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The Empress in reverse represents feminine energy lost in their own soul searching. The qualities you want to connect with are being avoided either by fault or by habit, and this suppression will lead to a feeling of further emptiness. There is a sheer lack of independence in your life, and in a lot of cases there are also issues surrounding fertility.

Reversed Empress Description

The Empress is the Mother figure of the tarot deck. Sat upon her throne, the impression from the image is that of peace. Tranquil is her aura, she wears a crown adorned with twelve stars, representing the cycle of Earth, her Mother. The Empress is a symbol for fertility and weaves effortlessly the concept of creativity and harmony around her. The image of wheat brings forth a harvest and blessings from the Earth to those she surrounds. In reverse, we see these incredible gifts and offerings taken away and replaced by emptiness and instability.

Reversed Empress main Meaning

Reversed The Empress main section

The Empress in reverse is a promiscuous woman. There is nothing loving about your life at the moment by comparison. Perhaps you’ve had a string of affairs or meaningless flings, or are currently debating another in your life. Something underlying is causing this change within you, and you are refusing to address it, instead focusing on temporary wants and needs in order to make you feel less empty.

When there is a major imbalance in our lives, quite often we don’t recognise this as a problem until it becomes too much of a heavy load to carry with us. By then, often it becomes harder to untangle it all due to the overwhelming and often unbearable task of admitting you are in an undesirable place. Is is often where you feel blocked, and your usual creativity has been scuppered by confusion and shallow behaviour.

What Does The Empress Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Empress – Meaning For Love Relationships

When The Empress in reverse is revealed in a love reading, there is little room for emotion. This is due to the hollowness that can be created by meaningless encounters. Are you rebelling against an old situation? Do you see these fruitless experiences as a way of gaining control? What is likely is that you have concluded your self worth is no longer important and that your negative thoughts are drawing negative and loveless souls into your life.

Reversed Empress – Love Reconciliation

Go back, but only go back for love. That is what I am telling you, because The Empress in reverse is a warning to you that you may be wanting a reconciliation through sheer habit. This is not a reason to retain somebody in your life. If you feel unable to express yourself clearly, retreat and re-evaluate what you want for yourself. That includes from both yourself and other people. Once your value is established, you will look to better people and more enriching opportunities in love.

Reversed Empress – Marriage?

Materialistic relationships never last. One soul or both, will always be craving something more. They get bored easily and want bigger and better, and often is the case they will, or you, will do the same to each other eventually. What you should think about is the stark difference between a wedding and a marriage. Do you want a celebration of your union that will last a lifetime, prepare you seeking a lavish party filled with gifts and an expensive white dress? Marriage is sacred, and should be treated as such. If you know this already, then you do not have a problem.

Reversed Empress as Feelings

Feelings For You

Empty feelings can lead to empty patterns of behaviour. You are of course concerned that you want to fall in love and live the rest of your life with the right person, but I want to specifically say now, that this soul is not the one. Whilst his feelings may seem tempting, they are not substantial.

They carry the promise of laughter and good times, but that seed you want to grow and become a tree, is not there. If they want t carry on like this, then let them. But you are better than that, and being just another number is of little interest to you and the big ideas you have ahead of you. Don’t be drawn from them for the sake of getting hurt, because that is what is likely to happen here.

Feelings for Someone

Allow these feelings to just be. Let them grow if they are meant to, but equally let them die if they are meant to. The most practical gift you can offer your heart right now is to just let them be, and do not act upon them. It is never wise to do so when your mind is not in the right frame for a big step such as a new relationship, or for the potential.

To be cautious is to be sensible. You’ve some work to do on yourself, and that work will improve your appeal to others. When yo are in a stronger place and have found some balance restored, you are going to depend less on others to do so. Emotional emptiness is a warning to us that we are not allowing things to just be.

Reversed Empress as Advice

The Empress reversed advice yes or no

Does He Think About Me?

My dear, he may be thinking about you, but the real problem is what are you doing about it, if at all? I suspect one of two things. You are either pushing for this to happen faster, much faster than necessary. Are you turning up at places you know he will be, just to wave and smile and show your presence? The other side of the coin is that you are blissfully unaware that he even wants to think about you. You see, my dear, you are a paperweight on a scale with nothing on the other. Find your balance, and tune in to what you see and feel.

Is He Cheating?

Love, in others’ eyes, can sometimes mean one passionate night with another. Two souls colliding for a sensual experience like no other, destined to never meet or even speak again. The throes of passion carry the weight of mystery with them as they depart, to live separate lives. If he is cheating, may you know that this is through no fault of your own and is instead due to the empty desire of the soul you once trusted. The only way to be sure, is to ask him directly. Be sure to read him well as he offers his reply.

Is He Right For Me?

Brief encounters are not necessarily wrong, but they hold little weight for a hopeful future. If you are in a loving relationship, and you feel loved, then you are in a much stronger position for a promising life together. However, The Empress in reverse is your warning to remember how to care and think of yourself from time to time. You may be thinking of starting a family and this may not come as immediately as you would like. If you are playing games with another, and neither know where you stand, then my suggestion here would be that he is likely not for you.

Reversed Empress Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

Your frustration is evident as you move through these changes with a large creative block. It overwhelms you to think you may be asked to design something, or create an idea for a new business venture. You are happy in any kind of administration role, where you file reports or answer the concerns of others. You are happy with a pen and paper as long as it isn’t something you have to bring to life, rather a list of instructions or sums that will keep you in your comfort zone.

Should I Change Careers?

My only worry for you if you decide to up and lave your work is that you are going to run into a new opportunity too quickly, and with little thought or consideration surrounding how you will attain consistency and flow. You may desire change, and we all do from time to time. As we grow, our interests change. We drop what once was a priority to focus more on our own needs and I feel this is where you are currently leaning. Be and do what you feel is right, but prepare yourself for inevitable creative twists and turns along the way.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

Your main issue here is your worry that others may see your endeavours as a non profitable concept. Do you risk caring about what they think, stopping you from going your own way, or do you listen and agree that a stable job with more financial security will be best? I think the former, because it was never about the money for you. Yes, you’ve enough to cover your costs, put food on your table and petrol in your car, and you just so happen to be doing something you love along the way!

Reversed Empress Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

We can all be a little shy when it comes to raising our hand and asking for help. It can be seen as a sign of failure to be open to offers of support during times of hardship, but what you are doing is creating an opportunity for yourself to grow and produce something promising. Here is a great example. The money you need isn’t for a new dress, or a fancy car. It is to put towards a project you feel strongly about, and that can really take off if given the right input. You will use it wisely and reap the rewards for repayment.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

Daunting as it may seem, home restorations are about allowing your creative energy to flow, and building a home worthy of your company. You can decide on colours and textures, and have a fun time doing so, but I feel as though this is where you seem lost. It can be hard to visualise what we want or see as beautiful, especially with little experience The important thing is, if the money is there, then it can be spent however you wish. You’ve the time to design and play with ideas along the way.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

You can offer it, but do they really need it? Remember if you push too far, you can potentially lose people. They may take a huge step back and say, ‘No, I don’t want to ask her, she is too overpowering.’ Hurtful for you to believe this could be the case because you come from a loving heart but be mindful of pushing your money or agenda onto others because not everybody takes kindly to it. Ask with composure and remind them it’s there if they wish.

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