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The Hierophant in reverse represents unconventional approaches to life and love. Good or bad, it highlights somebody acting or needing to act away from tradition, potentially even rebelling against the norm. You may want to seek advice if something-is happening around you that you know is not true or fair.

Reversed Hierophant Description

The Hierophant sits between two pillars, in a setting not unlike that of a place of worship or tradition. He is there not to follow, but to lead and lead with knowledge and wisdom. The cross in his hand, with the three bars are representative of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. His right hand is raised to bless those around him and his followers and kneeled afore him, conforming to his teachings. In reverse, we can begin to see the unravelling of rebellion, and the turning away from help or support in favour of personal beliefs.

Reversed Hierophant main Meaning

Reversed The Hierophant main section

The Hierophant in reverse, is the one to make a stand when everybody else around him sits quietly. You, as he, is likely to be feeling unnerved by tradition, which reinforces your unethical stance at this point in your life. Perhaps you have an idea or action you wish to take that involves you thinking out of the box. There is nothing wrong with this, because breaking barriers is how we grow and develop as a society.

Rather more negatively, you can be in the midst of making the wrong decisions. It might be within you to want to bend the rules as you seemingly feel trapped within the unmoving goalposts of structure and established belief. You can become your own teacher here, and guide your way through something that means a great deal to you, but that does not mean you have to get into trouble in the process.

What Does The Hierophant Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Hierophant – Meaning For Love Relationships

There is an alternative viewing of love when The Hierophant shows up in reverse. I don’t want to make it all negative, because nothing is negative all the time, but you are likely to be faced with one of two scenarios for love. The first is that you are getting into this relationship with the wrong person, somebody who thinks differently to you and isn’t willing to budge on any of his beliefs. The second, and far more common, is that you’ve met someone who challenges you positively to be a better person. This could mean pulling you out of your comfort zone.

Reversed Hierophant – Love Reconciliation

You may have tried for quite some time to get this love back into your life. You want to celebrate life and all its offerings with this soul but you are alas, for now, apart. What you are being encouraged to do here is think of ways that could pleasantly surprise you both and bring you closer together. The Hierophant in reverse wants you to think of a time you were spontaneous, and head towards a much more refreshing reunion as this is likely to be more successful.

Reversed Hierophant – Marriage?

Where marriage is concerned, The Hierophant in reverse is not your friend, he is your warning light. You’re driving, you trust your car and have never had any issues, then suddenly you see a red light on your dashboard and you frown. How could this be? It was all going so well. You may fix the issue at hand but you will always be glancing at that light to ensure it doesn’t relight. The same stands here, if you see a niggling sign that implants doubt, it is unlikely to go away.

Reversed Hierophant as Feelings

Feelings For You

Whilst you may wish for feelings, they are not thereat this time. You don’t have to be sad about this though. Instead you could view it as a good thing, because love to this soul in particular is not the same love you perceive most to feel. There is definite freedom in their hearts, and if they like you, they will like you from afar, and delve into that every now and then, but that isn’t what you are after.

In seeking somebody who seems to rebel against the traditions of love, you are not securing a happy future for yourself. You may think they are perfect for you, but in reality you are drawn to their energy and that is where the intrigue stops. Hold out for more traditional paths to love, because they exist and they are waiting for you.

Feelings for Someone

You seem almost afraid to have these feelings for whomever it is. The Hierophant in reverse makes things crystal clear in his presence, as it indicates either you have fallen for somebody you usually wouldn’t be drawn to, or you have fallen for a soul whom your friends and family may not necessarily approve of. Either way, it will be a bumpy ride.

In order to proceed with this, you need to question how serious you are, and be prepared for obstacles along the way. I’m not saying there won’t be a happy ending, but you sometimes have to fight for what you want even if you are against the tide. When it comes to love, dear soul, there are no limits.

Reversed Hierophant as Advice

The Hierophant reversed advice yes or no

Does He Think About Me?

All signs point to the fact that he is blissfully unaware of how you are feeling and therefore only sees you as a friend. This is a good start, most loves blossom from friendship, but unless you put yourself out there and make yourself known, it’s unlikely to go any further. How might you do this? Are you usually a shy person? I believe so when it comes to matters of the heart and so you are being asked to explore a more confident part of you.

Is He Cheating?

He is most certainly rebelling against something. Ho have things been of late between the two of you? Has he felt rapped or pressured to think or feel a certain way? Are you wanting commitment from him, only to be rejected or pushed away because he isn’t ready? Not all acts of aloofness represent infidelity. What I am seeing here for you is a soul backing away and wanting to press pause. Tradition and security scares him, not because he doesn’t love you but because it is all new to him. Let hat be a seed of thought for you.

Is He Right For Me?

Opposites can definitely attract. Much of the time though, no it does not work out. Eventually your differences will pull you apart even if you start off with every good intention. What means the most to you both right now? Are you both willing to compromise? One belief doesn’t have to be shared by all and as long as your morals are balanced and you love and care for each other, there is no reason why you cannot explore that element between you and learn from what you hold to be true.

Reversed Hierophant Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

You aren’t a conformist, are you? Oh I see you, first in line for everything, but you sometimes get a little lost in your own dreams. You don’t like to rely on people for help, and you would rather do things your own way, learning as you go. This means it can take you longer to get there, but that is how you would rather do it. What does that mean for your dream job? It means you can break down walls, ad be the best at what you do, because you were self taught with passion and bravery.

Should I Change Careers?

You’ve been dying to get out of this mundane cycle of rules and regulations. You feel as though you can put a foot right because there is always somebody breathing down your neck, telling you what to do and how to do it. Absolutely, if you can get out and find yourself some freedom, please do so. Not only will your new path keep you sane but you’ll know never to make the same mistake again.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

The Hierophant in reverse isn’t very sensible when it comes to money. He is rebelliously encouraging you to flash the cash,and spend as you earn. Whilst it may seem like a good idea at the time and we are all guilty of treating ourselves every now and then, you are not really in a position to be doing so. This temporary happiness you feel when you buy something expensive or meaningless seems to rank better than the long term implications of having no savings. Be happy with your earnings, but know that money isn’t what makes a person happy, security is.

Reversed Hierophant Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

You will likely end up needing to borrow some money if you aren’t more careful. What will widen eyes is the surprise of somebody earning quite a bit yet still needing to ask for more. What on Earth do you need money for? And they would be right to question it. How are you burning through all that income and still needing more? You may want to borrow – but you shouldn’t. You won’t pay it back because you cannot bear to part with your money for nothing in return.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

You want it done as cheaply as possible, so it shouldn’t take you too long to save for it. Your budget won’t be big because you don’t want all the usual things that goes with a new restoration. You want wild and wacky, you are happy to do the majority of the work yourself and if you don’t know how to do something, you’ll pick up an online tutorial to talk you through it stage by stage. If other people don’t like it, they can whistle. You’re you and you aren’t changing for anybody.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

You are fiercely protective of your assets, and unless there is something in it for you, you aren’t likely to want to part with your money. In fact, you would go as far as running physically away from people who need your help and support. How did you get where you are today? Not by begging, borrowing or stealing. You worked your own way to the top and you had very little help. It’s a shame others cannot have a similar sense of drive.

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