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The reversed Nine of Wands is a card that represents being pushed to the limits. It’s a card that tells us of unexpected trouble, about feeling unable to keep going and not feeling ready for challenges. However, this feeling can come from your fears, and overcoming it will be necessary to keep on growing.

Reversed Nine of Wands Description

The Nine of Wands shows us a man looking back to a field with 8 wands. While he stands up upright while clutching a wand in his hands. When we take a closer look at the man we can notice that he’s bandaged. His past struggles have left him tired and exhausted, and he now relies on his wand to stay on his feet. While he looks tired and looks back reminiscing on past ordeals the man remains resolute. This strength of will in the face of adversity is the main message of the Nine of Wands and shows us that the man will continue moving towards his goals.

Reversed Nine of Wands main Meaning

Reversed 9 of wands main section

Where the upright Nine of Wands is a card that reminds you are close to your goals despite the current setbacks its reversed counterpart is more complicated to read. In general, this card shows a complication to keep advancing, though the reasons can vary based on the context.

The reversed Nine of Wands can appear when you are about to give up. Maybe too many ordeals have piled up and you are not sure you can keep advancing towards your dreams. It’s always possible too that the challenges ahead of you aren’t as tall as they seem, but your feelings are holding you back. In this case, your insecurities might be the ones that are complicating your progress. You have the skills needed to overcome these obstacles, but life has made you doubt yourself time and time again. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to believe in yourself and understand that these challenges will end.

The card can also represent that you are the last person standing, and in that case, you must think why this came to be. Have recent challenges been that difficult? Or are your own beliefs keeping you here? The reversed Nine of Wands warns us about how our mindset can affect our progress and if we aren’t willing to compromise with others then we might end up standing all on our own.

What does Nine of Wands Reversed Mean for Love?

For those of you in a relationship, the reversed Nine of Wands is a card that tells about relationships not going where we would prefer, and about the unavoidable struggles that come with a long-term relationship. At first glance the card can show that despite your optimism and efforts your current relationship is draining you. Discussions might have become more common with time, or other factors and people are affecting how you two think of each other. Fights are unavoidable in a relationship because you two are not the same person at the end of the day. However, it’s important to compromise and reach a middle ground. Find a balance that respects both of your boundaries and remember that being happy with each other matters more than being right.

In new relationships, this card often represents that the weight of a previous relationship is affecting one of you. Getting hurt can affect your perspective of romance, but don’t take it out on your current partner, nor should you allow your significant other to mistreat you over past relationships.

If you’re single the card is mainly telling you to consider your boundaries. Sometimes past events cause us to take a step back from the world, but it’s important to learn how to move on. Don’t let the past keep you from meeting new people.

Reversed Nine of Wands as Feelings

When it comes to someone’s feelings for you the reversed Nine of Wands is a card that invites a detailed reading. The card generally talks about being defensive towards others and in regards to your opinions. In an emotional reading, this likely means that the person you are reading about has closed off from others. The person you are asking about is very defensive and keeps his barriers up. However, this isn’t necessarily the end of the road for both of you. If you already were aware of this then the card might be telling you that their defenses are lowering. Be it due to personal circumstances or your bond this person might be becoming less guarded with time. If you think the card is hinting at progress make sure to complement your reading with more cards for a clearer picture.

If you are reading this card as your feelings for someone then the main takeaway is that you are being overly defensive about it. At this point the card tells you more about yourself than your stance on the other person. Think about your circumstances and look back to see what has turned you so defensive. It’s hard to feel for someone if you are holding yourself back all the time. So take some time to forget and forgive, sot that you can stop acting defensive around others.

Reversed Nine of Wands as Advice

The most common advice the reversed Nine of Wands offers us is to drop our guard. While life might have hurt you in the past being overly defensive can hurt you in the long run as well. This card tells us that keeping our guards up might cause us to miss the things that are right in front of us. Be it new people, or new opportunities. If we are being defensive of every new opportunity that comes our way we won’t be able to see all the benefits they offer. Keep in mind that dropping your guard isn’t the same as letting everybody in. It’s important to always have some caution, but it’s when we worry about every single thing that this card appears.

The reversed Nine of Wands can also be powerful advice when you are asking about new projects or endeavors. In this context the card is asking you if you need more things on your plate. Maybe it’s not the time to make your load heavier. Think carefully about how many projects you are already handling and how taxing they prove for you. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious but if you are already overwhelmed more responsibilities will only stress you more.

Reversed Nine of Wands Meaning for Job and Career

When it comes to your career the reversed Nine of Wands usually means that you are fatigued in your current work environment. Recent setbacks probably soured your mood towards work, and you might feel drained of any positivity towards your job. Feeling down and tired is normal, setbacks happen to all of us. However, you must learn to recover so that you stop dragging these issues. It’s important to remember that your work is only a part of who you are. Find ways to improve your mood in other aspects of your life, be it hobbies, loved ones, or friends.

The reversed Nine of Wands can also be telling you that a large part of this exhaustion comes from a refusal to compromise or reach a middle ground. It’s important to have firm values and standards, but it’s also important to be flexible when it matters. If your standards and those of your job differ it’s important to ask yourself if this struggle is worth it. Are you holding yourself to a higher standard than what it’s demanded of you? Do you continue to apply yourself as you did in your last job? Work should never force you to compromise your morals, but you shouldn’t need to swim against the current either.

Reversed Nine of Wands Meaning for Money and Finance

For financial readings the reversed Nine of Wands is first and foremost a call to responsibility. You might find yourself overwhelmed by your financial issues, and the idea to avoid them altogether might be reassuring. But time can not fix these problems alone, you need to take control.

If you are in debt it’s important to acknowledge it and find ways to cover it. This means being responsible for all your expenses, don’t spend on frivolities, don’t go on trips if you have due payments, be in the present and be responsible. Your finances may be a huge reason why you feel overwhelmed and the reversed Nine of Wands comes often to you. But the only way to leave this in the past is to accept it as reality and start finding practical solutions.

The reversed Nine of Wands can also be a warning about financial responsibility in a more direct sense. Are you the kind of person that leaves money lying around? Have you properly protected your valuables? If you aren’t currently in debt then it’s likely that this card is warning you about money going missing. Be more careful with your belongings and cash to make sure this warning doesn’t come to pass.

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