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There are three figures on this card, so teamwork is abundant. Three heads are better than one as they say, and this card knows it. It is time to share your ideas and accept help as in reverse, this card says that your team is floundering.

Reversed Three of Pentacles Description

Three people stand in this card, an apprentice, a nobleman, and a priest. They are looking to build a cathedral and are taking ideas from all perspectives. The three people are standing in front of a cathedral, something that they are all working on building together because with their different backgrounds, they all have different views. In this team, the experience or age doesn’t matter because they know that every individual has unique ideas that deserve to be heard. But when this team is flipped on its head, their dynamic is also reversed and the project can often be forgotten and neglected, causing it to be a failure.

Reversed Three of Pentacles main Meaning

Reversed 3 of pentacles main section

The meaning of this card in the reversed position is that the team is not working. There are many reasons as to why this may be feeling, perhaps competitive spirit and competitiveness have won out over the original goal. Or maybe being stubborn with ideas has prevented the best idea from being developed. Whilst this may simply sound like a team of colleagues, there are many situations in life that this card can apply itself to. You form a team with your family and your friends and sometimes a lot of work is required for those dynamics too. No matter the specific situation, the general message of this card is the same. You need to put some effort into fixing your team so that the original, common goal can be achieved.

The main points to remember when this card appears are that a team is at risk of collapsing, there are communication issues, and that stubbornness and competitiveness to be the best in the team may actually be the downfall of all of you.

What does Three of Pentacles Reversed Mean for Love?

You and your partner are supposed to be a team. But if this card appears, then it seems as though you’re not functioning like one. Relationships are work, though not everyone is willing to put that work in. There are compromises on serious situations that need to be dealt with. Is one of you trying to get everything to go your way and not giving the other person anything? That’s not practical in a relationship and is sure to destroy the team that you are supposed to have built for yourselves. You need to treat each other like teammates in your relationship, otherwise you might soon become enemies.

It can also simply mean that now is the time to try and keep on top of your relationship. Communication between partners can sometimes break so subtly that it is difficult to even identify these issues until it is too late. Maybe now is a great time for the two of you to have a deep conversation and address any worries you have. You should also address the positive sides, sharing your dreams and ideas with your partner only deepens the connection that you and your partner have.

Reversed Three of Pentacles as the Answer to ‘Are they hiding something from me?’

The reversed three of pentacles usually means that there are communication issues, but these issues can be fixed. It is possible that this card has appeared because there is a secret between you and your partner. Don’t assume the worst, it does not automatically mean they are hiding something awful from you. However, they may have felt the need to hide something because the two of you cannot communicate properly. The easiest way to deal with this is to simply talk to your partner. Don’t begin accusing them of keeping secrets, simply address that you want better communication and hopefully with time they should open up to you more.

Reversed Three of Pentacles as Feelings

If this card has appeared in a reading, then it can relate to a variety of different feelings that you may have. Chances are you are in a situation that you feel unsatisfied with because of the people around you. It could be people you work with, your family or your friends. But this card symbolises failing teamwork, so you need to look at the people and relationships around you. You might be feeling competitive with someone or perhaps feeling as though they are not putting in enough work. But every team dynamic involves some aspect of give and take. Before you let yourself be consumed by these feelings, actually look at why you may feel this way. Are you competitive because you feel threatened by the other person? Looking at the reasons behind these feelings can help you solve your situation and once again feel happy working together as a team.

Reversed Three of Pentacles as Advice

The three of pentacles highlights that you really can work together as a team, despite the fact that the reversal means you currently are not. The advice? Work together rather than against each other. It is very easy to fall into the trap of looking out for yourself and leaving your teammates behind. Sometimes you might not even realise that you are doing it. To solve this problem, look at the failures that have occurred whilst working as a team. Have you been arguing with your partner over completely pointless stuff? Or perhaps you have done a project with work colleagues that you look back on and can see areas that could have been clearly improved. Whatever the situation is, you need to address it. Discuss the problems with your team, the chances are that you have made some mistakes along the way as well, own up to them. If you open a proper communication channel between you and your teammates, then you are sure to have a more successful experience with them in the future.

Reversed Three of Pentacles Meaning for Job and Career

If this card appears in a reading relating to your career, then it is likely that there have been some issues between you and your colleagues. If you don’t think that there have been any issues, you might simply not be aware of them or are instinctively brushing them aside. The relationship with your colleagues should be a two-way street, you should help them, and they should help you. However, stubbornness can sometimes override the need for help. Have you been dismissing advice from your colleagues? Maybe you haven’t wanted any help because you are determined to prove you can do it on your own. This is understandable, many people have a drive to be the best, but you will actually hinder yourself by not accepting any help.

The main issue that this card raises is with communication issues. No matter what the reason, there are clearly some communication issues within your workplace. Be the bigger person and address them, if you do, you’ll all come out as better people for it.

Reversed Three of Pentacles Meaning for Finance

Once again, this card applies its common interpretation to finance in that there are communication issues. No, you aren’t going crazy, you read that right. There are communication issues between you and your money. It might seem like an odd thing to say but it is the truth. Often this card appears because it is saying that you are refusing to learn about how to properly handle your finances. Therefore, you cannot properly control your money and you cannot budget accordingly. If you have been going through life without properly looking at your financial situation and assuming it will be fine, maybe now is the time to look at the situation in front of you. It is never a bad idea to refresh your knowledge of your financial situation and learn how to control and budget your money better.

Reversed Three of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Will I be rich?’

The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no, because that relies heavily on you. One thing to look at is why are you asking this question? Perhaps you want to be rich, but you don’t know anything about the economy. Or maybe you are hoping to get an answer of yes, so you don’t have to actually work on improving your financial situation. The fact of the matter is, you will not simply obtain money without learning how to correctly control and budget your finances. The whole reason that this card will appear in a financial reading is to tell you that if you want to get yourself into a better money situation then you need to be willing to learn about financial matters. To answer the original question, if this card appears it is likely an answer of no, especially if you don’t put any effort in.

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