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The reversed Eight of Wands is a card that is associated with stagnation and a lack of progress. The card shows that you have firm plans and goals but you can’t advance on them right now. Patience will be your new best friend and provided you carefully rethink your situation you’ll find a way to get back on track.

Reversed Eight of Wands Description

Compared to its fellow Wands the Eight has rather minimalistic art that can make its interpretation confusing at first. The card shows eight wands soaring through the sky at a downwards angle. While the background shows a clear sky and idyllic river and mountains. The card transmits movement first and foremost. The path of the wands is unimpeded and they soar through the sky without anything getting in their way. Combined with the welcoming background the card mainly stands for progress. It shows that things are changing and moving forward and that they are doing so without any obstacle. The Eight of Wands is a card that shows more success after the struggles of the Seven of Wands.

Reversed Eight of Wands main Meaning

Reversed 8 of wands main section

Since the upright Eight of Wands is a card that talks about fast and unimpeded progress its reversed counterpart mostly talks about patience. This card shows that not everything might be progressing as planned. Often obstacles that weren’t obvious at first come knocking your way, and your current goals end up being slowed down due to them. These obstacles may come from things you overlooked in the past, but there’s no point in blaming yourself. The reversed Eight of Wands speaks of patience, and that patience is necessary to overcome these hurdles as well as to understand that obstacles are unavoidable at times.

In general, the card can also be a warning about your impatience. The reversed Eight of Wands can appear when you are diving headfirst into a new project or career. It’s important to note however that the card doesn’t mean your plans are good nor bad. What it’s warning you is about your attitude. It’s okay to be passionate, but it’s also important to consider what your next step will be. Consider carefully what you are going to do next, and stick to it. The card often shows a tendency to switch goals or objectives when a new one appears int the horizon. While being open to new possibilities is always good; you can’t move forward if you don’t dedicate yourself to something.

What does Eight of Wands Reversed Mean for Love?

For love the reversed Eight of Wands is a card that stands for things slowing down. This card is particularly powerful for new relationships as it shows that the “honeymoon phase” might be nearing its end. The romantic high is soon going to be over, and as you come face to face with each other you’ll need to acknowledge your partner for what they are. Patience as always is the course of action, as you’ll need to be more considerate of everything you say to each other. The reversed Eight of Wands can also show a tendency towards fights, whether it’s due to past issues or just tied to the romance slowing down. Be considerate, patient, and rational. Remember the good parts of your relationship and start thinking about what might be causing these conflicts in the first place.

For single people the reversed Eight of Wands usually represents brief and passionate relationships. You might soon meet someone that simply leaves you out of breath. If a relationship is formed you will probably feel very passionate in a short amount of time, however this doesn’t come without its caveats. The relationships that the eight of wands foretell tend to come with a strong feeling of disappointment as well. These relationships can turn south soon, and you might find yourself questioning your interest in them. The card reminds us that just because something new comes up we shouldn’t dive headfirst without a parachute.

Reversed Eight of Wands as Feelings

If you are asking for your feelings towards someone then the reversed Eight of Wands can be an invitation to slow down and thing thinks through. If you are doing a reading in regards to feelings then you must already feel some sort of spark inside of you. But you need to think about how much you really know about this person and how far you want to go. The reversed Eight of Wands tells us to think things through and to remember that there’s more to life than jumping head-on. There’s nothing wrong with getting closer to this person, but don’t do it on impulse alone. Be realistic, don’t idealize them, and always go at your own pace. Don’t rush and burn your possibilities, take your time.

When it comes to how someone else feels for you the reversed Eight of Wands can be a complex card to interpret. The card can mean that they have strong feelings for you but no clear direction where to go with them. However, these strong feelings can also arise from communication problems. Maybe they aren’t too sure how to talk to you and this can make their feelings layered. One way or the other a slow but firm approach might be the best option to clear your doubts.

Reversed Eight of Wands as Advice

For those of you that are asking for advice, the reversed Eight of Wands has a very clear message: Slow down. As we’ve seen all this time patience is a key feature of this card, and it’s always advising you to take a breath and think things through.

it’s possible that you currently have clear plans and goals, and of course, we all want to make sure we succeed as soon as possible. However, the reversed Eight of Wands is here to reminds us about the importance of introspection. Think about all the details of your plan, think about your true goal. Are you going through this because it’s your passion? Or are you following something or someone that is simply easy to reach? With this card, the reason you start projects is as important as how you develop them.

If you are still convinced of your plans and goals then it’s important to go back to the drawing board. If your goals are fine then the advice lies in making sure you approach them in the right way. This is your life so there’s no need to rush it. Be patient and make sure no detail escapes your sight.

Reversed Eight of Wands Meaning for Job and Career

For your career, there are two main interpretations you can grasp from the reversed Eight of Wands. On one hand, your career may be stagnating. Perhaps other people keep getting ascended while you remain in place. Or maybe new opportunities and projects keep getting pushed back or canceled. If you feel stuck it’s important to consider two things. Are your expectations reasonable? Take note of how long it takes other people in your line of work to progress. There’s always a chance that things aren’t as slow as they appear and this is just the natural flow of time. Alternatively, the card can be warning you about missed opportunities. Have you allowed good opportunities to slip past you? Or maybe someone isn’t considering you for a promotion? It’s important to consider both options to know how to advance.

The reversed Eight of Wands can also warn you about the opposite. Sometimes work moves too fast and just now reality is catching up to your progress. If you are getting overwhelmed by your new job it’s time to take a deep breath. Remember that you got this opportunity due to your talent. Struggling to adapt is perfectly fine at first, but if you cool off your head you’ll find the rhythm your job demands in no time at all.

Reversed Eight of Wands Meaning for Money and Finance

Once again a reversed Eight of Wands is a card that tells you to be patient in regards to money. It’s easy to feel like you aren’t earning enough money, or that you aren’t earning it fast enough. We all worry about money at some point in our lives, but that feeling might not be as warranted as it seems at first. If you have investments remember that they are long-term profits. They might appear to be moving slowly, but time does reward patience and you’ll see the virtue in your investments soon. You might also feel frustrated about your current salary, but stop to think about where it’ll go. You can get promoted into a better position soon, or this might be the platform you need to relaunch yourself in a better business opportunity.

The reversed Eight of Wands mostly talks about our frustration towards money in the immediate present. However, it’s not a bad omen as it doesn’t warn you of any future issues. It’s just saying that you might be more frustrated than necessary. Take a step back and think about how long this situation will last. The future might be brighter than it seems, and this current frustration won’t be helping you today.

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