction. If you just fancy a bit of cash, then borrowing is not for you. Ensure you are asking for an exact sum for an exact reason so that you can keep your mind on track.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

You must resist the urge to be impulsive at this time. The Lovers in reverse offers you a really good view of what could happen if things go wrong, and I don’t want that for you. Neither do you, especially if it involves making something look or seem worse than it is. Restorations are a huge project, and I know you are capable of seeing it through, but throwing money and anything and everything just to make it happen more quickly, is going to rinse you dry before you get halfway through.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

Sending or lending money to loved ones at this time is going to be a bit of a mistake. Not because you shouldn’t trust them, but because of why they need the money. The reason may not be something you are fully on board with, and that could mar the return of it to you. Are they being totally honest? Will it likely be gambled or wasted? It is your hard earned money, and you don’t want arguments surrounding the loaning and returning of it, so be sure.

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