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The Fool in reverse represents the reckless pursuit of starting everything and achieving nothing. Responsibilities are a fruitless labor for you, as you diminish chance with choice to disappoint yourself and fail. In giving your attention to anything and everything, you are spread so thinly that you are literally your own worst enemy. More fool you.

Reversed Fool Description

The Fool depicts a curious young fellow, embarking innocently on a journey that will change his life. Excited, he gazes upwards as he stands precariously on the edge of a cliff. He is likely not unaware of his dangers, more that he is willing to take risks in order to get to where he wants to be. Strong he is, he has much to learn and he travels light with just a small bag, for he needs little in order to absorbs the world and its teachings. In reverse, The Fool is changed greatly to be perceived as negatively fearless. He cares not about what he ends up with, as long as he flits from one to the next, in an empty pursuit.

Reversed Fool main Meaning

Reversed The Fool main section

The Fool by very name is the nature of this card in reverse. Ever the careless risk taker, you are pursuing everything and gaining nothing in return. Behind you is a sea of incomplete tasks and afore you are a dozen more that you will chew your way through and spit out halfway through. It feels empty and soulless but your happiness is lost in your own incomplete thoughts.

The Fool in reverse is a warning to you to hold back on any spontaneous ideas or whims. There is a time and a place for spur of the moment thoughts or actions, and this is not one of them. How heavy your heart would be down the road if you continue as you are now and accomplish nothing. What you need is time and a sensible head on your shoulders.

What Does The Fool Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Fool – Meaning For Love Relationships

As you live your life in this loving union, you are preventing progress between you with your behaviours. These may not be completely destructive in a direct way, but they are stalling any hope your relationship has and at the very worst, they will destroy it altogether. I don’t believe you want this, but I also believe you think you are indestructible and quite frankly, this is not the case at all. I don’t want you to have to learn the hard.

Reversed Fool – Love Reconciliation

The Fool in reverse tries his best to give you the answer you desire, but sadly he cannot catch up with you because you won’t stand still. What you want is reunion, and a chance to show your love in all its glory to win the heart of another back. How can you do this if you are too busy with other endeavours? What means more to you? However many eggs are in your basket, eventually they will start to crack as the pile increases. You certainly have hope, but not all the while you carry so many tasks.

Reversed Fool – Marriage?

You haven’t made much time for each other of late. This isn’t new news to you, because you have spent the best part of up to a year taking advantage of one another. You are there in body yes, but your minds are on a thousand other things and all at the time time. Perhaps you have previously wanted to invest further into this pairing but I don’t see that coming together unless you can both free up your diaries and reconnect. This will take longer than just a few days or weeks – there is work to be done.

Reversed Fool as Feelings

Feelings For You

A soul has been trying to get your attention for a long time now. They have literally stood in front of you with both hands in the air, waving frantically. Have you noticed? Not at all. You haven’t the time to deal with minute matters when there is much work to be done doing nothing. You are far too busy to be absorbed into this lunacy.

What I you stopped for a second to listen to your heart? What is it telling you? If you stand still for long enough you may feel it flutter as your eyes finally lock with theirs and that is the sign you need in order to slow your roll of life and take a moment to get to know this special someone. There is much potential for happiness if you weren’t so reckless with their heart.

Feelings for Someone

There are ways and means of getting your point across. The Fool in reverse serves a warning to you that jumping in with all guns blazing then backing out almost immediately is going to confuse that special soul you are wanting to attract. Don’t make promises that you cant keep, because in letting someone down, they are unlikely to stick around for another round.

What can also appertain are the rather cutting rumours that could circulate if you do this often. Don’t trust her or that soul, it leave many disappointed with little remorse. To be that person, in the firing line of what is actually the truth, is a lot of mess to unravel and fix. It is far easier to be nice in the first instance and show some love for the heart you wish to win over.

Reversed Fool as Advice

The Fool reversed advice yes or no

Does He Think About Me?

He certainly thinks about the way you are. If only you were less in your own head and more open to the receiving of a heart. He wishes your foolish moves were more leaps of faith. He wants to see that you are likely to look after him the way he wants to look after you, but there is little doubt in his mind that now is the wrong time to act upon such feelings. You are not in the right place right now and he is keeping his distance, in the hope that one sweet day, you meet as destined.

Is He Cheating?

There may be a few admirers scattered around his perimeters at this present time. He is an attractive force of nature from the inside out, and sadly, others will notice and pic up on the fact that he may feel lonely from time to time. Why is that? Perhaps you are always doing something and not making enough time for him. That shouldn’t excuse any flirtatious behaviour between him and another (or others), but he does not want to hurt you. That attention he is missing from you needs to be unravelled, and soon.

Is He Right For Me?

I would love to have seen you meet in ten years form now. Everything is out of your system,you have had your fun, you’ve learned your lessons and you are ready to decipher what you want from what does not serve you. Presently, you are still on that journey, but you are not learning a great deal from your mistakes or incomplete goals. That is not a strong foundation for love and if anything, you are not right for him at this time.

Reversed Fool Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

The dread you feel as you enter a building, knowing you have a dozen things to take care of fills you with absolute dread. Understandably so, because if I were you I would be feeling the same. Don’t you ever wish you could just go to work and keep your head down and get paid. Anything where you are causing a disturbance to your colleagues, even if you sit communally and aren’t getting on, you are better off stepping back and re evaluating your work ethic.

Should I Change Careers?

You can bounce from job to job all you like, this won’t solve the issue of you not knowing what you want to to do with your professional life. With so much choice out there, it can be hard to decide on one path, especially if each job takes time and money to either study or educate yourself along the way. Is it better to follow your heart and listen to your intuition? I think so. Only then will you truly know your calling in life.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

Money can be the root of all evil, and it certainly is when you treat it with disrespect. A little money here, a little money there, and here you are, happy as you’ve ever been. It isn’t long though, before you become bored, subdued with what you have and wanting more and more. It comes as quickly as it goes but this level of foolishness in every sense of the word cannot be sustained. Happiness, by all means, is more than the hollow cycle of earning and spending your money.

Reversed Fool Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

You will see the value of money even less if it doesn’t come from you. If you haven’t put the hours of graft into raising it, then you most like won’t care at all about returning it. This won’t be so bad if you have borrowed from a trusted loved one although the hurt will remain. It will only worsen if you have banks to answer t, as they replace friendliness and love with interest rates, hard for you to keep up with and spiralling you further down the chain of debt.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

It would surprise me greatly if you were to even admit there needs to be work done in your home. Not to say that you aren’t bothered, but seemingly your thoughts and actions are elsewhere. You currently view pouring money into your home a wasted endeavour as it holds little love and affection within you. Why is that? The money won’t save itself. There needs to be a line drawn in your expenditures to ensure the money is there for these tasks.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. The Fool is alive and kicking here as you risk losing everything to temporarily fix somebody else’s mistakes. See this as a huge warning to you, to keep your finances firmly under your belt. Share with nobody and nobody will ask. If you wave your earnings around, almost bragging, they will flock to you like sheep at feeding time. What will happen to you? You’ll be left, penniless in afield, wondering where it all went wrong. Your money is yours, and yours alone.

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