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The reversed Page of Wands is a card that represents an inability to give shape to your plans or projects. It could be that you are lacking ideas, but it’s also possible that you have countless ideas without the focus they demand. One way or another you’ll need to go back to the planning board to fulfill your new plans.

Reversed Page of Wands Description

The art in the Page of Wands shows us a single man with a wand in hand, standing firm and proud in a desert. The man is looking at his wand and in particular the vines now growing from it, showing an interest and inspiration in its growth and potential. Yet he’s planted firmly in place without advancing, letting his ideas fully form before taking action. The card depicts a desert which represents how the figure can find inspiration and new ideas even where others only see barren lands. His tunic is adorned with salamanders, which stand for transformation and growth, once again reaffirming the card’s message of finding new possibilities.

Reversed Page of Wands main Meaning

Reversed Page of wands main section

The reversed Page of Wands stands for new ideas or goals that we can’t seem to get in motion regardless of our best attempts. This can be caused by various factors but at its core it represents that we keep finding obstacles in our way, whether they come from outside or from ourselves.

When it comes to things in our control there are usually two main ways to read the card. Maybe you have many ideas for new projects or ventures, but you can’t seem to get all the small details in place. This card can often represent people who are abundant in imagination but have trouble lading down their ideas. Inspiration is of course a vital step to fulfill any goal, but you might need some help to transform those ideas into realistic plans.

The card however can also represent the other end of the balance. You might be lacking ideas, creativity, and flexibility. You are feeling stuck and can’t think of anything to advance in your goals or find new objectives. Stagnation is often a symptom of being tired, so a break or meditation might help boost your creativity.

Of course, sometimes the card will warn us about factors outside of our control. External factors might cause a work project to get delayed or canceled altogether. In these cases, it’s important to be patient and let those obstacles reach their end to try again.

What does Page of Wands Reversed Mean for Love?

For single people the reversed Page of Wands has a simple message: You need to be sure of what you are looking for. Chances are that you have countless ideas going over your head but aren’t sure what you are ultimately looking for. This card usually warns of people who are wandering in their life and emotions without a clear idea of what or who they want to commit to. Searching for love for the sake of love will ultimately be an aimless pursuit; so you need to sit down and consider what you truly want. If you get the reversed Page of Wands then it’s time to take a pause and look inside yourself for clear answers.

For those of you in a relationship the card usually represents a lack of passion in the present. This card often appears when the honeymoon period ends and those overflowing feelings start to slow down. However, it can also represent other setbacks that cause your relationship to turn cold. You need to remember that a relationship is not a goal but a road. Find ways to work in your relationship and inject some more passion back into it. The reversed Page of Wands does not represent a concerning omen on its own, it just talks about what’s currently going on in your life. So take heed of the message and find solutions before it escalates any further.

Reversed Page of Wands as Feelings

As we’ve seen so far the reversed Page of Wands is a card that speaks about the struggles to bring ideas to realization, As such the card does not usually offer the most optimistic message when it comes to reading feelings.

If you are asking for your feelings towards someone then you probably are aware of what the intended meaning is. That doubt that led you to ask the cards? It’s still there. The reversed Page of Wands usually represents that despite all the time you spend thinking about someone you still aren’t sure what your true feelings are. This focus on the other person coupled with the lack of concise answers can make you fall more and more into a cycle of questioning what your true stance is. Try to make a reading with more cards, that way you’ll have a clearer answer. Alternatively, spend some time on yourself. Take a break from trying to solve all your doubts and live in the present for a change of pace.

The reading is very similar when it comes to someones’ feelings for you. Likely, they aren’t sure about how they feel for you, or their current mindset has stopped them from even considering it. When you see this card in regards to someone you know then their mind is likely all over the place. Try extending a helping hand, not only will you get a clearer reading once this is in the past, but you’ll get closer along the way.

Reversed Page of Wands as Advice

The reversed Page of Wands has a clear message for anybody looking for advice: You need to find a new focus.

Regardless of what kind of topic you are seeking advice for, any situation the reversed Page of Wands foretells can be improved with a new focus in your life. You aren’t sure why your romantic endeavors aren’t working out? You need to find out what’s what you are looking for in love. Your newest business is still struggling to get off the ground? Go back to the drawing board and find out what angles you didn’t consider. You aren’t making progress in your set goals? It’s time to take a few steps back and ask yourself which ones are necessary and which ones are not.

Whenever you have issues reaching your desired goals the easiest way to finally find a solution is to change the way you look at things. That way you’ll be able to see if there are issues with the way you are trying to handle things or with your projects themselves. There’s nothing wrong with struggling to get your ideas off the ground, this happens to all of us. However, things won’t improve if we change nothing on our end.

Reversed Page of Wands Meaning for Job and Career

When it comes to your work-life the reversed Page of Wands usually means that there’s a serious disconnect between your current position and the job you dreamed of in your head. This can of course come from being in a line of work you didn’t plan for, however, it can also happen if you are in your “dream job”.

As the reversed Page of Wands constantly talks about not being able to bring ideas to reality it should come as no surprise how straightforward its meaning is for career readings. However, you need to think about your current situation to figure out where you truly stand. Is your work as awful as you currently feel? Is it so different from what you envisioned? If there’s not such a huge gap between your head and reality then it’s most likely that you are simply tired. Anything can get draining with time, it’s as simple as that. You need to take breaks when possible so the things you enjoy don’t become grating.

If there is a clash between your dreams and reality then it’s time to find a path to reach your desired work life. If you have ideas for how to advance into a better position then make sure to set some time every day to going over your plans and putting them into action. If you aren’t sure how you’ll get there then use that time to research and plan instead. Change is always possible, but it requires action.

Reversed Page of Wands Meaning for Money and Finance

In finances, the reversed Page of Wands usually is foretelling or announcing a period of financial instability, usually one caused due to a lack of foresight. It’s very possible that in recent times you had a period of financial abundance and you might have overextended your resources as a result. Large investments that have yet to pay off might be affecting your current stability. Or maybe the fees of large purchases are now taking their toll on you.

Money like everything else in life isn’t fixed and unchanging. We all tend to experience periods of growth and decline when it comes to our finances, and this setback is teaching you to plan ahead of time. Periods of abundance are great for investments of course, but it’s always important to keep funds for later. An economic setback can come at any time, so you must learn to use times of abundance to prepare for less fortunate times.

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